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(A/N: Hey guys, now before I start, I'll make it clear that I'm still putting most of my effort to writing my first story- A Queen's Hero. So, this story's updates will be even MORE sporadic than my other story. This idea has been nagging me ever since I wrote-in the Vikings referring to the hybrid Hiccup as a Demon lord. Unlike my other story, this one will be less serious, kind of Hiccup's day to day life after his "Accident". I'm going to attempt to build my own magic casting system, but I might need help from you reviewers to make sure it isn't broken or flawed. This AU story will have a rough start but will get better as time goes on. Now with that settled, this takes place at the start of the film, but with one major difference and most of berk may be OOC. Oh, I almost forgot, this story's spark came from one of the first and favorite FF "Survivalist" written by supersandman86. I highly recommend reading it, it's just that good!)

Before we get started, Temporary character death and gore warning near the climax!

Chapter 1: The day I died


"This is berk", a small collection of huts dotted the open area of a forest covered island. "It's twelve days north of hopelessness, and a few degrees south of freezing to death", Its appearance is a massive rock shard surrounded by nothing but ocean, "It's located solidly on the meridian of misery". "My village", the light of torches on houses or carried by patrolling Viking watchmen lit the village from the darkness of night, "In a word, sturdy".

"It's been here for seven generations, but every single building is new", the overturn boat-like huts were decorated with dragon traits like scale-like shingles or spikes. "We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets- ", a grazing sheep gets snatched up, another takes its place.

"You know, you've probably heard this a million times before, right? So, let's just skip to the divergent point, ok?".


Gobber hobbled into his forge, surprised that it was already lit, "Wha'?!". He looked around and saw a fifteen-year-old boy hard at work sharpening a sword, "'iccup, wha' are ya' doin' 'ere lad?".

Hiccup pulled off the sharp sword and tossed it onto the pile of repaired weapons, he picked up another dull blade and replied while pressing it on the grinding wheel, "Doing what my dad said, staying out of the way". Gobber looked at the back of the forge and sighed, Hiccup had been staying in his room at the forge for a few days. He knew Stoick had been drinking again, the bruise on the boy's cheek reminded him of the fight between the blacksmith and the chief.

Gobber hobbled over to his tool wall and swapped his hook for his tong attachment, he spun around and saw Hiccup toss some bent weapons onto the coals. The boy went back to sharpening, Gobber frowned while staring at the flames, 'Tha' boy is strong, no one could bounce back from wha' he 'ad lived through'.

Outside, the raid was only intensifying as the dragons set huts alite and flew off with livestock in their claws. Gobber looked out the forge's window, the other teens from Hiccup's generation were hard at work dousing the ever-growing fires. He turned back to his apprentice, still amazed that he hadn't bothered looking to where his peers were, 'Shouldn't 'e crave glory like tha' rest o' 'em?'. He shook his head, knowing ever since that Nadder killed his mother that the boy would flee rather than fight a dragon.

While Gobber was remembering his fallen friend, Hiccup was deep in thought, 'I know Gobber thinks he's being subtle with his glances, but he's not. He maybe one of the few people who deserve to know why I don't crave glory. I don't seek it because I can't, I don't because it won't change a thing. Everyone besides him and Gothi detests my very existence, even my own Father'.

Hiccup flipped the blade and began to sharpen the other side, a small smile crept onto his face, 'Well, there is someone else who doesn't despise me, more like a friend. To be more accurate, my friend isn't someone, but something'.

Flashback, three years ago

A child with auburn hair and freckled cheeks clumsily sprinted from his three pursuers, Snotlout and the Thorston twins grew frustrated that a fishbone of a boy kept out of reach, "Stop running Useless and take your beating like a Viking!". Hiccup's slender frame gave him a tremendous advantage navigating the thick underbrush of the forest, the bulking Jorgenson and the tall Ruff and Tuff kept getting snagged by low hanging limbs.

