What You Leave Behind

By Jazz

The sequel to The Severus He Saved

Reading the first isn't necessary, but this story will make a lot more sense if you do.

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It was well into the darkest hours of night when nine prominent witches and wizards from the Ministry met to discuss the newest problem that had arose unexpectedly. No, it wasn't an attack planned by the newly risen Dark Lord, and it wasn't a meeting to reinstate a vigorous hunt for the still-at-large Black.

No, they were there to discuss what to do about the announcement Albus Dumbledore had made that had shocked the Magical community. The powerful wizard had announced some weeks prior that his son, a child that had been believed dead for many years, was actually residing at Hogwarts as one of the professors. Dumbledore claimed that the charade had been part of an elaborate plan to keep his son safe.

The Ministry was in an uproar. The man that had been known as Severus Snape was deeply disliked by the majority of the Ministry, barely tolerated by others, and sincerely hated by a special few. That he was Dumbledore's biological son was unthinkable.

Numerous tests had been performed in hopes that a deceptive plot would be discovered, but the results of all paternity tests were the same; Severus was really Dumbledore's child.

That too worried an already paranoid Ministry. How much of his father's legendary power had Severus inherited? And if he did receive that abnormal magical ability with sheer coincidence of birth, what did he plan to do with it? One look at the wizard's record was enough; he couldn't be trusted. He was in the Slytherin House while in school and was on record officially as a former Death Eater and, by demand of the Ministry, a spy on You-Know-Who's actions.

Only knowing that this new problem had to be carefully observed, the decision came to arrest the professor. The charge for his arrest was simple enough; he was suspected of being an active Death Eater. The Dark Mark would ensure their right to take him with them.

But one little thing had ruined their plans. When they had inspected Snape's arm, they had found no mark. They checked the other arm as well, just to be sure, but the symbol linking him to You-Know-Who's service was gone.

Before they could figure out why and how it was gone, the Headmaster had come to the rescue of his son. They were still trying to figure out how he had known that something was wrong. Maybe it would have gone better if they hadn't restrained the younger wizard for forcefully.

Headmaster Dumbledore fairly tossed the Aurors and Minister Fudge out of the school with a warning about coming back and trying something like that again. He also said something about personally feeding them to a Fluffy. And while the name sounded disarming, the general impression was that the creature that the name belonged to was anything but fluffy.

"We have to get someone in there," Moody snapped, slamming his fist onto the table and making Minister Fudge jump in surprise. "We need someone to watch the both of them and record what is happening. If Snape," he still couldn't bring himself to call that piece of filth 'Dumbledore' as he was of those few who hated the man, "Is up to something, we need to know. For all we know, he had have access to all kinds of confidential information that Albus is keeping."

The group nodded. That was their fear, and more. What if he started using Hogwarts for Death Eater recruiting? Now that he was linked to the benevolent Headmaster, he could pull in unsuspecting students from all four houses!

Fudge held up his hand for silence, trying to gain control of a situation that was escaping his command. "The question is how we accomplish this," he said, "Not so much as do we want to put this plan into action. I've never seen Albus like this. I'm not sure who could get close enough to discover anything of use."

The assembled people fell silent for a second as their hopes seemed to wither and die even before they had a chance to grow.

Suddenly a woman spoke up from the back. "I've seen him like this before," she said in a cold, calm tone, "And you are incorrect, Minister. Albus has always been like this when it comes to Severus."

Several people turned around to look at her, some accusingly and come curious. Those that knew her waited patiently for her to continue.

"I'll go," she announced with serene confidence. "I know Albus's moods, and I know how he acts towards Severus. As long as it's not known that I'm gathering information about them, I can even be welcomed as a guest."

Fudge straightened the parchments in front of him, trying to mask his relief. He had been afraid that they would try to send him back in there. But now he had a volunteer, and he couldn't have asked for a better applicant. "That settles it then," he said with a briskness he didn't feel, "Ms. Sabra will go and make a fully report back to us in one month."

After the meeting had officially adjourned, Moody drew Sabra aside as she was leaving. "Are you sure that you're comfortable with this mission, lass?" he asked gruffly. "Some might say it's too personal a case and that you shouldn't take it."

Sabra drew herself up to her full height, as if insulted that her personal life would effect her performance in her job. "I assure you," she said crisply, "That I am perfectly capable of doing this."

Moody, still skeptical, nodded slowly and handed her the list of things she was to try to discover. "You leave tomorrow," he informed her, "Say hello to your husband for me." With that he turned on his wooden leg and started towards the door.

Sabra glared at his retreating back. She knew his last words were meant to bother her. "Former husband, Alastor," she hissed between her teeth, "You know Albus and I were divorced nearly four decades ago."


Author's Note: Yes I know the first chapter is short, I seem to have a problem with that. Most of this chapter was recapping and setting up some plot.