Ravens have no hearts

Pairing: Ron/Hermoine, and others will be hinted at

Rating: R, for language and sexual content. (No lemon yet.)

WARNING: This chapter deals with incest, rape and sexual abuse. If you think you cannot handle this, please stop reading here. Parental Discretion Advised. (LOL, had to say it to sound official. Did you know that's a fragment?)

Author: Tainted Elf

Disclaimer: I don't own HP, and some things in this story may vary from the text.

Timeline: Early October, First year at Hogwarts

Chapter Six: Dumbledore Interferes.

They opened the portrait hole and Evan Moore smiled at them. "Ah, Severus, so good to see you again. I have come to collect my daughter. She will be returning home for two weeks to attend my brother-in-laws funeral."

Evan's voice was full of animosity and Snape countered it easily. "Evan, I am sorry but I must inform you that all requests must go through Dumbledore's office and he has already refused yours. Also, I happen to know that Rose's only sibling in Sirius Black and I doubt you would ever attend his funeral."

Liliana stood frozen. "Severus...please don't let him take me..."

Severus had his long wand out and was glaring at Evan menacingly. "I will not allow a student to be removed from Hogwarts campus without Dumbledore's permission." He turned to Liliana. "Go and get Dumbledore. The password is Lemon Drop." His voice was hushed but Liliana got the message.

Before leaving, she yelled loudly. "DRACO MALFOY! HOW DARE YOU!" Both the older men stared at her oddly but she knew Vincent, Gregory and Draco would be down in a moment's notice to see what was going on.

Draco wasn't the best wizard, but he knew a few hexes and that was all she needed. For once, Malfoy's crush would have its advantages. As soon as she caught a glimpse of his lovely white hair, she turned and ran out the portrait hole.

Liliana made it quickly down the corridors to Dumbledore's office. "Lemon Drop." As the staircase appeared and took her upward, she impatiently fiddled with her pajamas.

"Dumbledore!" The wizard was still sitting at his desk looking at papers.

"What is it child?" He looked truly concerned.

"Father, he's in the common room, and Snape is trying to fend him off and Draco is there and he wants me to go home with him and I can't...I can't!"

Dumbledore was at her side immediately. "Slow down child. Where is Mr. Moore?"

"The Slytherin Common Room!"

He nodded. "Okay, tell me the rest slowly on our way there."

The two started down the stairs and down the corridor when Liliana started speaking again. "He has come to get me! Snape was walking me back from the dungeons because he made me a dreamless sleep potion for my nightmares..."

"-Professor- Snape and it's a dream draught."

"Sorry. Well, I got a bad feeling about something when we neared the portrait hole and I asked Professor Snape if he had his wand and he drew it. We went in and my father was there. Snape is holding him off...Draco is awake now too. I thought he might know some hexes that he could hit him in the back with."

Dumbledore smiled. "Assuming young Malfoy has not missed Evan and hit Severus, that was a bright idea. Come now." They walked through the portrait hole.

Liliana screamed as someone covered her eyes and grabbed her around the waist.

Severus hissed. "Be quiet before you wake the whole House."

She fell silent. "Professor?"

He turned her towards him and uncovered his eyes. "Do not turn around."

Evan wasn't talking anymore. Curiosity overwhelmed Liliana and she turned around. A silent scream escaped her mouth. Evan Moore was motionless on the ground.

Dumbledore smiled. "Well done Severus. A Petrificus Totalus spell. From the looks of things, he didn't even have time to react."

"Correct." Snape seemed somewhat unnerved but nodded. "Liliana, you should head up to bed and take the draught I gave you."

Albus protested. "She will need to come down to the office and discuss this with her father."

Liliana's green eyes filled with fear. "Dumbledore, sir, please...I have a Charms test tomorrow and I need to rest." {A/N: I know it used to be Herbology, but I changed it. I also changed it in the previous chapter.}

"I understand. You may go up to bed but tomorrow during lunch, I will need to you meet me in my office." As Lili was heading towards the dorms, Draco walked up to her.

"I am sorry about what I said about your father. I had no idea."

Liliana smiled. "Thank you." With that, she headed straight upstairs to rest.


Once in her room, Liliana mixed the draught with some milk and drank it all. Immediately, she felt the effects of the potion and laid down to rest. For the first time in four years, Liliana slept peacefully.


Severus levitated Mr. Moore's body and escorted it back to Dumbledore's office. "Shall I stay?"

Dumbledore smiled. "I think I can handle one exceptionally angry parent."

Professor Snape smiled. "As do I, so I bid you good night Albus." Severus walked out of the office and down to the dungeon. As he sat at his desk, unable to sleep his thoughts drifted.

'How can I feel pity for this girl? I do not care about any other students...but she does resemble her mother an awful lot. Perhaps that is it. Rose had been beautiful but back then she had been Rose Black, not Rose Moore.' Severus shuddered. He remembered on night when Sirius had caught him and Rose in a rather intimate situation.