Hiccup looked back at his vanishing pursuers, tripping over a buried stone, "Ahh!". He tumbled down a moss-covered stone slope, the rough rocks scraped his hands and cheeks.

He came to rest near a hidden cave opening, he shook off his dizziness and scrambled in when he heard his bullies nearby, "Damn, looks like the runt gave ya' the slip, eh Snot?".

"Shut up Tuff, we'll get Useless when he gets back to the village!", the twins snigger when Snotlout huffs in annoyance.

Hiccup waited for the sounds of the retreating footfalls to fade to nothing, then tries to stand but winces. He looks down at his leg as he hikes up his pants, seeing his discolored ankle, he sighs, "Great, now how am I going to run to the forge". He didn't want to face his father since he struck him during his drunken rage… again, he didn't choose to resemble his late mother. Hiccup sat a little way in from the cave opening, just enough that the growing freezing drizzle couldn't reach him.

He stared through the hanging vegetation, he rose up and was about to limp through the rain until a faint whisper came from the dark, "Come, don't leave".

Hiccup looked back, staring into the darkness, 'I must be hearing things'.

He turned back to the mouth of the cave and took a step, "Please don't leave". The unearthly whisper sent chills down his spine; Hiccup felt his heartbeat quicken.

He supported his small lanky body with a hand on the cave wall, he called out in a shaky whimper, "Who-who are y-you?". From around a corner deeper in the cave, hovered into view a tiny ball of red light, it swayed to get the boys attention.

Hiccup narrowed his eyes, the light blinked with each syllable of the whisper, "Come, follow". Against his better judgment, he limped towards the dancing globe. Hiccup had to stop several times to rest his hurt leg, the light hovered just out of reach and lit the area around him. The deeper he went, the more faintly glowing cracks appeared on the cave walls and overhead.

He finally reaches where the light was leading him, a small open hollow was illuminated by mysterious glowing mushrooms. Opposite from the tunnel, stood a strange stone outcropping. The light flew towards the stone, its light revealed it to be a small monstrous looking humanoid. The orb flew into the statue's open maw, its eyes glowed with the same reddish light, "Come closer".

Hiccup stepped back trembling, he replied to the deep guttural voice, "N-no".

The voice grew softer, the statue's eyes pulsed with every syllable, "Please, I don't want to be alone". Hiccup was drawn to the icon's whimpering, 'Why am I trusting this thing?', he stopped arm lengths away from it.

He had to sit down to relieve the weight on his ankle, he looked at his injury and sighed, "Now it's swollen, just perfect".

"I can help you", he looked at the statue.

"How?", Hiccup couldn't believe he was talking to what must be a figment of his imagination.

"I'll tell you only if you promise to talk to me, deal?", he doubted the icon, he didn't trust anyone since his last 'friend', Fishlegs Ingerman, joined up with his bullies. He agreed, "Thank you, now pickup that flat smooth stone and place it in my palm". Hiccup reached over and held the small stone; it was no bigger than his own palm. He placed it in the icon's open paw, its eye glow intensified as the stone vibrated and slightly hovered up. A second later, the stone fell into its palm, the sculpture panted heavily.

"Are you okay?", Hiccup grew worried at the sound of the icon's heaving and dimming eye glow.

"Yes, enchanting that… stone drained wh-…what little m-mana I had left", the boy's face twisted in confusion. 'Mana? Enchanting?', he looked at the stone resting in the icon's paw, its carved foreign rune glowed. The faint yellow light pulsed like a heartbeat; some huffing drew back his attention.

"Is there anything I can do to help you?", Hiccup wondered why he felt pity at this thing.

"Do you… mean any-… thing?", the boy nods, "If you don't… mind, use that… sharp rock shard to draw… Blo-blood".

'Blood! This thing wants my blood!', he hesitated, "Um, do I have to?".

"You said… anything, right?", he did say it. Hiccup may not be strong like the rest of his village, but he held up his word like he was raised to.

