Chapter Three: A Bit of Fresh Air

"Lujanne! It's so good to see you again!" Ezran greeted, dropping his bags as he jumped off of his horse and jogged to the elderly moon mage. Rayla and Callum followed shortly after him, and they were both dismounting when Soren arrived as the last member of the group.

Lujanne smiled as she embraced each one of them, thankful for the rare company of friends. They had just climbed the Cursed Caldera, which was still laden with traps and illusions even in the late afternoon sun.

"You got us good with that last one, Lujanne," Callum commended.

"That explains all the shrieking then," the silver-haired moon mage grinned.

Callum nodded to the direction of the knight in question. "Oh, don't look at me. That was Soren. We ignored the spider and the leech, but the skeletons? They came out of nowhere. Good one."

"Hey!" Soren interjected. "As captain of the Crownsguard, it is my job to protect King Ezran from all danger – magical or not. I'm allowed to scream if necessary."

He thumped a fist to his plate armor dramatically, but wore a rueful smile nonetheless.

Lujanne laughed at their antics. It had been at a while since she had last seen any of them, the group only having time to make the journey during the holidays.

It was always a joy to see how much they grew each time they visited. She regarded each one of them, as she always did, appraisingly.

Soren was clad in gold-plated armor and a golden cape with the insignia of Katolis lightly embroidered, signifying his status as captain of the Crownsguard. He had also gained considerable muscle in the time she last saw him, and now sported a short stubble. It wouldn't shock her if he could easily intimidate would-be attackers with a just a scowl, but then make men and women alike swoon with the right grin.

Ezran, who was once the smallest of the group, now stood evenly at her height. The Katolis crown glinted as the sun hung low in the sky. He donned a more discreet silver armor and a cape of wine red. Like his father, his chestnut locks were kept neatly in place by the thin golden crown, in a ponytail whose ends just fell short of his shoulders.

She looked over to Rayla. Even in her standard Moonshadow-issued armor, she exuded a simple beauty and elegance. She had her hair pulled up into a style between a bun and a ponytail, leaving only long silver strands to gently frame her face.

Lujanne noted the prominent addition to the elf's attire - a bright red scarf that had once probably belonged to Callum. Rayla was laughing at Ezran's mock re-enactment of Soren's reaction to the skeletons when Callum slipped his arm around her waist.

Callum, for his part, stood as tall as Rayla with her horns, and comfortably taller without them. He had swapped out his blue jacket for a navy blue hooded cloak that covered his throat and parted at the top of his chest.

It fell just past his knees, and Lujanne guessed it gave him easier access to his mage wings without ripping anything. He could simply throw the cloak over his broad shoulders. He still wore his maroon sleeveless shirt underneath, and even through the brief glimpses, she could tell that he had gained more definition in his arms and chest. Noticeably absent was his signature red scarf, which Rayla now donned and had probably claimed as her own.

Lujanne must have been staring at them for a little too long, since they all turned to her with questioning looks.

"I'm sure you are all tired. I prepared your rooms for tonight so you can rest while I prepare supper," she said.

"Uh, actually," Callum said cautiously. "We brought food. It's human food but we thought you might like it."

Lujanne's eyebrows shot up. "Oh dear. How thoughtful of you, but you should not have bothered. I have a wonderful feast ready to be served."

Rayla looped Lujanne's arm with hers and began walking to the rooms as the others followed after them.

"As much as we love your illusion pies, Lujanne, we thought you could use a break from grubs," Rayla said almost apologetically. "Besides, we brought your favorite aged wine from the Earthblood elves."

"And jelly tarts! We also brought jelly tarts!" Ezran's added from behind them. Lujanne laughed at how the king's deep voice contrasted greatly with his childlike fondness for sweet treats, something he seemed to have never outgrown.

Lujanne and Rayla led them through the winding stone paths of the Moon Nexus. The sun started to dip below the horizon, but even its warm rays could not overpower the cool blue and moss green hues that seemed to perpetually envelop the Moon Nexus. It wasn't long before they arrived at the long wooden table at the center of all the silver guesthouses.

Callum and Rayla began to unpack the food they brought while Soren and Ezran put their things in one room, and Rayla and Callum's in another. The glowing butterflies had begun appearing by the time they returned with silverware and candelabras. Callum and Rayla took their seats on one side, while Lujanne, Soren, and Ezran sat on the other.

