Ravens Have no Hearts

Pairing: Harry/OC, Ron/Hermoine

Rating: PG-13 for now, mild language

Author: Tainted Elf

Time Line: Aug. 27, 4 days before Harry's 1st year at Hogwarts.

Chapter One: Cold Eyes, No Fears


Ollivander turned as the service bell rang at his desk. "Coming." He slipped past the many shelves of wands and down a narrow aisle.

He walked out to see Albus Dumbledore standing at his desk. Dumbledore was dressed in fine plum colored robes and a hearty smile captured his face. His beard was longer then ever, and his wise old eyes were ablaze with life. Ollivander smiled, "How can I help you old friend?"

Ollivander had been visited many times by Dumbledore, and it was great to see him again. Albus smiled back, "I have had a sort of vision, you could say, and I need you to help me."

"What can I do for you?"

Dumbledore placed a long rectangular box on the counter. "A girl will be coming here. Neither of her parents' wands will suit her, and she will need this. Put this in a wand for me...you will know who to give it to when you see her." The box was about eleven inches in length and sealed with the red wax symbol of Hogwarts.

Before Ollivander could ask another question, Dumbledore had walked out of the tiny shop. Upon opening the box, Ollivander found a phoenix tail feather and a fine silver veela hair lying side by side. 'Put them both in the same wand? This will take time, but anything for Dumbledore.'


Liliana Moore smiled as she tore down Diagon Alley in search of her school supplies. Two days and she would be at Hogwarts for her first year. She turned sharply and entered the magical menagerie to purchase her very first pet, a bird.

Dozens of flapping, squawking birds surrounded her. As she stared at them all, she noticed a noble black crow. A smile crossed her faintly pink lips. Without a second glance she purchased him and tied a letter to him. "Raven, go home. Give this to Mum."

Sure he wasn't a raven, but he had the grace of one. Ravens were Liliana's favorite animals. They were so noble and strong, like she wanted to be. Secretly, unbeknownst to her family, she desired to be a Ravenclaw.

Both of her parents had graduated from Hogwarts as Slytherins. In fact, to make matters worse, her parents had been great friends with Lucius Malfoy since their third year there. Now, she was expected to be in Slytherin House too, 'and' to get along perfectly with Lucius's son, Draco.

Oh, how she loathed that boy. Draco could do no wrong in his father's eyes and on top of that, he fancied her. The thought of this made her cringe as she walked past Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop. Gringotts Bank was her next destination. She had spent her money, down to the last knut, on Raven. As she started to open the large doors before her, a brown haired boy her age and a massive man with a long black beard walked out. The man smiled, "There you go Miss." He held the door open for her.

Liliana smiled shyly, "Thank you very much." Without another word she slipped in and walked towards the back. "Vault 223 please."

The goblin eyed her, "Name?"

At first, the young girl was offended, but then she realized it was necessary since her parents were so well known and very rich. "Liliana Moore, sir."

The goblin nodded and led her into the cart.


After a very 'interesting' ride, Liliana had withdrawn a purse-full of gallions. With her pocket full, she had left and headed straight for Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

As she was being measured, she saw Draco Malfoy walk in. With a roll of her eyes she kindly asked the sweet lady to hurry. Draco approached, "If it isn't my friend Liliana. You look lovely in those robes."

A false smile pasted itself to Liliana's lips, "Thank you, Draco. I would love to stay and chat but I am in quite a hurry." She purchased her robes and left quickly. As she turned to politely wave to Draco, she backed into the brown-haired boy from the bank. He politely handed Liliana her robes.

"Here Miss, you dropped these." He wore black glasses and had bushy brown bangs.

Liliana smiled sweetly, "Thank you. I am Liliana." She noticed his books, "You are a first year at Hogwarts too?"

The boy nodded, "My name is Harry, Harry Potter."

Liliana Moore tucked her auburn locks behind her ear, "Perhaps we shall be in the same house. I will see you there, Mr. Potter. Good day." She curtsied slightly and left. Once she exited she took a deep breath. 'Why in hell did I curtsy like a girl? Ugh! I suppose Harry Potter is of high prominence, but I 'curtsied' to him?' She shrugged and continued on to Flourish and Blotts for her books.