"O-okay", he picked up the shard and slid the sharp edge across his thumbprint, "Ouch!". He held the cut to stop his blood from dripping, "Now what?".

"If y-you don't… mind, let some drip into… the bowl at m-my feet", Hiccup did as it commanded. The drops fell into the tiny stone dish, then seeped into the rock. The icon's breath returned to normal, as did its eye glow, "Thank you, do your injuries hurt?".

"Obviously", he muttered an apology at his rudeness.

"No worries, you should wrap your cut before you fall ill", Hiccup's heart felt a twinge of happiness at this thing's compassion, it showed more to him in this moment than most of the village did throughout his entire childhood.

"It's fine, it'll heal in the next few days", he gave a small smile.

"You speak the truth child, your blood is extraordinary indeed!", Hiccup felt some pride at the icon's compliment. "You may not be able to cast magic like other mortals, but from what I can sense from your blood, you can sustain magic cast on you!", the excitement coming from the statue unnerved Hiccup.

"M-magic?", the icon composed itself.

"Yes, you do know what magic is, right?", it seemed to wait for a response.

"Only from myths and legends", he shifted and winced when his sprained ankle moved.

"Child, take the enchanted stone, it is my gift to you", Hiccup reached over and held the warm pulsing stone, his pain immediately faded to nothing.

"What! I-I don't feel my ankle hurting!", he moved his injured limb.

"Careful child, that stone only nullifies the pain, your leg is still damaged!", Hiccup stopped moving.

He sat back down in front of the icon, "So magic is real?!".

"Indeed, that stone has been infused with the spell 'Lesser Numb', dulling any pain from physical damage", Hiccup set down the stone to move closer. Pain shot up through his leg when he shuffled, "The enchantment only applies when you have the stone on your person or in contact with your skin".

He stuffed the stone in his pocket, the discomfort faded once again, "So what else can magic do?". Hiccup could feel a grin coming from the statue.

Flashback end

While the raid continued outside, Hiccup recalled his many meetings with the icon. Whenever he felt the need to talk to someone, he would visit it. During one of his occasional visits, Hiccup asked if the icon had a name, it said it forgot it during the many millennia's it was sealed. It gladly took the name of Hiccup's imaginary friend 'Grayson'. Every time he would visit, Grayson would ask him to give him a small amount of his blood.

After tossing the sharpened sword aside, he felt his necklace shift under his green tunic. Every year, Grayson would use his acquired mana to enchant stones Hiccup would bring to him. The three wrapped stones hung on Hiccups leather necklace; smaller stones were on either side of his first gift. The left one's rune glowed ice blue, 'Lesser Strength', granting a slight boost to his own muscles power. The right one's rune glowed forest green, 'Lesser Healing', boosting Hiccup's already impressive healing ability.

When he returned from his first meeting with Grayson, Snotlout and the twins ambushed him. He felt nothing as they beat him, but he played along to not raise suspicion. After he healed his scrapes and sprained ankle, Hiccup wove his necklace and always kept it with him whenever he wasn't sleeping. After shrugging off the next few beatings, some adults began to see him differently.

A faint whistling grew louder, "Night fury! Get down!", shouted the defending villagers. Hiccup glanced out the forge's ordering window, just in time to see one of their catapults get blown to ruins. 'I wish I could have that kind of firepower', he shook off that thought, knowing from Grayson that mortals couldn't use magic. When they talked, Hiccup would tell him about his days living in the village, while Grayson would teach him about magic and his life before being betrayed and sealed.

When Grayson learned that his village fought dragons, he asked Hiccup if he could place a ward on his soul. He told him it would scare away dragons that got near him, Hiccup agreed since he was deftly afraid of them. After cutting his hand and placing it on Grayson's head, a strange sensation flowed up from his arm. Hiccup cried out when it reached his heart, bringing him down to his knees. Under his rib cage and on his heart, a cursed mark appeared. From then on, when a dragon stumbled upon Hiccup, it would flee as soon as it noticed him.

