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It was a busy day at the hospital. A young man with silver and green hair and golden eyes was standing in the waiting room watching as more and more people came in with increasingly drastic injuries.

"This... why is this nightmare happening?" he asked before a deafening roar in the distance reminded him of what was going on. "Of course, how could I ever forget? It's my fault after all."

He stood as they worked on the people. A young woman with maroon colored hair noticed him walk over to one of the hospital's trash cans before breaking something over his knee and throwing it away before walking off sadly. Curiously she walked over to see what it was. It was a deck of Duel Monsters cards, and a Duel Disc that had been deliberately broken. She gasped before looking back after him, 'Zarc...'

Grabbing a small bag she put the items in it to hold onto for now. The silver and green haired man however had walked outside only to be greeted with a massive dragon creature destroying the entire world. This hospital being the only place not reduced to rubble.

"Zarc I'm sorry..." the woman said walking over to him.

He turned to her. "Ray... tell your father I hope this plan works. Goodbye."

With that he started walking off towards the dragon.

"Z-Zarc what are you doing!?" Ray asked him.

"It's my fault... if anyone deserves to be killed it's me." Zarc answered without looking back.

Ray grunted before saying, "Zarc... We're gonna rescue him."

With that she ran to him, "Come on!"

She grabbed his hand dragging him off.

"Ray, this is all because of me. It's the only way I can make any sort of amends." Zarc told her.

"Zarc we will help him. Together." Ray said to him.

"I can't help anyone Ray, I never could. I couldn't even help the people I care about more than anything else in the world." Zarc said before looking down sadly. "Promise me you'll save our son."

He gave her a brief hug before turning and running towards his death.

"Zarc stop! Wait!" Ray called to him before grunting with tears running.

Zarc was running before he got near the dragon. "Ren!"

Hearing that the big fiend like monster stopped as it turned over.

"Stop this." Zarc called.

The fiend stared before a demonic child voice started to talk, "And why Daddy? This is what the world wanted isn't it? Duels that hurt people. And they don't care. Only for the action, and it is going like they wanted."

"Ren... If that's what you want then go ahead. Blast me." Zarc stated spreading his arms. "I won't... I can't stop you."

"Oh I had wished you can rule with me." Ren stated before the fiend started to gather an attack in it's hands.

Zarc closed his eyes. 'Ran... I'm sorry, I failed completely. I love you.'


Hearing that the fiend put hold to it's attack noticing someone on top of a collapsed building.

"What?" Zarc asked opening his eyes and turning to the building.

It was Ray who stood unflinching.

'Wait don't tell me she's ready now?' Zarc thought in shock.

"Mama? What brings you here?" Ren asked as the fiend turned it's body to her.

"You have to stop Ren." Ray told him.

"But isn't this what everyone wants?" Ren asked before a silhouette of a fully black young boy with red eyes appeared on top of the fiend's head, "Daddy was doing what they wanted."

"He was wrong, Zarc knows that now." Ray replied.

"But soon I realized I was wrong..." Ren said as he walked around the fiend's head, "Humans like them crave for violence... And that won't change... And they don't care! Well now this is gonna be their consequences..."

Zarc and Ray both flinched at that.

At that Ren turned before jumping down where he landed on a Dark Gem on the fiend's chest sitting on it while dangling his legs, "If you want me to stop... Then you know 1 way how to do that."

Zarc frowned. 'Ray... you can't beat him the way he is now. Just use them.'

"So Mama... What do you say?" Ren asked her.

"Fine, I'll do it." Ray answered.

She could faintly see a smirk as they get prepared.

Ray: 4000

Ren: 4000

Zarc just watched as the two people he loved prepared to fight each other to the death.


Hearing that he turned. It was a tanned man running over wearing a suit, "Where's Ray?"

"She's dueling Ren... If she loses... it's all for nothing." Zarc whispered. "I just wish she'd been a little slower."

