That Big Thing behind the School

The next morning upon waking, Rolanda groaned and groggily reached for the glass of water on the bed stand. Memories from the past night were swimming around in her head like ghostly goldfish, flittering in and out of detail. She remembered pain, a great deal of it actually, but for some reason she had not let herself cry. Her ankle was throbbing under the airy hospital sheets, but the agonizing pain was gone. Her shoulder felt like it was under a sack of bricks, and she had no idea why.

She'd kissed her.

'Oh yeah. Heh. I kissed her, didn't I?'  

A silly little grin came to her face, before it was promptly dropped when she realized she had an audience.

"She's waking up!" An excitable little voice chirruped. That would be Robby, third year chaser that she'd put on the team against her better judgement. He had a lot of unpolished talent, but he talked a mile a minuet and far too frequently.

"Put a sock in it, Rob. Give her some air." Ah. The much more welcome voice of Damien. She opened her eyes. Someone pushed the water glass she'd been blindly reaching for into her hand. She guzzled half of it, then splashed her face with the remaining water. Shaking it off in a spray of liquid she looked at the crowd huddled around her bed.

The entire Gryffindor quidditch team, six of her closest friends, and a few lurking Slytherins registered in her mind. Everyone was quiet for a moment, and then like a flood everyone began talking.

"Are you okay, 'Londa?"

"What on earth happened?"

"Are you still gonna play today?"

"Who beat you up so bad?"

Rolanda smiled shook her head just as Madam Violet came to break up the crowd.

"Of course I'll play, today. What a silly question." She replied. The Slytherins, getting the answer they were waiting for, sulked off irritably. The quidditch team looked relieved, but curiosity still held their features. 

Eight hours later, and just two hours before the big game at five, a timid visitor came into the hospital wing who had been waiting for the seemingly constant throng of well-wishers around Rolanda to disperse.

"Hello, Rolanda. How are you feeling?" She asked primly, having decided on the way to the hospital wing that it would be best to pretend as if nothing had happened. She had already explained to the Headmaster that Rolanda had merely tripped in the common room, and in her panic to get her to the hospital wing, she had been a bit over zealous with her levitating charm. The Headmaster had been completely understanding and trusting, merely chastising her lightly and reminding her to make sure she made a trip to the infirmary to check on the patient and apologize.

Rolanda crossed her arms over her chest, glad when her shoulder gave her no pain, and smirked.

"I know why you've never had a lover now, Min. Do you beat up everyone who tries to kiss you?" Rolanda asked in that straightforward way that she was so comfortable with. Facing such a blunt reminder of the kiss, Minerva had a hard time pretending she didn't know what Rolanda was talking about.

"Well I don't know. You're the only person that's ever tried to kiss me." She said a bit flustered, sitting in the chair beside Rolanda's bed and agitatedly blowing her bangs out of her eyes. She forgot to be a lady in Rolanda's presence. Rolanda only gave her a surprised arched eyebrow in response. Uncomfortable with the silence, Minerva tried to change the subject. "Are you still going to be able to play?" She asked, gaining back some of her composure.

"Are you going to come watch me?" Rolanda tossed back, casually letting her hand brush over Minerva's thigh as she reached for a chocolate frog on the bed stand. Minerva watched the hand as if it were a poisonous snake slithering up her leg. She let out a distinct little squeaking noise and abruptly stood up.

"You k-know I d-don't ever go to s-silly little things like q-q-quidditch matches. I have studying to do." She made herself stop stuttering like a nervous little fool. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't hurt too badly, and extend an apology. Now that I've done that, I should be going."

She didn't move.

"Minerva, I want you to go to my game. It's at five, at the quidditch pitch. You know what that is, right? Big stadium out behind the school. You can't miss it. I'll be the one on the broomstick flying circles around the Slytherins." Rolanda said cheekily, licking a smudge of chocolate off her index finger in a wicked little sucking motion. Minerva watched the digit slip between her moist lips as if enchanted. "I won't accept your apology unless I see you there." She added in a barely audible whisper, so that Minerva had to lean in slightly to hear her. Like a Venus Flytrap that just sensed prey, Rolanda grabbed a fistful of Minerva's robes and pulled her onto the bed, soundly kissing the blazes out of her. Minerva's chocolate brown eyes widened comically, before her entire body relaxed into the feel of Rolanda. Her eyelashes fluttered closed and her chin tilted into the kiss.