A commotion outside the forge drew Hiccup's attention, the head of a large torch rolled past the window. He chuckled until he heard his name being called out by his 'father', "HICCUP, GET OUT HERE!", 'Great, what am I getting blamed for this time?'. He walked over to swap his leather apron for his fur vest, he placed his hand where his necklace was under his tunic, 'Here we go'.

He left the forge and walked towards where Stoick and the village were gathered, all the teens except for Astrid and Fishlegs were snickering. He stopped before his towering chief, "Yes, sir?", his reply caused Stoick to narrow his eyes.

"Care to explain that?!", the large chieftain motioned to the burned remains of a net.

"I wouldn't know, I've been in the forge and out of everyone's way", Hiccup replied respectfully.

"Snotlout, Tuffnut and Ruffnut said you lured a nightmare to chase you into the village", he turned away from Stoick, hiding his eye roll.

"They're obviously lying", he said with little emotion.

"Can you prove it?", Gobber hobble up to Hiccup.

"Aye, I can. One, we all seen tha' any dragon tha' even sees 'iccup it flees, not goes afta' 'im. Two, we all saw 'im leave ma' forge just now, right?", a handful of villagers nod in agreement. Hiccup smiled at Gobber, knowing he'd always look out for him.

Spitelout huffs and leads his son elsewhere, the rest of the adults begin to disperse. Gobber gives Stoick a glare, then leads Hiccup to get a change of clothes from the boy's house.

Later, Great hall

"Either we finish them, or they'll finish us! It's the only way we'll be rid of them! If we find the nest and destroy it, the dragons will leave. They'll find another home", Stoick stabs a knife into a clouded corner of a nautical map, "One more search before the ice sets in". The villagers present muttered objectively, "We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard. Now who's with me?". The grumbling intensified, Stoick decided to play his trump card, "Alright, those who stay will look after Hiccup".

Spitelout raised his hand, "I'm with you Stoick!".

His response was followed by the rest of the villagers, Stoick dryly spoke, "Ah, That's more like it". He looked around but didn't find Gobber, instead he noticed Gunther and Brenna Hofferson. His mind formulated a plan to ensure that the Haddock line would stay in power should he die when they'd set out to find the nest in a few days.

Morning, the next day

Astrid POV

I just got back from my morning training and was on my way to my house to change, when I saw the chief leaving my house, 'I wonder what Stoick was doing with my parents?'. I stepped up to the door and was about to knock, until I heard my mom and dad talking, "Are you sure we are doing the right thing, what about her dream?".

My mom sounded worried, my dad replied, "Honey, this is the chief we're talking about. Who else could be a better choice, certainly not that pigheaded Spitelout and his brat?!". My eyes widen, 'Choice, NO… no way!'. I kicked in the door, my dad spun around, "Astrid sweety, what are you doing home so soon?".

I felt my blood boil, "No, you can't make me!".

My mom walked over to me, "Listen dear, we're doing this for your own good".

I slap her hand away, "For my own good, you're selling me like livestock FOR MY OWN GOOD!". I huffed and glared at my dad, "What about me becoming a shieldmaiden, my dream and our honor!".

His face hardens, "You're my daughter and living under my roof, YOU'LL DO AS I SAY!". I run up to my room and slam my door closed, I scream and collapse in front of my dresser. 'My dream, they have no right to take it from me!', I sit in the chair in front of my mirror. Staring at my reflection, I see a jar of paint off to the side, 'I won't go down without a fight, I'll prove to everyone how pathetic that runt is and free myself!'.

Meanwhile, Gobber's forge


Hiccup had just finished the morning's fixes and rebalances, "There, all done!". He almost finished reorganizing the delivery cart, the swords were tossed in blade up along with upright spears.

Gobber hobbled in, "Oi, ya' done already lad?". He smiles and nods, "Excellent, yur' up fo' deliverin' 'em?".

