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Chapter One: Too Dangerous!

Rayla pressed her ear against her bedroom door. She could hear low, muffled voices on the other side. As the Xadian ambassador handpicked by the Dragon Queen herself, she had some of the best guards in Katolis standing outside her chambers, and her security was very tight.

She looked outside her window and up at the moon. It had already risen and was already at the highest point in the sky.

It was almost time.

She waited a little more and soon enough, the unmistakeable cadence of metal on stone echoed across the halls as more guards came to relieve the others who had been on duty that afternoon. It was time to change shifts.

Using the light of the full moon, she turned invisible and slipped out of her room while their backs were turned, quickly but silently making her way down the long corridor. She slowed her pace and ducked behind a knight's armor on display and counted to ten.

On cue, more guards rounded the corner on patrol. She waited for them to pass and, merging with the shadows, went the way they came, hugging the walls until she reached a large spiral staircase. It was dotted with intricate bas reliefs of uneven towers, the familiar and comforting symbol of Katolis.

She leapt up the stairs two steps at a time and turned right, where at the end of the hall was a painting of Ezran, Callum, and herself, posing with Zym and Queen Zubeia. She touched a panel and a hidden door swung open fluidly. This long passageway, she knew, cut through the center of the castle, and she passed by multiple doors leading to various secluded parts of the castle as she darted to the other end.

She pushed another panel and exited through a side door that had slid open, coming to the middle of a wide hallway lined with scones. Wasting no time, Rayla stealthily jogged to the end and came to a stop just before a corner, her back pressed against the wall. The fires on the wall fluttered as if they had sensed her presence, then returned to the steady, motionless rest they were in.

She listened for any movement and, hearing nothing, peered around the corner. No guards. Good. That meant that he wasn't back yet.

Rayla arrived in front of two large wooden doors, which she opened just enough to slip inside, then closed in a way that she knew wouldn't make any creaking sounds. She had, after all, been sneaking into Callum's bedroom during full moons. And sometimes, even during the new moon.

She had spent the last few years in Katolis acting as a Xadian diplomat, and had assisted Ezran in his first major act as king – to outlaw the practice of dark magic. It wasn't easy – there was resistance from those who continued to rely on it in their everyday lives - but she and Callum had helped him through it.

Besides Callum, there were others in Katolis and Duren who had been reportedly able to use Primal magic as well. It was only a few, but it was enough for King Ezran to conclude that there was no more need for dark magic. Queen Zubeia appreciated this, but many Xadians still felt unsafe being around humans, as someone could still practice if they so wished. It was now their task to find a way for humans and Xadians to live together without the threat of dark magic.

Rayla made her way to the large bed and plopped down. She breathed in deeply, inhaling the scent of him, of pine trees in the spring, earthy and fresh. It never failed to invigorate her, and make her feel so safe and secure.

She smiled. The first time she'd wound up in his bed, it was after a long night of celebrating an alliance with the kingdom of Duren. Queen Aanya had brought exquisite wine that tasted earthy and fruity with just a hint of spice. She'd immediately taken a liking to it, and Opeli had laughed when she downed entire glassfuls while Callum had warned her not to drink too much, even as he himself matched her glass for glass.

She remembered excusing herself for the evening and Callum had followed her to make sure she was okay. Somehow, they ended up in his bedroom where she would spend the rest of the night in the throes of passion. To this day, she still wasn't sure how he had been so good even though it was a first for both of them.

Must be because of all those years drawing me, she thought.

He must have thought he was good at hiding his sketches of her between pages and pages of spells he'd learned. But she would catch him staring at her for a second too long, and she would eventually recognize the heat in his eyes whenever he held her gaze.

The sound of footsteps alerted her that someone was near. The door opened and voices spilled into the room as Callum dismissed the guards despite their protests, and only closed the door when they turned the corner.

He sighed as the room fell silent once more. He was glad that Ezran had moved to the king's bedroom and he to the immense room reserved for the High Mage. It wasn't that he minded sharing a room with Ezran and Bait when they were younger, but it did feel nice to have his own bedroom entirely to himself.

Well, he wasn't exactly alone anyway.

As soon as he closed the door, he found himself being pulled down by the scarf and into a soft kiss. He should have been surprised, but his hands instinctively found her waist and pulled her closer to him.

Behind her, moonlight glinted off of her silvery locks. He smiled against the kiss, already turning heated and igniting the fire inside of him. It was hard to focus all day with his thoughts turning to Rayla every chance he got.