Dinner was very lively, aided by generous amounts of exquisite wine. They took turns updating Lujanne on the latest news from both Katolis and Xadia. She asked how Ezran was handling himself as king now that he had had a few years under his belt.

He explained that though the tripartite treaty had been signed by Xadia, Katolis, and Duren, the politics never seemed to get any easier. Fortunately for him, he admitted, Queen Aanya gave him a lot advice as a fellow young monarch.

"It sounds like you and Queen Aanya have stayed in touch," Lujanne observed shrewdly.

"Oh, they sure have," Callum answered before Ezran could. "They've been exchanging letters for months already. And his official visits have gotten more frequent. And some of them aren't even that official!"

Soren, in his surprise at Callum's revelation, nearly spat out the wine he was drinking as he couldn't hold back a laugh. Ezran turned wide eyes to him and then to his brother, a blush creeping into his freckled cheeks. Recovering his composure, Ezran sat up straight and cleared his throat.

"I'm not sure what you're implying, Prince Callum. Constant communication is simply one of the keys to maintaining peace between kingdoms," Ezran clarified, though a grin was tugging at his lips.

"Uh, you have closed door meetings with her all the time," Callum pointed out.

"Discussions on turning 'The Breach' to 'The Bridge'."

"And that time you snuck away together without telling anyone, even the captain of your Crownsguard?" Soren raised his eyebrows at his king.

"We just wanted some fresh air, okay? Besides, we go way back. What would she do to me?"

"Ravage you, if she had her way," Rayla grinned. "I've seen the way she looks at you, Ez. I'm telling you, that girl wants you. Bad. She's headstrong so I'm not sure she even knows it, but it's true."

Ezran turned to her from across the table. Disbelief and exasperation crossed his face, though she couldn't tell if it was because of her words or the fact that they had come from her.

"You're all fired," Ezran grumbled. The group broke out into laughter, and even Ezran can't help but join them with a chuckle of his own.

"From the looks of it, Ezran would actually have the most normal high profile relationship among you, though I suppose a marriage between a king and a queen of two different kingdoms is still very rare," Lujanne remarked.

She didn't have to say the rest. Relationships between elves and humans were still uncommon, but those that existed were all formed after the marriage of Queen Janai and General Amaya. As expected, there were protests from both humans and elves alike, but the wedding was inevitable and ultimately a successful grand affair, with hundreds of guests from all over the continent in attendance.

"Woah, no one said anything about marriage just yet. Actually, Soren and I are on our way to visit Aunt Amaya and Aunt Janai," Ezran said.

Just then, Rayla felt Callum's hand move under the table. At first, she thought he would just hold her hand, like he usually did. But his hand landed on her knee instead and began to draw small, teasing circles with his finger. He'd done that before, as a means to keep his hands preoccupied, so she didn't mind.

"You still haven't told us yet why, though," Rayla said. Callum's hand moved to the inside of her thigh, now kneading softly through the elven fabric of her pants. Rayla tensed and narrowed her eyes at him, but Callum refused to look her in the eye, choosing instead to face Ezran with a neutral expression, as if he were merely intently listening to him and not otherwise surreptitiously busy with his hands. Rayla took a sip of wine from her glass.

"Just, uh, the same old Katolis business," Ezran said a little too quickly. Rayla raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth to reply, but Callum cut her off before she could press any further.

"He's probably going to ask Aunt Amaya for some tips on how to woo a queen."

"Do you want to be fired twice in one day?" Ezran said miserably, drawing another round of laughter from the group. Under the table, Callum's hand moved further up Rayla's leg, continuing his ministrations dangerously close to a certain part of her that was growing hotter by the minute. She took another drink from her glass in an effort to cool down her body, but it seemed to be having the opposite effect.

Lujanne turned to Rayla. "And you? Where are you two headed?"

She felt him draw the Fulminis rune on her thigh and it gave her a tiny zap. She nearly yelped and had to school her expression before replying, even as Callum's hand continued.

"The Dragon Queen wants us to go to the Storm Spire to discuss something, but she didn't say what. We're passing by the Silvergrove on the way. Callum really wanted a mage's staff, so he's asking for Ethari's help."