Hiccup's smile falls, "Do I have to, I mean isn't there still a lot to do here?".

Gobber replied while going to the back, "Nonsense, out ya' go!". Hiccup groaned and pulled the cart outside, his left rune stone's glow intensified. He felt it activate and pulled his fur vest tighter around him, no one could know of his friend's gifts.

Hiccup made it to the half-built stage in the village center, 'Why did Stoick ordered for this to be built?'. He stopped the weapon cart beside it, he took a deep breath, "Weapons up!". He stepped aside before the villagers marched up to collect their orders, most of them still didn't like him. A pinch stung Hiccup's heart, the cursed mark was charged by an approaching source of malevolent emotion.

Before the first adult could reach their weapon, a shriek echoed out, "HADDOCK!". Hiccup looked behind him, Astrid stood at the edge of the town square. In her hands she held a dueling battle-axe and training shield, her face was decorated with her clans warpaint. For the first time in years, he felt his blood run cold in absolute fear.

Astrid charged while screaming her war cry, Hiccup fled while uttering, "Astrid, why are you doing this!". He dodged a horizontal axe chop, 'Why didn't you make me an agility boosting rune stone, Grayson!'.

Hiccup continued to dodge and run, which infuriated Astrid, "Stay still and fight me, Haddock!".

'Yeah, I'll get right on that lady!', he bit back the remark and concentrated on running. Hiccup slipped on the stage's stairs, he swung open his legs to avoid getting them broken. Her axe smashed into the steps just centimeters away from his manhood, splintering the stairs, 'That was too close to my tenders!'. He scrambles up the steps while she struggled to free her axe, Astrid finally tore it free and gave chase.

She cuts off his escape by forcing him into the tallest corner of the stage, "Nowhere left to run!".

Hiccup puts his hands in front of himself submissively, "Why are you doing this?!".

"Don't play dumb, it was probably your idea!", she kept herself in between him and the stairs, she knew he'd be too cowardly to jump. If he did, he'd hurt his legs and she'll easily be able to catch him. That thought alone fueled her rage, "You would make me your sick plaything, have me cook, clean and have your- ". She roared and ran at him, Hiccup slid under her chop that broke one of the banner poles. He bolted to the stairs, but Astrid's axe smashed in his path. Hiccup skidded to a stop and felt her grab the scruff of his tunic along with his necklace, 'No!'.

He flew over her shoulder and crashed into the floor, 'Ow! Wait, that hurt?!'. He felt for his gifts but couldn't feel them, Hiccup spots his severed necklace behind a snarling Astrid, 'Okay, I'm so dead!'. The rune stones didn't glow, they needed to be near him to function. He tried to calm her, "Astrid p-please, I d-don't know what y-you're talking about!". Her wrathful forced breathing through her gritted teeth intensified his cursed mark's pulsing, Hiccup feebly held his chest.

"You won't have me; I WON'T LET YOU!", Astrid yelled as she shield-bashed the frightened Hiccup, sending him stumbling back. Her parents made their way to the front of the crowd, just in time to see him get his foot caught on the fallen pole. Hiccup fell from the stage… and onto the weapon cart.

Swords and spears pierced through his chest, maces and hammers broke his ribs. Hiccup hack and sputtered blood from his mouth, the blades tore into his lungs. Blood cascaded down the sword blades and spear poles, pooling around the cart. Hiccup coughed his last breaths as the light faded from his forest green eyes. His body went limp, the crowd was silent in sheer disbelief.

Astrid's face changed to horror when she realizes what she'd done, 'Oh gods, I didn't mean to-!'.

The cave where Grayson was sealed

"yes", the icon started to shake, cracks began to form. "Yeeesss!", intense red light spewed from the widening cracks, large chunks of stone flew away from the icon. "YEEEEESSSSS!", the blinding scarlet light flooded the interior of the cave, burning everything inside.