'Her brother never did like me. Sirius and James had always been friends. James teased me too, even though he had Lily. I had always been friends with Lily, Lily was friends with everyone, but I had never thought of her as pretty. She was smart and funny but not nearly as much so as Rose. Rose had beautiful ebon hair and glowing green eyes. In fact, I do not see one single resemblance between Evan and Liliana.'

Severus woke from his thoughts when his chin slid off his hand. "Oh dear. Perhaps I should get rid of such memories, for Liliana's sake." He unlocked his closet and pulled out his Pensieve.


Liliana woke in the morning, without a single nightmare. As she tottered down to breakfast in a lively fashion, she noticed Professor Snape was not at the staff table. She had wanted to thank him before her test...Before too many students took notice of her arrival, she skipped down to the dungeons to thank her Potions teacher.


Snape smiled as he woke, he had accidentally fallen asleep on his desk after finishing with the Pensieve. He stretched out and stood up with a smile. Today he had Gryffindor and Slytherin for Potions.


Liliana knocked lightly on the door. "Professor?"

"Yes? Come in..."

She walked in and saw him writing notes on the chalkboard. "Sir, I just wanted to thank you for the draught. I slept very well last night and feel fully prepared for my test.

Snape smiled. "As you should."

Liliana glanced at the board. "We are going to be doing a potion that cures boils?"

Severus looked at the board and realized all he had up were the ingredients. "Very good, how did you know that?"

She blushed. "My mother loved potions, she took the class all seven years."

"I am aware of that, I had class with her all seven years." He smiled lightly but inside he was relieved. It was the first time all year that he had looked at her as a student and not as Rose. "You have a very strong resemblance, did anyone ever tell you that?"

Liliana nodded. "Yes Sir. My father always blamed her when I screwed up, saying I had more of his blood in me I would not have blundered in such a manner."

Snape dropped his chalk. "He truly speaks to Rose like that? And she does nothing about it?"

Miss Moore nodded. "Mother is afraid. Matthew is growing up to be just like father and the both of them do detest a rebellious female. Matthew has been cocky enough to try and reprimand me for speaking my mind to him."

Severus nodded. "I see. I am truly sorry you had to live like that." Liliana shrugged.

"I will see you after lunch!" She waved before happily running up the stairs and towards the Charms room.

Professor Snape picked up his chalk and smiled a bit. 'Why am I so happy?' It was truly odd, just seeing the young girl so bouncy and relaxed made him joyous. He shrugged the feeling off and started writing down the notes again.


Liliana walked into the classroom and sighed heavily. Professor Flitwick was walking about speaking with other early arrivals. On the tables were feathers and according to the chalkboard, they were also going to have to unlock the door.

With a heavy sigh, she sat in front and waited for the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins to clamber in. Thirteen minutes before class starts. I started practicing my levitation of the feather several times. Thankfully, I was doing quite well. "-Wingardium Leviosa-!" The feather rose from her desk and floated about four feet above her head.

Professor Flitwick smiled as she approached. "Very good. Can you unlock the door?" She pointed to the door of her stockroom.

"I can try Professor." Liliana walked up to it and held out her wand. With a light flick, she smiled. "-Alohomora-!"

The lock shifted and Liliana opened the door. The Charms teacher smiled. "Well done. Twenty points to Slytherin."

Malfoy smiled as he walked in to class. "Thankfully we have our own genius to counter that Mudblood in Gryffindor."

Professor Flitwick sighed. "I will have no such language in my classroom, not sit down before I take away those points."

Draco sat down beside Liliana's belongings. "I feel just awful about saying those things Lili. Us Slytherins need to stick together." He smiled, but even when he was smiling he reminded Liliana of a serpent.

"Right." She turned away from him and paid full attention to Professor Flitwick as he sat on his stack of books.

"We have a small examination today. I want to make sure that every one of your can levitate stationary objects and use the alohomora charm. Both of these are rather important and commonly used charms. Liliana Moore has already completed her examine. Liliana, would you demonstrate?"

Professor Flitwick locked the door to the storage closet and turned to her. "Use the levitation charm first."

Liliana swallowed hard. "Of course." She held out her wand, more nervous than she had ever been. "-Wingardium Leviosa.-" The feather floated about three feet above Draco's head.

Her fellow Slytherins applauded. She heard a Hufflepuff scowl. "She should be in Ravenclaw, it would at least make me feel a little better about being so stupid."

Liliana was blushing at this compliment. Professor Flitwick motioned to the closet door. Liliana closed her eyes, 'Remember, swish and flick.' "-Alohomora-!" The lock slid open loudly.

With a heavy sigh of relief, Liliana slid back into her seat. Draco smiled. "Well done. At least now we have a Pure Blood who can be the pride of Hogwarts instead of that Mudblood Granger."

For a moment, Miss Moore remained silent. "Draco, could you please refrain from calling her that? She really is a nice girl."

Draco smiled, but the smile seemed incredibly false. "Of course, anything for you."