"He was just impressed at Aunt Amaya's cool new shield. Made at the Sunforge and everything. He just wants his very own shiny new weapon," Ezran teased. Callum just shrugged in response.

The conversation carried on and so did Callum's hand, and thankfully, the others didn't seem to notice. She did her best to appear interested, but his delinquent fingers were making it difficult to concentrate. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded, and she wasn't sure if it was from his hand or from all the wine she had drunk.

"Hello? Rayla?"

She blinked, realizing that Soren must have been talking to her. "Sorry, what?"

"I said we're out of wine. Do you have any more?"

"Oh, uh… no, I don't think so. We only brought a few bottles," she managed to say.

"You okay there, Rayla? You seem to be a little red," Ezran said.

"I think she may have had a little too much to drink," Callum declared firmly. "That Earthblood wine's potent. Maybe a walk will do us good. To, you know, get some fresh air," he said as he helped Rayla stand.

"Right. A walk. Sorry guys, we'll join you later if you're still here."

"Sure. More jelly tarts for us then," Ezran said, shrugging. Lujanne steered the conversation to the first of her husbands and Rayla was thankful to have escaped before it started. That was sure to be a long discussion.

Rayla took Callum's hand and briskly led them through the winding stone path of the Moon Nexus. Above them, the waning half-moon cast a silver light, mixing with the cool blue light from the lamps lining the path.

They would come to a short set of stairs every so often, and Rayla took two steps at a time as she dragged Callum, who easily kept pace with her. They veered away from the path and came to a dense thicket of bushes and wide, mossy trees.

Turning, Rayla fisted both hands in his shirt and slammed him against a nearby tree. She glared at him for a heartbeat and then wordlessly claimed his lips in a brutal, searing kiss.

Electricity charged her skin, as it always did when she kissed him. It never failed to ignite a whirlwind of heat and lust within her, and no matter how many times she did, it was never enough. She always wanted more of him, a yearning that was ever present, an overwhelming desire that threatened to consume her entirely.

Callum groaned as Rayla plundered his mouth. He tasted of earthen wine and summer rain, sweet as it was intoxicating.

His hands found her hips and pulled her toward him. He tried to flip their positions, but as soon as he did, Rayla shoved him forcefully back against the tree. He continued to struggle, but Rayla would jerk his body against the trunk of the tree every time, discouraging any attempt at escape until all he could think about was the feel of her lips and the warmth of her mouth.

She suspected that he enjoyed being taken roughly like this, as he kept struggling with no real effort and no real intent. He gasped after a particular hard thud, and Rayla pushed her tongue into his mouth without warning.

Rayla's own head was spinning, drunk on his taste and his scent. She coaxed his tongue into her mouth and it danced with her own. Rayla noticed that the human had stopped struggling and she disengaged the kiss, her own breathing was heavy as she moved her lips next to his ear.

"You just couldn't help yourself, could you?" she breathed. It was more a declaration than a question. She didn't wait for him to answer. Instead, she grabbed his cloak and flung it to the nearby bushes.

"You just had-" she hissed, easily removing his belt and tearing his sleeveless shirt open.

"-to tease me-" She pulled off one fingerless glove and threw it to the ground.

"-in front of our friends." The other glove joined its twin in the dirt. She pulled down his pants and they bunched around his knees, his leather boots preventing them from going any further down.

"You couldn't keep your hands off me if you tried," she smirked.

She ran her hands up and down his arms, ghosting over the runes painted on his skin. She smoothed her hands over his chest, down his abs, and finally caught his hardening member in her grasp.

"What if they caught us?" she drawled, her voice barely above a whisper.

She put her mouth on his collarbone and trailed soft kisses up to his throat, even as she began pumping her hand slowly. She suckled at his pulse point, causing him to groan again. Her grip tightened on his manhood when he didn't answer. She looked up, locking her lilac eyes with emerald green.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself, bird boy?"

"If I knew that this is what it does to you-" he panted. His manhood had become fully erect. She thumbed the sensitive head in teasing circles, slowly spreading the bead of precum that had gathered there.

"-I would have done it a lot sooner," he finished.

Rayla growled, clearly not pleased at the apparent display of smug satisfaction. In a flash, Callum found himself being spun and pressed face first against the rough bark of the tree.