Meanwhile, Berk's Great hall

A powerful pressure wave flowed throughout the entire island, disturbing the forest and village. Stoick ran out the doors, dark clouds converged above the village center. He barreled towards the crowd in the distance, the clouds began to swirl like a typhoon. Stoick passed the forge, Gobber hobbled as fast as he could. Both men shoved their way through the crowd, a heart wrenching scene came into view as they cleared the mob. Astrid stood up on the stage dressed for battle, looking down on Hiccup's bloodied corpse that was skewered on spears and swords

The sun was blocked by the storm, turning day into night. The crowd screams when a blinding column of crimson light erupted from the forest, darker crimson tendrils coiled around the pillar like vines. Thunder rumbled as flashes of light exploded within the clouds, a deep guttural laugh* came from the storm, "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha".

The eye of the storm was illuminated by a descending blood red sphere of pure malevolent energy, "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!". The villagers felt soul shaking fear at the evil object floating down, it drew in their terror in the form of faint glowing red dust. Bright reddish lighting struck down at the stage, Astrid leaped off to the safety of the crowd. A bolt struck a banner pole, splintering it and setting it alite. Flaming debris fell around the stage and cart, cutting off the crowd from Hiccup's corpse.

The sphere spasmed and undulated, slowly taking a humanoid form, "HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!". The being's laugh stopped as the blood red film peeled off and crumble to nothing to reveal a clean shaved slender man in his early forties, he had flawless fair skin and long wild flowing dark auburn hair that reach to his lower back. He was dressed in a business-like attire of black polished spectator shoes, trousers, vest, coat and an open overcoat. Under the black attire he wore a white dress shirt and red tie, the villagers were bewildered by the strange clothing.

He looked down at the terrified villagers with ruby red iris surrounded by midnight black, his left eye was hidden behind his long bangs. He scanned the crowd, his eye slits rounded when he spots Hiccup's impaled body. He floats down, the wind from the dark storm fluttering his overcoat. Stoick steps forward, "Stay away from my-!".

"Silence", he locked his eye at the chieftain and snapped his fingers, a small red magic circle flashed on the back of his hand before a wave of distorted energy emitted from the being. Washing over everyone, it muted the voices of all present excluding the Elder Gothi. He hovered above the boy's corpse and stretched his right hand; his black nails were two-centimeters-long and tapered to a fine point. His hand was covered by a red miasma, an unseen force tugged at the corpse. Sickening flesh-tearing sounds made the crowd shudder, the body limply hovered under the being's hand.

"I should thank you mortals for providing such a perfect pawn for me to free myself from my eternal prison. Unfortunately, I can't slaughter every one of you, I must uphold my end of our deal", he aimed his other hand at the bloodied cart. Like his right, his hand became wrapped in red miasma, the cart rattled as Hiccup's blood was extracted from wood and dirt. Globs of it flowed from the cart to his upright palm, the droplets collected and formed as a rotating basketball sized sphere of swirling blood.

He released the hovering blood globe and reached inside his overcoat, he pulled out a red bladed karambit-like knife and cut open his palm, "Cardinal Martyr". He stowed away the knife as a small amount of his reddish black blood was drawn up through a similar red magic circle from his quickly healing wound to the blood orb. His blood quickly corrupted the human blood to match his own, he smacked his hands together and clasped them. Hiccup's corpse moved in front of him, the reddish black blood orb burst open and enveloped the body.

Gothi sensed an intense rise in dark magic power coming from the blood cocoon, she raised her frail hand and silently cast "Safeguard". A faint green magic circle appeared from her open hand, a dome of translucent green light enclosed the being and the cocoon.

He smirked, "Well now, I did sense an agent of 'Them' lived in this village, you think this enclosure will protect you?". The cocoon flex and each time it did, it grew smaller in size. Light flashed within each time it pulsed like a heartbeat, the crowd could see the silhouette of the small boy curled into a fetal position, "Soon my fallen friend, you will rise again as a child of my blood". The pulsing intensified in frequency, blurring the cocoon's form.