"You're late," she breathed, looping her arms around his neck and resting her forehead against his. Elven eyes opened to meet his deep emerald ones. He chuckled and turned them around so that her back was against the door, firmly keeping her pinned with his long, lean frame.

He had grown over the years, and he was now clearly the taller of the two. His shoulders were broader, too, but his form wasn't bulky. Instead, his form had grown lithe from years of training.

He needed a melee weapon in case he couldn't cast any spells, so he chose dual dao swords, preferring her style over the heavier human blades. Soren had taught him the basics of sword fighting and had been impressed when Callum could finally keep up with him mock duels.

But what Soren didn't know was that Callum had been receiving additional lessons from Rayla, whose style he'd adopted and then incorporated magic into. He found that though the dual swords were much lighter, they were also much quicker, allowing him to create a unique style of blending magic with his physical attacks. Sure, she'd been strict, but the results spoke for themselves.

He put one hand on the doorframe and she noted, not for the first time, how his sinewy arms had just the right amount of muscle.

"Sorry. Council meetings and all," he said in a low voice that made her pulse quicken. "Had I known that a Moonshadow assassin was waiting for me in my room, I would have come running."

His voice was barely above a whisper against her ear. Callu, gave the pointed end a lick and she whimpered softly. He ran his tongue along the shell of her ear and took her right earlobe in his mouth, gently nipping and sucking. He felt her shudder again and kissed his way from her ear to the short purple markings that ran down her cheek, before finding her mouth again.

Callum kissed her again, softly at first, saying without words just how much he missed her. She lifted up into the kiss and he deepened it, sending delicious shivers down her spine. He took her wrists and pinned them above her head with one hand while the other kept her hip firmly pressed between him and the door.

She gasped when she felt his thigh slide between hers and rub against her core. When she threw her head back, he licked her ear again before trailing kisses down to her slender neck. A soft bite on the joint of her neck and shoulder earned him another whimper, urging him to nip and suck at her neck until she was squirming in his arms.

His hand wandered up her side to stroke her hair. She felt him smile against her neck and briefly wondered why, but she didn't have to wait for long as she felt him pinch and then grasp the base of her left horn. It felt warm to his touch and the warm hardness contrasted with the cool softness of her hair.

He followed the curve of her horn and traced the grooves from base to tip and back with his thumb, repeating it slowly, making sure she felt the constant press of his hand and thumb.

He knew from experience that this alone could drive her wild. And her reaction was instantaneous as she bucked under him.

He switched hands, holding up her wrists with his left and stroking her horns with his right, all the while keeping up his assault on her neck. Soon she was writhing more violently.


He pulled back at the sound of his name, and couldn't help but appreciate the view he had. He still had her arms pinned above her and a hot flush spread across her cheeks. Her eyes were closed and she had her head against the door. She was letting out soft little pants that made her chest rise and fall in rhythm.

Suddenly, he found himself staring into twin amethyst eyes that reflected the moon looming large behind them, seemingly just outside the window.

"I missed you today," he breathed.

"Then show me," she shot back, the challenge clear in her voice. He growled as slammed her lips to his. He let go of her wrists long enough to take off the dark blue sleeves on her shoulders and forearms, followed by the empty holsters of her blades, discarding each piece to the void that existed outside just the two of them.

She pulled off his scarf and took her sleeveless shirt off. He reached behind her and found the tail end of her bindings and peeled it off of her to reveal a pair of creamy mounds that sprang free from their restrictive bindings and into the cool air.

"I still don't know why you keep your bindings on so tight. It can't be comfortable," he murmured as his hands moved to cup her breasts. Though small, they fit perfectly in his large hands as he gently molded them into his palms. It reminded him of how she, too, had grown in their time together. Even when bound, her breasts still protruded enough to define her slender curves. Her legs were longer and the swell of her hips was more shapely. Indeed, he could barely keep his eyes off of her, and at times, his eyes would stay glued to her figure.

"S-so it d-doesn't get in the way of a fight. I have to b-be ready just in c-case," she said in a small voice. He loved that she was delightfully responsive.

Callum loved that he could get this kind of reaction from the otherwise feisty elf. Though she still kept her heart on her sleeve, she had learned to tame her reactions and conduct herself almost regally as the Xadian ambassador. She was usually so calm and collect during negotiations and briefings. It aroused him to no end that he could make her melt with just his gaze, just his touch.

"Poor little things," he said soothingly. She let out a low moan when he circled her rosy peaks with the pads of his thumbs. He could feel them harden as he brushed them back and forth before pinching one hard nub with his thumb and forefinger.