Once she had purchased her books, she walked towards 'Quality Quidditch Supplies'. Liliana glanced down at her supply list and read the notice: PARENTS ARE REMINDED THAT FIRST YEARS ARE NOT ALLOWED THEIR OWN BROOMSTICKS! Liliana shrugged, like her parents would ever know. She smiled and purchased a Nimbus 2000, top of the line broom for herself.

The young girl headed towards Ollivander's for her wand. She read the signs she passed the Apothecary. Liliana had gone there when she first arrived. Finally she found the sign that read 'Ollivander's: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 b.c.'

She entered the tiny store and smiled to the man before her. "I need a wand."

"Last name?"

Liliana laughed, "Any wand like my parents' will never do, but my last name is Moore."

The shorter man smiled, "Perhaps you are right, you do not remind me of Rose or Evan Moore, but we should try them nonetheless. How about this one?" He handed her a small red box and she opened it. "Your father used one like this."

Inside was a hornbeam wand, about eleven inches made of unicorn tail hair according to the salesman. Liliana gave it a delicate flick. The man's glasses shattered, as did the light bulb lighting the place. Liliana blushed, "Sorry."

He shrugged, "Try a wand made like the one your mother used. Rosewood, twelve and one fourth inches made of dragon heartstring."

Liliana flicked it, and knocked a shelf of wands over. "Sorry again."

The man looked quite troubled, "Well...perhaps this is what Dumbledore meant..."

The girl gave him a peculiar look, "What?"

Ollivander smiled, "I said, don't mind the damage, I've seen worse."

He handed her a very small box. "Nine and one half inches, made of holly, and it contains both a phoenix tail feather 'and' a veela hair. This is a very rare wand."

Liliana looked up, "My mother is part Veela..." She gave the wand a swift swish and a warm glow lit at the end.

A smile shone on the man's face, "How curious. I have sold another wand today made of holly and containing a tail feather from the same phoenix."

The young girl shrugged, "Odd. How much?" She paid for her wand and skipped out in search of her brother. She surely couldn't leave Antonin here alone. Her twin would never find his way home from Diagon Alley, but then again, she had always been the smarter of the two.

She trotted back down to Quality Quidditch Supplies, the only place her brother would be. Antonin was, sure enough, standing in front of the window staring as a jersey from the Wimbourne Wasps. Liliana sighed, "Why can't you be interested in something worthwhile? How is a bunch of people chasing a bunch of balls while flying through the air interesting?"

Her shorter twin glared, "If you hate it so much, why'd you buy a nimbus 2000? Those are obviously racing brooms!"

Before Liliana could retort, a brushy brown haired girl ran into her and Antonin. Liliana glared at the broad, "Watch where you're going!"

The brunette turned, "My apologies...um..."

Liliana gladly interrupted, "Liliana Moore."

She nodded, "Liliana. I am Hermoine Granger."

A sly smirk crossed Liliana's face, "What do I care?"

Hermoine gave her a questioning look, "Not having a good day I see?"

Liliana sighed, "Not at all, come along Antonin!" She grabbed her twin, who had once again glued himself to the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies, and left Hermoine to collect her own belongings.

"See you at school then!" Hermoine called after her.

Liliana did not respond, and Hermoine had lost her rather short person in the crowd at once. With a sigh, Hermoine turned to find her parents.


Once Liliana had dusted the specs of ash off her robes, she turned to make sure her brother was behind her. Sure enough, out popped a black haired little boy.

Liliana sighed, "Try to be more graceful about it next time. You've been using Floo Powder since you were a toddler."

Antonin got off his butt and scowled, "Why don't you go sort your dresses Lili!"

She glared at him with her cold green eyes, "Go kiss a goblin!" With that she turned and went up to her room to look at her new books. Perhaps she would learn how to turn her brother into a goblin.

Rose and Evan Moore arrived home from their party around six and called the two down to dinner. Liliana walked into the room timidly, "I am not hungry, thank you."