An explosion of uncontrolled blinding magic energy collided into the enclosure walls; the growing pressure forced cracks to appear, He chuckled, "How long can you keep this up, Seer?". A wide flat beam of energy shot out from a large crack, bifurcating a newly repaired catapult in two. The violently destructive energy flowed harmlessly around the dark being, Gothi staggered as she tried to maintain the enclosure's stability.

The energy died down as it flowed into a second being in front of the first, the enclosure shattered and faded as Gothi hunched over in exhaustion. The second one was smaller than the first yet resembled a familiar boy, everyone knew it must have been Hiccup. His face was relaxed as if he were slumbering, the only differences were that it lacked his freckles and chin scar. His auburn hair had grown longer, up to his midback. His clothes resembled those he wore minutes before, his tunic was now dark red instead of green. His fur vest, brown pants and boots were now as black as the being's attire, Hiccup floated in front of him.

"Time to wake up, Kid", he snapped his fingers. Hiccup twitched and fidgeted for a bit, before he convulsed and let out a soundless scream. His gaping mouth showed off his new fangs, his fingers had nails like the being.

Hiccup relaxed after a couple seconds and looked around, "W-where am I, the last thing I remember was-!", he touched his chest. He breathed easier when he felt his heartbeat, "I thought I died".

"You did", Hiccup turned to the speaker, immediately noticing similarities to himself but older.

"D-do I know you?", he questions the being that resembled him.

"Oh my, how hurtful!", the being jested, "And here I thought we were friends".

'We're friends? The only friend I have was- ', his memory came back to him, "Grayson?".

"Bingo!", he spread his arms as an enthusiastic Hiccup flew into him and hugged him.

"It is you, how are you here?", Grayson's smile fell.

"Like I said you did die, I hope you can forgive me", Hiccup was confused. "I'm so sorry, that wasn't a ward I placed on your soul. It was a cursed mark, scaring away dragons was just a side effect of the curse", Grayson waited for Hiccup to react, be it violent or cold.

"So, what happen?", the elder demon grew worried that he still hadn't reacted.

"The curse, should it be fulfilled, would dispel the seal that bound me to that icon. The curse required you to be killed maliciously by someone's hands other than your own, I would be freed but your soul would've been trapped forever in your corpse", Grayson prepared for the anticipated fury from his friend.

"But I'm alive, how?".

"I used my power to reconstruct your torn body and dispelled the curse, thereby resurrecting you", he sees Hiccup take a deep breath, "Are you mad?".

"Not really, I'm alive, aren't I?", Hiccup looked over Grayson, "Is that how you looked like before?".

He chuckled, "No, I lost my body when I was sealed so I created this one".

"Wow, you look different, kinda like an older me!".

"I'm not the only one", Grayson snapped his fingers, a floating mirror appeared next to them.

Hiccup looked at his reflection, "Whoa, I look cool!". His giddiness caused his pointed ears to twitch, making them poke through his hair, "Are those… my ears?".

"Yep, your ears, eyes and fangs are traits you inherited from me when I gave you my blood", Hiccup finally realizes that they are several meters in the air.

"Wait, I'm flying, does that mean I can use magic like you?!".

"Magic?", muttered Stoick, the crowd around him muttering similar thoughts. His face changes from confused to angry, "Hell spawn, get away from my son!".

Grayson sees Stoick tense up, "No-you-don't, Paralysis", he snaps his fingers and red miasma locked everyone but Gothi in place.

The trapped Vikings couldn't move anything below their necks, Stoick bellowed out, "Change my son back, you damn dem-!".

Grayson chuckled as the chieftain mouthed obscenities, "Now Kid, I have some 'old friends' I need to pay a visit". "Until I return, I need you to get stronger", He snapped his fingers and a flash of light blinded Hiccup. In Grayson's hands appeared a black leather satchel, "Since they sealed me before I could have spawn of my own, I would like to think of you as my son, can I?".