She stripped of him of his shirt and swiftly tied his wrists behind him with something he couldn't see. It was soft and its texture was somehow familiar. It took him a second before it dawned on him that she had, indeed, restrained him using his very own red scarf.

He tested his makeshift handcuffs, but the knot held fast, giving him very little wiggle room. Her technique was perfect, and he knew he wasn't getting free anytime soon.

Rayla spun him around examined him from head to toe. She couldn't help but give an appreciative grin at her captive, fully naked and fully erect, bound and wanting, completely at her mercy - a position she seldom found herself in.

It was Callum who usually took charge in the bedroom, and during the few times that she tried to lead, she found herself flat on her back, on all fours, against the wall, or even against the window in broad daylight.

Well, it was a good thing this wasn't their bedroom.

Rayla took a few steps back and quickly removed her protective forearm guards and holsters. Then, he watched as she crossed her arms over her stomach and thumbed the hem of her navy blue and teal shirt, inching it slowly upwards to reveal her toned belly, over her ribcage, and finally her bound breasts.

She clasped the tail ends of her cloth bindings and took her time unraveling them from her bosom until her perky breasts were finally free from their confines.

Callum swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry as she ran her hands up her sides, tracing her slender form from the curve of her butt to the swell of breasts. The pale moonlight gleamed off of her silver hair and creamy skin, and it occurred to him that at that moment, Rayla looked beautiful and ethereal, more mystical than the Moon Nexus itself and more perfect than he could have ever imagined.

She stepped to him slowly, closing the gap between them with an evident swish in her hips. She tilted his chin down and moved to kiss him and Callum bent his neck to meet her, but she veered away at the last moment, placing a kiss on his cheek instead. He grunted and tried to step forward, but Rayla pushed him back against the tree with a dull thud.

She grabbed his shoulders and kissed him hard, letting him know that she could take whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She reached between them and grasped his length, giving it a few strokes. It was over before Callum knew it. She pulled away as she stepped back out of his reach, leaving Callum with his neck extended trying to prolong the kiss as much as possible.

She brought one long leg close to her chest and pulled off one thigh-high boot. She straightened her arm to the side and dangled the leather boot from her fingers, before letting it drop to the ground. Then, she did the same with her other leg and belt.

She began dancing in place to music only she could hear. She removed an elastic band from her head and combed through her silver hair with her fingers. She closed her eyes as she gave her horns a few strokes with her hands, sighing softly as she did so. She gathered her hair above her head with both hands and loosened her grip slowly to let it gently fall back to frame her face with gentle shakes of her head.

She hooked her thumbs on the band of her teal tights, and began to pull them downwards in time with every gentle sway of her hips, exposing her hairless mound to the cool night air. She kicked off the last of her clothes and stood before him.

He breathed in deeply. Her scent of her arousal filled the air, sharp and musky. He could see her, hear her, and even smell her, but it was far from enough. He longed to reach out and touch her, to feel her body flush against his. He wanted to taste her, to run his tongue all over her, in every nook and cranny of her flesh. He craved to be inside her, to take her again and again and surrender himself to her.

But he could only stand helplessly, mesmerized in the way she let her hands wander all over her body. Her hands travelled down to her chest, massaging her pert breasts capped by rosy peaks.

One hand glided over her stomach and hovered just above her pussy as the other teased her breast. She let her middle finger slide over her seam, wetting it just before slowly plunging it within herself. She gave a low moan at the sensation and repeated it.

Her hand joined the other to play with her clit, eliciting another moan. Her hands moved in close coordination, gradually picking up speed and intensity as she raced to her first release.

Callum strained against his scarf but didn't dare step forward. His cock twitched in the air, neglected and seeking contact. But as much as he wanted to bury himself in her right then and there, he had to admit that he was enjoying the show regardless of his predicament.

"Rayla…" he ground out.

Her eyes snapped open at the mention of her name. She paused her actions a strutted to him. The swish in her hips was still there, enticing him and driving him to the brink of sanity with every step.

Callum took in air with measured breaths, focusing, as he always did, on his breathing to stay calm and rational, even as a very aroused silver-haired elf stalked towards him. A few glowing butterflies had wandered to where they were, and they floated about, casting soft blue light on her.

Rayla leaned in close and he couldn't help gulping down in anticipation of what she was about to do.