Rose gave her an exasperated look and Evan Moore stood tall. "Young lady, you either sit down and eat the food that your mother slaved over to cook or go to your room and never come out! When are you going to learn to be thankful for all you have? I cannot believe you! You worthless brat!"

Liliana didn't flinch, "Mother didn't lift a finger, house-elves made those dishes!" With that she fled to her room. It took little effort to keep her from weeping, she didn't cry. Liliana calmly picked up her copy of 'Standard Book of Spells grade One' by Miranda Goshawk and began to read.

If she wanted to be in Ravenclaw, she had to be smart. Liliana already knew she was a hard worker and could make Hufflepuff; she had twice the ambition of any other Slytherin; and courage was her middle name, so those houses would not suit her. She wanted to be in Ravenclaw.

Without another word, she smiled at Raven and began to read.


When young Liliana woke in the morning to the sound of her younger brother going through her belongings she groaned. "What in bloody hell are you doing!?" She saw her brother holding her Nimbus 2000 and staring at her like a deer in the headlights. "Put that down right now!"

He blushed, "I thought you might want me to try it out..."

"You could have bought one yourself, if you hadn't spent so much money on wizard pranks!"

Antonin blushed, "It's not fair!"

"Is so!"

"Is not!"

"Is..." Rose Moore barged into the room, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Antonin, stop terrorizing your sister! Liliana, be nice to your brother!"

Liliana gave her mother a cold stare and glared at her brother, "Out!" Antonin scampered out, leaving the broom on the floor behind him.

Mrs. Moore eyed her daughter angrily and closed the door behind her. Liliana growled at the wooden door before returning to her room.

"What am I supposed to pack?" She picked out several pairs of black dress slacks and a few warm sweaters. Her pajamas were dark blue and satin. She folded them all neatly into her trunk. Her robes were in a garment bag hanging on her wardrobe door. Lastly, she packed in all of her books, spare the one she was reading last night, along with her quills, and parchment.

Liliana examined her Standard Book of Spells, which was open on her bed. A shrinking spell was revealed and she nervously preformed it, shrinking her Nimbus 2000 so that no one would notice it in her trunk.

No sooner had she packed it under her books, than an owl flew through her open window and dropped a letter onto her bed. 'The Ministry of Magic no doubt.' Liliana sighed and hid the notice without even opening it.

She could hear her mother calling her down for breakfast. "I will be there in a minute!" Her mother's voice had woken Raven, and her own loud response had sent the calm bird into a state of distress.

Liliana smiled, "I know how you feel. I like the quite too." After feeding Raven she went downstairs to find herself something to eat. One more day and she would be free of her parents. Blissful were the thoughts she entertained privately in her own mind.

Matthew Moore, her eldest brother, was sitting in her seat drinking his morning tea. She snarled, "That's my seat Matt."

Her brother turned, "That's Matthew thank you, and I was just leaving anyway." Matthew was a seventh year Slytherin this year and he was cockier than ever.

Even Antonin glared at him, "When are you going to move out?"

Liliana giggled as her parents glared at Antonin. Matthew set down his tea; "I am going to go shopping for my supplies, if you don't mind. I shall return for supper."

Mr. Moore handed his son a black velvet pouch, "Take this to 'Borgin and Burks' while you're at it. I am sure it will carry a high price."

Antonin was oblivious to what was in that pouch but Liliana was not as naive as her brother. She knew that Borgin and Burks was a shop on Knockturne Alley, where all the dark arts material was traded.

Liliana was no child; it occurred to her quite often that her parents were dark wizards. In fact, she even had reason to believe that her father was a Death Eater. Rose Moore would never argue with Evan, so she was probably one also. There was not a doubt in her young mind that her eldest brother was planning on following in their footsteps also, but Liliana would not. She was not like her parents, and she was not going to be in Slytherin House.


The day went by faster than Liliana could have expected. She took a nap in the afternoon, and read some more in her spell book. Tomorrow she would need all the strength she could muster, so sleep was a necessity. After another argument with her parents over her social skills, which resulted in a nice bruise from her loving father. With a heavy heart and a melancholy sigh, she fell into a restless sleep.

~~To Be Continued~~

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