Liliana blushed brightly. "Let us see how you do on the Charms test after that bit of a lesson, shall we?" Much to her surprise, Draco excelled on both examines and loudly thanked Liliana in front of the class.

Behind her, Pansy Parkinson was talking to Millicent Bulstrode. "I got up last night when I heard her screaming. The poor thing threw a hissy-fit when her father came to take her home. Professor Snape had to defend her and finally Dumbledore came down! I don't see why she's such a chicken."

Draco glared at Pansy. "Her father is a powerful wizard and it was very smart of her to go and get help instead of warding him off alone. You would know that if you were a Pure Blood."

Pansy turned beet red and fell silent for the rest of the class. Liliana smiled. "Thanks Draco." He shrugged.

"Don't mention it, really." She laughed as she gathered up her books and headed the opposite direction of most the students. She went straight to Dumbledore's office. Professor Snape was already there.


Dumbledore had a small plate with assorted sandwiches on it. "I brought you lunch in case this meeting lasts too long." He pushed them towards her. Pumpkin juice was sitting on the desk too.

Snape murmured a spell and Evan started yelling. "When I get my hands on you I will beat you to a bloody pulp! How dare you refuse me my own daughter!"

Albus sat there, staring at him. "If you treated her like a father should teach a daughter, then we would not be here. She has claimed that she does not wish to go home because you abuse her. Am I correct Liliana?"

She nodded meekly; clearly just the sound of her father's voice was unnerving. Snape placed a comforting hand on her shoulder as she drank the pumpkin juice.

"Severus if you lay one hand on her I will..."

Professor Snape cut her off. "You will what? You do not look like you are in any position to make threats at the moment."

"Lord Voldemort is looking for you Severus. He is very angry with you."

Dumbledore had never been angry in all the time Liliana had known him, which was since Matthew attended his first year, but he was furious now. "SILENCE! I will not allow you to speak to one of my staff in such a manner! Severus is a brave man for giving up his loyalty to Voldemort and coming to Hogwarts. You, however, are a known Death Eater and I will see that you pay for it. For now, I refuse to grant your daughter leave until this goes to court. I have already contacted the Ministry. I hope you have a alibi for her scars Evan. Good Day."

Evan was muted again, which was a serious relief to Liliana. "May I leave now Dumbledore, sir?"

He smiled. "Snape will escort you down to the Hall and then you are free to go."

Liliana smiled at the two wizards. "Thank you so much for all you have done. I feel so much safer at Hogwarts."

Snape nodded. "That is how it is supposed to be. Come now, I am getting a bit hungry and I would like to eat before class."

She grinned. "Let's go." The first year ran down the hall once they got down the stairway. "Come on Professor!"

Professor Snape shook his head. "I burned my leg while making a potion yesterday...it's rather stiff."

Liliana sighed. "Has Madame Pomfrey looked at it?"

He smiled slightly. "No, I wrapped it and healed it just as she would have. Come along now." He got ahead of her a bit, limping on his sore leg but still moving pretty fast.

Hermoine approached Liliana. "Lili! The whole Hall is talking about you! Your father came?"

Severus glared coldly at Hermoine. "Get back to the Hall before I deduct points from Gryffindor."

The first year glared back. "We are allowed to go as we please during lunch hours, and I was on my way to the library."

"Then get there." Snape continued walking. "Are you coming Liliana?"

Liliana shook her head guiltily. "Sorry Professor Snape, sir, but I would like to accompany Hermoine to the library. Perhaps I can look up some information on the boils potion we will be doing in class today."

Snape sighed. "Behave." With that, he walked towards the Great Hall. As he thought about how kind he was being to Liliana, he grew angry with himself. After Rose hurt him in their fourth year, he had vowed to be spiteful and cold all his days, that was when he started taking interest in Lucius Malfoy and his friends...and Voldemort. Snape shuddered. 'If I could not save Rose from Evan and Voldemort...I will save Liliana.' There, he had decided. He 'would' be nice to her, and it 'would not' bother him. He had a reason to be kind.


Hermoine turned to Liliana as they sat at a table in the library. "How can you stand Professor Snape, he's so cold!"

Liliana shook her head indignantly. "He is a kind man. He has offered to let me live with him over the summer since I cannot return home."

The brown-haired girl sighed. "Seems kind enough I suppose...Oh! I heard that your father came by..."

Miss Moore's green eyes turned blue with icy rage. "Please, let us discuss another matter. We are going to be doing a complex potion today in Potions."

Hermoine looked at her schedule. "We have double potions too..." She groaned in objection.

"Yes, the potion we are doing, it cures boils by the way, takes up almost two full classes. We will be lucky to finish."

"You said it was complex." Liliana nodded. "We had better work together, for the sake of both of our grades."

Liliana laughed. "I like how you think. Mainly the fact that you 'do' think, unlike most the Slytherins in my Charms class." Hermoine laughed as she grabbed a book entitled 'The Basics of Potion Making'. "Yes, we should start studying." Liliana sat next to her and they started scanning the book.

~~~To Be Continued~~~

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