"Are you ready to be a good little prince?" she cooed, her breath warm on his cheeks. He felt her grasp his member and give it a few pumps.

"Yes," he murmured, but stayed rooted to the spot.

"Good," she smirked. She grabbed him by the back of his head and kissed him hard, and then shoved him to his knees. He moved his head forward, and she could feel his warm breath on her crotch. He looked up, silently asking for permission.

Growling, she hooked one leg on his shoulder grabbed him by the hair before shoving his face against her pussy.

Callum wasted no time in tasting her, obediently running his tongue along her slit. He found her clit and flicked it with his tongue, drawing a cry from the elf. He took the sensitive bud into his mouth, loving the delighted little gasps that she made when he suckled it.

He pushed his pliant tongue into her and swirled it, allowing her taste to flood his mouth. Her wet walls clamped down his pliant tongue and he extended it as far as it could go, finding a ribbed spot on her upper wall where he knew her to be most sensitive.

He withdrew his tongue and then redirected his attention to apply wonderful pressure to the sensitive pearl at the top of her slit, sending shots of pleasure echoing throughout her body and rebounding to her pussy. Immediately she could feel her release coming at a frightening speed, already aroused from her earlier teasing.

She gasped and mewled in pleasure as he made vulgar slurping sounds while he sucked and licked. Normally it would have mortified her but at that moment, it only served to add to the eroticism of it all.

Her hand kept his head firmly in place, preventing him from going anywhere but to her core. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she allowed herself to give into pleasure. Her pussy contracted and Callum immediately recognized the telltale signs of her nearing orgasm as unbridled moans flowed freely from her lips.


Her leg threatened to give out and Callum must have felt it, because she suddenly felt his hands suddenly came up to support her leg and ass. Her eyes flew open in shock as she stared at him with wide eyes.

Sure enough, Callum had gotten loose of his makeshift shackles. And he was staring smugly right at her.

"C-Callum? But how-"

But Callum cut her off by spinning them around so that her back was against the tree. He threw her leg over his shoulder again and inserted his middle finger in her. His mouth closed over her clit again, and she planted one hand on the coarse tree trunk behind her while the other tangled elven fingers in his unruly hair, pulling him close as she jerked into his sinfully skilled mouth.

His tongue drew various runes around the swollen bud. He added another finger to his pumping digit and pressed upward in a 'come hither' motion until her head fell back against the tree trunk.

It proved to be too much for Rayla as she hunched over him and her face contorted in a silent scream as she came.

"That's it, Rayla. Let go. I've got you. Let go," Callum cooed.

Rayla took in lungfuls of air as the pressure inside her uncoiled. Callum eased his assault, slowing his fingers and peppering her navel with light kisses. He nibbled at her skin as she floated down from her climax, leaving tiny red marks at her abs and hip.

When her rapid heartbeat finally slowed, she lifted her head from the tree and met his gaze.

"How did you undo the scarf?" she asked incredulously.

"You taught me how to escape if I was ever captured, remember? I didn't think I'd be using it with you, though," he answered as he stood. He continued to support her frame, which was intentional since Rayla's legs felt like jelly.

"Oh," she giggled, and then sighed in contentment, her eyelids heavy and her mind hazy post-climax. She squeaked in surprise when he stepped close and slapped a hand on either side of her head, caging her in.

"Now," he continued. "About being a good little prince…"

That he had used her own words against her was not lost on Rayla. His voice was husky and full of dark promise that made Rayla's body suddenly jump with renewed desire. Heat flashed in her eyes as he hooked her leg over his hip and she felt him slide his manhood along her seam, coating himself in her own juices.

He slid in easily and remained motionless for a few moments, letting her adjust to the intrusion. He himself blew out a breath at how incredibly wet and impossibly tight she was. He started to grind his hips in small circles, drawing whimpers from his lover as she got used to the sensation of being completely filled.

She yanked his head down to capture his lips in a searing kiss as he slowly buried himself into her eager body. He hit a spot deep within her that made her moan against his mouth.

The way Callum had her pinned between his own body and the tree left her little room to maneuver, but Rayla still began to rock her hips with the limited leverage that she had. Callum seemed to get the hint, since he slowly pulled out of her wet folds slowly and slammed back into her in one fluid motion.

"Fuck! Callum..!"