She took a sharp breath when he took the other in his mouth and gave a tentative lick while his hand continued to play with the other. He then teased her areolas and then dragged his tongue to the valley between her breasts, alternating between licking and nibbling.

His mouth landed on her other breast and her hands came to hold his head against it to keep it from wandering once more. Small breathy sighs escaped her as he lavished attention on the hardened nipple. Tiny zaps of pleasure travelled south to the juncture of her legs as she felt pressure in her core start to build up.

"Mmm…Callum…that feels so good…"

Callum gave a particularly hard nip at her nipple at the mention of his name, and she couldn't stop the moan that tumbled from her lips, even as he continued to suck. She closed her eyes and threw her head back once more.

He deftly undid the moon-clasp of her belt and dropped it to the side. He pulled away from her chest, now red from his ministrations, and pressed his lips to hers softly.

He sucked at her bottom lip in a silent request for access. She allowed him in and his tongue immediately plundered her mouth. Rayla whimpered as his tongue coaxed hers into his mouth. He was kissing her senseless and she couldn't focus on anything else. Kissing him was like reaching the Oasis in the midnight desert and she loved it.

She jerked away from the kiss and let out a cry when his middle finger ran along her clothed seam. He knew she loved it when he did that and it would bring her much closer to release. His mouth moved to her tipped ears again and licked mercilessly in time with his finger, making her shudder.

Stars began to dance across Rayla's vision and she could feel pleasure pooling deep within her. His mouth found her neck again and began to gently suck and nip at the creamy flesh.

"Oh, Xadia's heavens…" she moaned when his finger brushed at her hardening clit, even through her usual teal breeches. His touch lit her whole body on fire as she began to spiral.

His head traveled downward, trailing kisses along her torso and paused at her navel. He moved to remove one knee-high boot, and then did the same to the other. Slowly, he pulled down her pants and threw them with the rest of the forgotten clothing.

Her eyes opened and met his twin emerald pools as he knelt before her. He moved closer and raised her leg to kiss from one ankle to her toned calf and finally to a muscular thigh. He paused to pepper her inner thigh with soft kisses and long licks, before moving down to the other to repeat the whole process on her other leg.

He came close to her entrance but always seemed to pull away at the last second to lap up the juices that had trailed from her core instead.


Finally, the need became too much. She fisted her hands in his brown locks and all but dragged him to where she wanted him most, parting her legs to give him access.

He chuckled darkly but obliged. He hooked her knee over his shoulder and held her gaze as he brought his lips to her center, before pushing his tongue into her slippery folds.


Her whole body was suddenly on fire and her moans began to rise in a crescendo as his tongue continued to swirl around her pussy. She closed her eyes abstract colors clouded her vision.

"Rayla, look at me. I want to see your face when you cum," he murmured against her wet pussy. Her eyes snapped open and met his, eyebrows arched. She loved it when the usually timid prince talked dirty. The sheer eroticism of it made her pulse race and turned her even further.

He brought his hand to her opening and plunged two fingers into her, slowly pumping in and out of her. He curled his fingers and gave a 'come hither' motion, eliciting a loud moan.

Suddenly, he found her engorged clit and teased it relentlessly with his tongue, all the while making sure she was looking at him. He groaned as he felt her walls clamp around his fingers whenever he licked the sensitive nub.

"Unngg…Callum…Yes, don't stop…" Her moans began to increase in volume again as the first few waves of orgasm began to crest.

He continued his onslaught even as her hold on his hair became painfully tight. He pumped his long fingers into her as far as they could go, gradually picking up speed until he was pistoning his fingers in and out of her.

It was too much and her orgasm overtook her when he gave a particularly hard lick to her clit. She let out a long cry as she bucked uncontrollably against his mouth.

"That's it, Rayla. Cum for me. Just cum for me," he groaned against her.

He slowed his fingers, trying to prolong her release for as long as possible, and slowly pulled them out of her cunt, now red and still quivering from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She was breathing heavily and she puffed out chunks of hot air.

She felt her leg buckle, but he caught her and steadied her with his hand as she slowly descended from her high. When she recovered her breath, her lips twisted in a satisfied smile.

"That was amazing."

"I know. I love seeing you cum, and cum hard," he said with a grin, slowly bringing his fingers to his mouth. Her face flushed and her eyes widened as he sucked the two that had just been inside her. She felt her pussy clench at the sight and pulled him to his feet.

