HIYA!! This is the sequel to 'Shelby' my friend Jessica Salteres is writing this with me, as u can see she wrote this chapter. We both hope u like this fic, and as with most fics, this one starts out kinda slow, so just read!


in hamham clubhouse*

Hamtaro: Now what can we do?

Bijou: I do not know.

Boss: Hmmm...

Sandy: Like,why dont we just..umm..

Stan: Play Music?

Hamtaro: .....

Stan: Nevermind.

Bijou: That would be nice...

Boss: I think so too!!!

Bijou: But..It is too hard.

Boss: I mean,i was just playing.Hehe

Cappy: Lets umm...

*all hams hams look at Cappy*

Cappy: Make hats!

Pashmina: Well,one question.

Cappy: Hm?

Pashmina: How do we make them?

Cappy: Umm...*shrug*

Penelope: Ookyoo?

Cappy: Err...Nevermind.

Boss: I know!

Hamtaro: What?

Boss: Let walk through the Woods!

Hamham: Yeah!

*Shelby comes running down the stairs*

Shelby: Hey!

Hamtaro: What is it,Shelby?

Stan: Yeah,babe,what is it?

Shelby: Well..er..you see...

Bijou: Yes?

Shelby: I overheard you guys talking and..

Hamtaro: Hm?

Shelby: I was wondering if i can go too!

Hamtaro: Ok! Sure!

Bijou: But one problem..

Boss: What is it,Bijou?!

Bijou: My Pigtails will get all messy.

Hamtaro: Dont Worry!..I'll...

*Boss pushes Hamtaro*

Hamtaro: Ow!

Boss: I'll Help ya!

Bijou: Why thank you.

Boss: *blushes*

Pashmina: It might be scarey though!

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Sandy: I think it sounds like fun!

Shelby: Me too!

Pashmina: Well..ok!

Hamham: Yay!!!

Boss: Well what are we waiting for?!

Hamtaro: Lets go!

*in woods*

Shelby: *looks around*

Cappy: Its scarey!

Bijou: Yes it is.

Boss: Dont worry,Bijou! Im here!

Shelby: I think its cool!

Sandy: Like,me too!

Hamtaro: Its nice though to be walking around!

Stan: *walks over to Shelby*

Stan: Hey babe.

Shelby: hehe your silly,Stan!

Stan: *smiles like an idiot*

Shelby: *laughs*

Shelby: *looks at the ground*

Shelby: Wow!

Hamtaro: What is it?

Shelby: *holds up a rock thats like a crystal*

Shelby: Its beautiful!

Bijou: Wow how beautiful!

Pashmina: Yeah!

Sandy: Totally!

Stan: It is but not more pretty than you,Shelby sweets.

Shelby: *giggles*

Sandy: *grabs stan by the ear and walks away*

Sandy: Like you have a bad case of flirt!

Stan: Ow!

Boss: After this lets go to the forest!

Hamhams: Ok!!!



^.^ there u have it, the 1st chappy! In the next chapter(which I'll be writing) Jessica's ham, which u may have heard of already, Kurica comes! Most likely that is going to be when the fic gets juicier. So, we'll update soon, PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!