Rayla broke the kiss as she gasped. He placed his hands on her ass and heaved her against the tree, fully supporting her weight with his arms. Her legs wrapped around his hips on instinct, inviting him to go deeper and deeper until he was completely sheathed in her tight cunt.

"You feel so good, Rayla," he nuzzled against her tipped ear, giving it a few licks. "So hot and wet and so very tight."

Rayla gasped when he gave a sudden thrust that made her whole body shake. She could feel her pleasure soar to new heights as Callum plunged into her again and again. She was vaguely aware of the rough bark of the tree digging into her skin, and all she could focus on was the way her body gave a jolt with every rough snap of his hips.

"So sexy…"

She threw her head back against the tree, her horns carving some of the wood, but she didn't care. Callum immediately latched onto the smooth column of her neck, sucking and nibbling as he alternated grinding against her and thrusting into her.

She raked her fingernails against his skin, leaving crescent shapes and long streaks all over his back. Callum didn't mind. Rather, it actually urged him on as the Moonshadow elf began to spiral out of control.

Unable to maintain his slow pace, he gripped her hips and pounded into her. The distinct sound of skin slapping against skin cut through the quiet night as Callum began to drive into her with bruising speed and intensity.

She arched her back, pushing into him as he took her again and again. He was thankful that her assassin's training gave her extra flexibility and a higher threshold for pain, because she sobbed and only begged for more.

"Yes! Callum…Oh moon spirits…don't stop…yesssss…"

Her moans increased in volume, and Callum had to silence her with a kiss, and even then she continued to moan against his mouth. Her walls tightened and contracted rhythmically as another wave of orgasm gathered and crashed over her. She gave a shudder and her body convulsed uncontrollably. Rayla's chest was heaving as she took in big gulps of air.

He slowed his movements to a pace that was almost imperceptible, willing himself to ride out her powerful release, even as she continued to spasm around him almost painfully tight. He knew from experience that this would prolong and even intensify her orgasm, but it would be his own undoing if he lost focus even for a second, as her muscles undulated around his cock.

His thighs burned and his arms grew heavy. He lifted her up from the tree trunk and for a moment she was suspended in the air, and all she could do was hang onto him for dear life. He fell backwards, dropping them both on the ground with surprising grace so that she was straddling his hips.

Callum sat up and she found just enough strength in her boneless body to cradle his head with her hands, all tension leaving from her body as she kissed him tenderly.

Their bodies were slick with sweat and she could feel liquids slowly seep from her center, coating her thighs and dripped onto his. His hands wrapped around her in a tight embrace as they kissed, before settling on her hips.

He urged her to slide her hips forward, and she gasped as she realized that he was still fully lodged deep inside her. She pulled back and raised her eyebrows at him, an exasperated look gracing her features.

"Don't think that you can get away with just that," he said gruffly. "After all, you did tie me up and had your way with me."

Rayla's face flushed, suddenly remembering how she had indeed tied him up and all but ravished him outdoors. She couldn't exactly say that she was sorry though, but it did leave her aghast at how he managed to turn the tables on her once again.

"You started it. Besides, I'm the one who just got fucked against a tree," she retorted.

"Believe me, I'm not done with you just yet, my little troublemaker," he replied. His voice was deliciously deep and gravelly, making her oversensitive body pulse again. He pushed up into her, as if to accentuate his point. She jerked his head towards her before claiming his lips in her own in a fierce kiss.

He gently urged her to grind her hips in slow circles, letting her dictate the pace and pressure as they ground rhythmically together. Rayla drew in a sharp breath when he sucked on the soft flesh at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She grabbed him by the base of his skull and directed him to one of her breasts.

Callum immediately took one pink nipple into his mouth, gently sucking and licking the hard pebble in a way that he knew she loved. Soft sighs escaped her as her body began to burn with need all over again.

When the grinding was no longer enough, Rayla unwrapped her long legs from his waist and planted her feet on the ground. He laid back as he relinquished control to her, content to watch her as she began to bounce up and down enthusiastically, mesmerized as his glistening cock glided in and out of her warm cunt. Already he could feel his control beginning to slip. He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his jaw.

"Rayla, I-I'm almost there. I don't think I can-"

But she clamped a hand over his mouth and stopped her movements before he could finish. He opened his eyes and his brow creased at her in confusion. It took him a second to realize why.