Rayla took a deep, steadying breath. Already she could smell the thick, heady scent of sex in the air, of sweat and bodily fluids. She could also see her juices on his chin obscenely glinting in the moonlight, proof of the climax that he had just brought her to.

"Why are you still fully clothed, you dumb human prince," she said before grabbing him by the back of his head and crashed his lips against hers. She could taste herself on his tongue, tangy and a little sweet like a jelly tart.

Rayla made quick work of his blue jacket, belt, and velvet shirt. She nuzzled against her neck and ran her hands up and down his torso. It had become quite chiseled with training, toned without being overbearing.

She reached down and pulled his cock free from his pants. The once lanky boy she met as a teenager was now a man in every aspect. No matter how many times she had seen it, or how many times she had it in her, she was still always surprised how big he was, thick and long enough to reach her deepest parts with ease. It even an indecent scent that made her head spin. And right now, he was already rock hard and fully erect.

He hissed as she grazed the tip with her thumb and spread a bead of precum, before running her hand up and down to trace a vein that along the underside of his shaft. His member twitched at the feel of her four fingers wrapping him as she began stroking him.

Callum growled as she sped up, knowing full well that he wouldn't last if she kept that up.

"Rayla, I want to be inside you." His voice was strained and she recognized the need that had burned underneath, one that was mirrored by a growing ache within her. She wanted him, too.

"Come here then," she said, standing up.

He pulled her into a hard kiss, but she didn't pull away. In fact, she lifted into him as he deepened the kiss even further, threatening to steal her breath away.

She could feel her legs tremble and she found herself being picked up and pushed against the heavy door, her legs circling around his waist on impulse. Callum slid his cock against her opening a few times, coating it with her own juices. She met his heated gaze for one lingering moment, and then he slowly pushed into her.

Rayla drew a sharp breath. She always needed a second to get used to his length, but oh the feeling of having him inside her was so addicting. He slowly pulled back, only to thrust into her quickly with a snap of his hips, making her moan at the sensation of being completely filled. He cut her off with a searing kiss but she continued to make little sounds of pleasure.

He drew his length out again, until only the tip was inside her, then slammed her down hard on his cock. She threw her head back and clawed at his back as he repeated it again and again, gaining speed and force until he was slamming in and out of her with bruising intensity.

The door grated and the hinges creaked, but neither of them cared. She only wanted more, and her sobs of pleasure only grew louder, even as the small of her back bounced off of the wood. His thighs were covered with their liquids now and both of their bodies were slick with sweat. She felt the pleasure start to coil again as wanton moans spilled out of her.

Suddenly, Callum covered her mouth with his hand and slowed his thrusts almost to a still. She was about to ask why when she heard several footsteps in cadence from the distance. It was the distinct clinking of chainmails and metal boots pounding against stone tiles.

The roving guards were patrolling.

She arched her back reflexively and he reached her deepest spots. He groaned as she squeezed him like a vise as she put one hand on the door behind her and replace his hand over her mouth with the other.

Callum placed both of his hands under her ass and he pushed into her as far as he could. He stayed there, grinding his hips against hers as the footsteps drew closer until they seemed to pause right by the door.

Through the door, they could hear the guards speaking in hushed tones, declaring instructions and any unusual activity within the castle.

Then, with a wicked grin, he reached between them and ran his thumb over her clit.

Her eyes snapped open and turned wide as he continued to tease the sensitive little nub. He shifted his hips and angled it to a spot he knew would bring over the edge, and gave it short jabs with his member.

Outside, the guards lingered, seeming to contemplate whether or not to follow Callum's instructions to leave his door unguarded.

"Careful, Rayla. You don't want them to know what we're doing, do you?"

She could only glare at him as he continued his short thrusts. The laugh he was suppressing died as he felt her walls grip him impossibly tight. He looked up at her in shock, but she only gave him a smug look. She, too, could play at this game, and silently crooned as her vaginal muscles squeezed in time with his thrusts. He couldn't help but pull a slow grin.

He whispered her name and little phrases of encouragement into her ear until the pressure within her burst, and she began to shake uncontrollably as wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over her. Her face contorted and then her mouth hung open in a silent scream.

"That's it, Rayla. That's it. Cum for me. Cum all over that cock," he urged through gritted teeth. He forced himself to ride out the way her pussy squeezed him, delaying his own release so he could prolong hers.

As the last few waves of her orgasm left her, she could vaguely hear the footsteps retreating into the distance until they were gone. Rayla felt the energy drain from her and her body went limp, supported only by Callum's hands.

