A/N: this is.....my fourth fic. (two of them I deleted.) and. um. yeah. okay, so anyway, I own no one from Trigun, but I own me and the storyline. now..I present to you, Mr. Bloo Hair.


It was a day like any other day, except for the recent Vash the Stampede attacks, and Zena, a little 7-year-old girl, was taking her daily walk.

She had just reached her favorite spot, a little cliff above the town she lived in, when she saw someone taking a nap. Now, little Zena was very happy. She had never seen anyone up here! But there were those weird guys yesterday. In fact, this looked like one of them! He must be tired from playing with that other guy, she thought. I'll just let him sleep. And so, she waited and waited, for this strange person to wake up. He never did, of course. Zena finally got up and tried waking him up, but it didn't work. She decided he was a heavy sleeper, and walked home.

The next day, she went up to the cliff again, and the guy was still there. She tried to make him get up again, but it was no use. If he doesn't wake up soon, all these bugs will eat him!, she thought, so she decided to bring him home. Now, this was no easy task, especially for someone of her stature, but somehow she did it anyway.

When she got home, along with the man she had lovingly named 'Mr. Bloo Hair', her mom was washing dishes. "Mommy, I want you to meet my new friend! His name is Mr. Bloo Hair. I found him while I was walking yesterday", she said. "That's nice dear, why don't you go play with your new friend and let mommy finish what she's doing?", said Zena's mother, without even glancing at her daughter's new 'friend'. Zena thought this to be a good idea, so she dragged Mr. Bloo Hair into her room, and tried to think of something fun to do. Wow, those bugs really liked Mr. Bloo Hair.

THE END. .....of this chapter.

A/N: Yeah, so the kid's named after me, big whoop. Can you guess who Mr. Bloo Hair is? it should be fairly easy. Quite a dense child, though. I mean, she didn't even notice the red stuff seeping out of his head. C/C appreciated.....