A pair of footsteps were approaching, and Rayla looked around. They were behind the tree and a few tall bushes, but definitely weren't far from the footpath with the right angle.

"Phoe-Phoe! Oh, Phoe-Phoe! Where are you?" Ezran's voice called out.

If she craned her neck, she could see Ezran and Soren making their way around the Moon Nexus in search of Lujanne's moon phoenix. And if she could see them, they would probably would be visible, too. Or, at the very least, they were still well within earshot.

Rayla's pussy clenched as her heart pounded against her chest and excitement raced through her veins. Callum was close to his own release as it is, and had to summon all his willpower not to come on the spot. He reached between them and found her clit, brushing over the sensitive bud back and forth.

Rayla bucked reflexively, the sudden shots of pleasure pinging all throughout her body, lighting her nerve endings on fire.

"Huh, you know I could have sworn I heard Rayla's voice from around here," came Soren's voice. Based on how loud and how clear it was, Rayla estimated that they had stopped at the point on the footpath that was closest to them.

From under her, Callum gave a shallow thrust upward as he brought her hips downward, driving into her as deep as he could. Rayla stifled a surprised moan with her hand, and rode him back down to the ground. Her hands came up to play with her hair and horns as she gyrated on top of him.

"Maybe you were just imagining things. Or it could have been one of Lujanne's illusions again," Ezran suggested, his voice growing fainter as they continued walking along the footpath.

Colors began to dance in her vision as the coil of pleasure wound up inside her and prepared to overtake her.

"Rayla, I'm gonna-" Callum panted.

"Inside! Do it-ah! Inside…Nexus, I'm going to-ungghh! C-come again…" she said breathlessly.

Callum gripped her hips and began to pound into her from below with a sense of urgency and desperation as he surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure. He came with a final thrust, grunting as he emptied himself inside her in long, hot spurts.

She shattered as a violent orgasm overtook her shortly after, thrashing as she came completely undone. She collapsed on top of him in a shuddering heap, her breathing heavy and her limbs temporarily useless. Instinctively he wrapped an arm around the small of her back, intending to pull her closer, but stopped when she gave a hiss of pain.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his voice full of concern and regret even though he wasn't sure what had just happened.

"My back feels a little raw. Can you take a look at it?" She said hoarsely as she turned around, and immediately he could see why her back felt tender.

Some skin had peeled off in several places and there were patches of angry red marks where the rough bark of the tree had dug into her back. There were also nicks and scratches where blood was lightly oozing out.

"Sorry, it looks like I got a little carried away," he said, frowning and mentally chastising himself for letting himself get swept away in the heat of the moment. Rayla turned to face him again.

"It's okay, it's not too bad I think. And Lujanne has some healing ointment, if I recall," she said tenderly. Callum nodded mutely, but he couldn't help but feel some regret. He never wanted to be cause her any pain, physical or emotional. She sensed his worries and kissed them away softly and slowly, assuring him that she wasn't mad or hurt.

"Callum, you know I can take a little pain. Besides," she said when they broke apart. "The pain was more than worth it."

She quickly averted her eyes as her cheeks reddened. Callum chuckled. It was cute how she could transform to a sultry temptress to a bashful maiden in a matter of seconds. He cupped her cheek and pressed his forehead against hers.

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to make it up to you somehow, my little troublemaker," he murmured. "That was amazing. You're amazing."

Rayla giggled. "You're not so bad either, for a dumb prince. Now come on. I bet they're wondering where we went," she said, but made no move to get up. She pressed a kiss to his lips that was supposed to be soft and tender. But they carried on, quickly growing heated once more, neither one wanting to stop.

It would be a while before they returned to camp.


1. Soren's armor is absolutely inspired by Jaime Lannister from the Game of Thrones. I like to think that he would eventually outgrow his himbo tendencies.

2. Callum's blue hooded cloak was inspired by Naruto Shippuden, whose version is white. I don't think Callum would wear his blue jacket but I don't think he would go around in his sleeveless shirt either.

3. Fun fact: you know when you can smell when it's about to rain? The scent is called petrichor, which is essentially ozone.

4. Yes, I kind of ship Ezran and Aanya. Is there a ship tag for it yet? Like Ezraanya?