When her pulse returned to normal, she caught his gaze.

"Callum, that was dangerous! We could have been heard!" She feigned anger but he knew she was still a little high from her climax.

"We probably were, with the way you were moaning even against your own hand," he said evenly. "Besides, you liked it."

As if to accentuate his point, Callum shifted and she was suddenly aware that he was still very hard inside her. She shot him an incredulous look, to which he just quirked his eyebrows upward and shrugged.

"Well, aren't you pleased with yourself?"

"Just being inside you feels so good that I want to fuck you even more."

Rayla slapped him on the arm. "You're lucky you have stamina, you big dumb human," she practically purred.

"Hey, I'm your big dumb human," he said as he sat up and nuzzled her chest. He licked the beads of sweat that had gathered there.

He flashed her a goofy grin and she couldn't hold back her smile. He could be a somewhat of a banther during sex, but even through her sex-fogged brain, she knew that her dorky prince was still somewhere in there.

"And don't you forget it," she said, before claiming his lips with her own.

He adjusted his grip on her bottom and walked backwards to the large bed by the window. When the back of his leg hit the bed frame, he slowly sank down so that she was on top and still firmly rooted on his cock.

She began to grind tiny circles against him, loving the way her pussy fit him like a glove. She could feel liquid coating her thighs and dripping onto his. She let out breathy sighs whenever his groin swept against her clit. The delicious friction caused her to shudder.

Outside, the moon was high in the sky and the soft moonlight reflected her purple eyes against his green orbs. They were vaguely aware of tree branches swaying and leaves rustling in the wind. To them, nothing existed beyond the safe haven that was his bed.

Rayla pushed him back and he hit the bed as she found herself racing towards another climax. His hands found her breasts again and lightly pinched both her nipples.

She fell over him and firmly planted her hands on his chest. His hands fell to grip her hips tightly. She could feel him swell inside of her as she undulated against him. The pleasure was building fast and she was on the verge of another orgasm.

"Ride me, my little elf," he said gruffly.

She obeyed, feeling little shots of electricity wash over her as she raised her hips and slammed them down again and again. She was chanting his name, and her voice was underscored by the staccato of her ass bouncing against his thighs.

She changed her angle and gripped his thighs behind her, giving him a full view of where they were connected. He could see his cock glisten and groaned at the erotic sight.

"Rayla…fuck, that's so hot," he gasped.

"Callum…I'm almost there," she moaned as she brought one hand to her clit. His control was slipping fast. She was vaguely aware of him muttering something under his breath and the wind around them shifted.

Suddenly, Rayla felt little static shocks as he randomly pressed his fingers all around her body – on her arms, on her belly, on her legs, on her breasts, on her shoulders, and suddenly everywhere at once.

"Callum…fuck, what is that…I'm gonna come…"

"Hold on to something," he grunted as he brought her hips down and thrust upward hard and into her. He kept pounding into her with reckless abandon and the bed squeaked with each powerful thrust. She cried out, but only begged for more as she met him thrust for thrust, lost in the feeling of being impaled on his length. She lost all control and was careening headfirst into the abyss.

"Yes, oh moon spirits, yes! Yes, yes, yes, yessss…"

Her climax was the biggest one yet, and her pussy spasmed and squeezed him impossibly tight. It was all he could do to follow her into oblivion, spilling his seed inside her as his hips cleared off of the bed.

He felt her slump against him as her body went limp once more. He couldn't blame her. He couldn't move even if there were actual assassins that came at that very moment.

She rolled off of him as they both recovered from bliss, her arm slung over her eyes. They were breathing heavily and the smell of sex was even thicker. Her belly felt full and their mixed fluids slowly dripped out of her.

She gave a contented sigh and turned to face him. Her eyes were hooded and she wore a sleepy smile.

"What the hell did you do to me?" she asked.

"I cast a mild version of Fulminis. The electricity's small enough so it's safe. Did you like it?" he answered.

"I don't hate it," she admitted. That goofy smile of his was back and it warmed her inside. A minute passed before he broke the silence.

"I think you like the idea of being found out," he remarked. "We should try that again."

"Too dang'rous, m' dum' h'man," she mumbled against his shoulder as fatigue finally caught up to her.

He chuckled and used the last of his remaining energy to cradle her head in his arm and drape the thick blankets over them.

"Oh, we are definitely trying this out again," he thought while smiling to himself. He watched her sleeping face until he, too, succumbed to a blissful sleep, his mind concocting endless ideas of Rayla's newfound kink.


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