Dears Friends and Readers,

It has been 6 years since I last touched Finale. This fanfic was admittedly going to be a long epic.

I had the chance to reread this fanfic today. I was taken at how much of a completed 'love' story it was by its self. Not only did the end of Chapter 10b come across as an ending for me, Chapter 11 did as well with minor editing. So, I went back and 'fixed' the end of Chapter 11.

It is now the definite end of "Finale".

I know this is disappointing to some of you. I want to apologize for any disappointment and express my gratitude for the encouraging reviews over the years.

I remember having a lot of fun writing this fanfic, and at the time it was the longest single thing that I had ever written. It represented a whole lot of firsts for me.

I did find an old file today with a tiny bit of continuation in it. There was a very small scene that stuck out and made me smile, which follows directly after Chapter 11. I've included it here in hopes it will make you smile as well:


The school year passed without much incident, including Dib's 15th birthday. The sickeningly hot summer was the time that the human and alien pair got the most amount of work done on Zim's base. A couple of floors opened up and during one particularly triumphant day in August they managed to convince the computer to come back on line.

The computer instantly asked to be shut down again after assessing the damage done to it's circuitry.

Dib could hear Zim ranting at his computer from several rooms away. The fact that Zim was screaming incoherently at an inanimate object made Dib smile to himself.

The base repairs stalemated after that. Dib found that he had to finally accept that Zim's technology would never be the same again. With the computer working, it was able to manufacture basic items for Zim's survival, like clothing, food, and minor electrical equipment, and even give them air conditioning in a couple of rooms. But the computer could not make large items like it had before. In fact it couldn't even rebuild the house, which now had boarded up windows thanks to Dib and was still a mostly collapsed, blackened gutted hole of a building.

It had been disappointing at first, until Dib remembered he still had the remains of Tak's spaceship. With the base computer at least functional, he figured that they could try to splice in the two Irken technologies together. They moved the spaceship, bit by bit, down that shaft into the underground labyrinth. There they cleaned out a larger area… one where Zim's Voot Runner had once sat during repairs, and started setting up the ship again.

They soon discovered it still had Dib's annoying personality replacement inside of it from the end of grade 5, (Dib thought it had completely deleted it's self, but he was wrong.) Between the two of them they were able to neutralize it. That wasn't before Zim managed to comment how much he didn't miss Dib's old self, as the spaceship whined and moaned about how much his life sucked.

That cracked Dib up. "I seem to remember you saying you hated me for changing. Remember, Zim? Back at Christmas?" the teenager pointed out.

Zim pulled a face. "No," he replied abruptly.

Dib grinned at him. "Oh but you did Zim. You did. What was it again? 'You've changed Dib. I don't like it.'"

Zim stuck his head and arm into the headboard and pulled out a bunch of wires.

"Help Zim delete you already," he retorted, chucking the fistful of circuitry at the laughing human.




Thanks again, everyone, for reading!