A door slammed somewhere in the infirmary and Minerva jumped off the bed as if Rolanda's lips had electrocuted her. It was only Madam Violet shuffling around in the back storage room. Rolanda, who looked a bit startled as well, smiled at their jumpiness and stared unabashedly at Minerva's lovely visage.

"You're beautiful, you know that, Min?" She asked softly, crossing her arms above her head and grinning like a well-fed cat. Minerva gave an unreadable look towards the storage room, and then gave a more confused, analyzing one to Rolanda. Without another word she took a few steps backward and then turned on her heel and ran out of the infirmary.     

Madam Violet was rather lax on her patients, so when Rolanda politely asked to attend the game, Madam Violet merely smiled benignly and waved her off. When Rolanda made it back to her dorms, Minerva was no where in sight. She was probably in the library, but Rolanda secretly was wishing she had gone to the stands to wait for the game to start.

She hurriedly pulled on the tight white breeches and unyielding leather boots. Her red jersey came next, with the bright gold "C" on the right corner that signified her as the captain. Her maroon quidditch robes completed the ensemble, along with knuckle gloves and her lucky pendant. She'd never lost a game while she wore the pendant. Despite how sappily romantic it was, Minerva had discarded the broken pendant when she bought a new one, and Rolanda had fixed it without her knowledge and now never played a game without it on.

She met her team in the locker rooms and quickly went over the tactics for the upcoming game. The rising crescendo of the crowd's noise began to drift into the locker rooms. Rolanda had full confidence in her team, as they practiced the hardest, used the best moves, and flew like they were all of one mind.

"The only thing standing between us and the quidditch cup is the Ravenclaw team. They've got some good chasers, but we've already beaten them once this year. Even if we loose this game, we'll still be in the finals for the cup. Therefore, I want to use this game to practice some of our more challenging and complicated moves. I know we can do them, and if there ever is a time to show off, it's now. I have reason to believe that a few scouts from the professional teams are in the stands today. Don't be flashy, but don't rush this game. We have a strong team in every way, and I want those scouts to see how talented you all are. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if we completely cream the Slytherins tonight," she finished with an infectious grin. Her team let out some excited whoops and yells, slinging their brooms over their shoulders and jogging out of the locker room.

When Rolanda scanned the stands, she was not looking for potential scouts. No, she was searching for a particular brunette that had stolen her breath that morning in the hospital wing. She was the only one that Rolanda was aiming to impress.

And impress they did. The Gryffindor team worked like a well oiled machine. The Slytherin chasers didn't score once on the Gryffindor keeper, who made five impossible saves that sent the crowd into shouts of amazement. The Gryffindor chasers laced up and down the field sewing intricate patterns that often left the Slytherin chasers flying in the wrong direction or spinning in circles. Rolanda waited until they'd scored over a hundred points, with no competition from the Slytherins, until she performed a new move she'd been working on for years.

Something like it had never been seen in a school level quidditch game ever before. From the opposite side of the field, Rolanda spotted the snitch. Unfortunately, the Slytherin seeker was racing towards it with a half a field head start. Everyone began screaming like wild men when Rolanda flattened herself against her broom and shot forward like a bullet. She began to spiral, using the movement to increase her speed unbelievably. There was simply no way she would be able to stop herself in time to catch the snitch!

But it got worse. When she reached the other seeker, he was scared shitless to have her come barreling at him so fast that her broom looked like it couldn't stand the speed she was demanding of it. Then, surely intending suicide, she shot past him into a completely vertical nosedive. The teachers stood up, knowing there was no possible way she would be able to stop in time without killing herself.

Just when she was a hair's breath away from the ground, and when the teachers had their slowing spells on the tips of their tongues, she did a complete one eighty and slowed considerably on her ascent. The Slytherin seeker, who'd been so shocked when she barreled straight at him, remained unseeing as she lazily plucked the oblivious snitch out of the air.

The crowd was completely silent. The game had stopped to watch the chase. Rolanda hadn't been aiming to beat him to the snitch at all … she'd been relying on the fact that she could scare him into backing off with her furious, record breaking speed.

With that, Rolanda Hooch pulled off the best fake that had ever been seen in a Hogwarts quidditch game, ended the perfect game, and sent the whole of Gryffindor house into complete uproar.

Minerva used the mad crowd as a cover to sneak out of the stands. Rolanda wasn't the only one to break a record that night. Minerva had quite possibly screamed the loudest out of all the Gryffindors. She headed straight for the library. She had to read all about this fabulous thing that she'd been missing out on.    

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