The end of the day was near, which meant all the workers at the Parks Department would be going home, so they exited by the steps of the entrance of the building. There was Jack and Rachel stepping out the building and into their moving vehicles. The two of them were talking to one another before stopping themselves so they could get into their moving vehicles

Jack said, "Hey Rach, do you want to have dinner with my family ?"

Rachel paused for a moment before looking up at what Jack had said.

"What?", she asked.

"I said do you want to have dinner with my family?",Jack said.

He asked Rachel again. She was in complete silence then,she started blushing.

"S-sure.",she responded.

She and he both got into their cars so they could drive towards Jack's house. Sonia was watching this and smiling as she was with her brothers, Stephen and Wesley

"You okay, sis?",whispered Stephen.

"Oh it's nothing, just staring.",said Sonia.

The three siblings got into their own cars and drove off.


I think Rachel and Jack could really make good friends.I mean Jack hardly gets along with anyone. It is nice that he has a friend in the Parks Department.I mean Rachel as a friend has been chatty,upbeat and fun to be around. I don't know why my brother got concerned? I was trying to support Jack the best way I could.