Hiccup was deep in thought, 'The only one I think of like family is Gobber, but he isn't blood. Grayson did say we shared the same blood now, so I guess it's fine', "Sure Grayson".

"Please, you can call me Dad, Father or Pops", Grayson felt happier than he did in thousands of years. He reached under his overcoat and pulled out his karambit, Hiccup eyes the deep red short curved blade. The simple black grip was textured with a scale-like pattern, the fingerhole was as red as the blade, "This knife has been passed down through my lineage from father to son, now I give it to you", he placed it in the satchel.

Grayson snapped his fingers, "Void pocket", a tear in the fabric of space opened. He reached in and pulled out a strange book, the black leather cover had metalwork and a smooth garnet-like oval gem. The metalwork was intricate on the corners of the book's front and back covers, it wrapped around the gem to secure it in place, "This grimoire has guided many generations of my bloodline, it will do the same for you". He placed it inside and reached into the rift again, pulling out three vials of color shifting liquid, "In case of an emergency, use these mana potions".

Grayson packed the vials in and handed the satchel to Hiccup, who smiled, "Thanks Pops!"

"I have a feeling that you may not be welcome in the mortal village anymore, you remember how I taught you how to use basic spells, right?", Hiccup nods, "Good, use teleport to gather your things before I leave to handle 'some business', ok?".

Hiccup secures the satchel to his back, "Teleport". With a Foop, Hiccup distorted the area around him and vanishes. A minute later Fomp, Hiccup returns in a flash of light, "I got everything I need to survive".

"That was quick", Grayson knew Hiccup was hiding something.

"Well, I kinda had a 'runaway pack' always ready, I guess it came in handy now", Hiccup shrugged.

Grayson sees him tear up, "Don't worry son, I'll keep in touch", he ruffled Hiccup's hair. The boy went in for another hug, Grayson pats his back, "I'll be back before you know it".

Hiccup wipes away his tears, "I know, Pops".

"See you soon, my boy", a large howling rift opens, Grayson waves at him and flies into it before it collapses.

"Bye", Hiccup floats down to the smoldering stage, then adjusts his other satchel containing his camping essentials. He sees his necklace nearby; he kneels and picks it up. The stone's glow returned more brightly, 'They must be reacting to my mana'. Hiccup ties it back around his neck, he turns his back to the crowd, "You know you can move now".

"'ow did-?", Gobber began to ask.

"Most magic dispels when the caster gets far away or leaves to a different world", he made his way off the stage. Stoick approached him as he walked towards the forest entrance, "Don't come any closer, Stoick!".

The chiefs worry was replaced by irritation, "What did ya' call me?".

"I'm sorry sir, is that better or do you prefer chief?", the following crowd gasped. "It doesn't matter since I'm leaving, right?", Hiccup shrugged.

Stoick sputtered, "Why?".

Hiccup huffed, "Besides the fact that you did something that got me killed, I've always been hated by everyone but Gobber and Gothi". He turns to the crowd, "Trust me, the feeling is mutual!".

The chief stepped towards him, "You can't, you're not eighteen, I won't let you!".

Hiccup raised his hand, dark red miasma flowed from it, "I'd like to see you try to keep me here". Everyone stepped back, he looks to Gobber, "Don't worry Gobber, I'll let you know when I'm settled in, 'kay?". Hiccup took a step, "Blink", Foop. As soon as Hiccup vanished, the crowd conversed in fear of what they just seen. Not only do they have to worry about the dragons raiding them, but now a real live demon has been born and may have a vendetta against them.

Hidden in the tangled limbs, Hiccup perched on a branch and watched the villagers disperse, "Idiots". He whispered "Blink" and with another Foop, the vanished elsewhere.

(A/N: Nope, just like I said earlier, this will be an easy-going story with some action sprinkled in for flavor. *think the yautja(Predator) laugh from the original 1987 film.)