Hearing that the man's eyes widen, "No! That's going to split her, and Ren!"

"Wait what?" Zarc questioned. "What did the two of you do?"

"We made five special cards that can stop Ren with nature's energy." the man told him, "But the energies are too powered, and when used split him apart but does the same her, and this world!"

Zarc looked horrified. "What, but Ray won't survive something like that! I have to stop her!"

"I'll help! I was going to be the one to be split with Ren." the man told him.

Zarc nodded as they ran towards the building to try and reach Ray before she used the cards. They arrived to see Ren, and Ray were exhausted as they breathed.

(Ren: 0900)

(Ray: 0800)

"Y-Your still strong... But with this power it's meaningless." Ren told her, "During the end of your turn the effect of Troxx will revive Archfiend's Manifestation for the final attack. So you better make this last round something Mama."

"Ray!" Zarc cried in horror hearing that.

Ray turned before smiling drawing, and smiled, "It's time... Honey I'm not able to change you back... But I can reunite with us together after this! I activate En Flowers!"

At the Spell's activation Ren looked around noticing flowers are blooming, "What...?"

En Flowers

Continuous Spell Card

Once per turn, if you control "En Moon", "En Winds", "En Birds", and "En Magic" in your Spell & Trap Zone: You can make as many monsters on the field as possible have their effects negated, and if you do, destroy them, then inflict 600 damage to the controllers of the destroyed monsters for each of their monsters sent to the Graveyard by this effect.

"Ray please don't!" Zarc cried.

Ray continued, "And with it's effect since their are at least 3 Xyz Monsters in the graveyard, I can activate En Birds!"

En Birds

Continuous Spell Card

Activate this card only if you have 3 or more Xyz Monsters in your Graveyard and you control "En Flowers" in your Spell & Trap Zone. Xyz Monsters that are banished, on the field, and in the Graveyards are treated as Normal Monsters, also they have their effects negated.

At that birds circled around the field as Ren looked around, "What's going...?"

"And to continue since I have 3 Synchro Monsters En Birds lets me activate En Winds!" Ray called with tears running down her eyes

En Winds

Continuous Spell Card

Activate this card only if you have 3 or more Synchro Monsters in your Graveyard and you control "En Birds" in your Spell & Trap Zone. Synchro Monsters that are banished, on the field, and in the Graveyards are treated as Normal Monsters, also they have their effects negated.

The winds started to blow as Ren looked around not getting what's happening.

"Ray I'm begging you... don't do this." Zarc pleaded.

"...I won't let you die Zarc..." Ray told him turning to him with tears, "I'm not losing you, or Dad... I'm ending this, and return our boy to normal..."

With that said she continued, "And then since I have 3 Fusion Monsters in the graveyard, En Birds, and En Winds lets me play En Moon!"

En Magic

Continuous Spell Card

Activate this card only if you have 3 or more Fusion Monsters your Graveyard and you control "En Winds" in your Spell & Trap Zone. Fusion Monsters that are banished, on the field, and in the Graveyards are treated as Normal Monsters, also they have their effects negated.

At that the moon started to shine brightly as Ren looked up in wonder.

"And lastly but not moments least since I have 3 Ritual Monsters in the graveyard, En Birds, En Winds, and En moon lets me play the last, En Magic!" Ray cried finishing it up.

En Magic

Continuous Spell Card

Activate this card only if you have 3 or more Ritual Monsters your Graveyard and you control "En Moon" in your Spell & Trap Zone. Ritual Monsters that are banished, on the field, and in the Graveyards are treated as Normal Monsters, also they have their effects negated.

At that magic sparkles around the field as Ren starts to get a bad feeling looking around.

Seeing that Zarc ran to Ray and tried to rip her Duel Disc from her arm.

"Z-Zarc stop!" Ray cried after activating En Flowers' effect, "Ah! Zarc get back your getting split with us!"

"Split?" Ren asked hearing that before pausing feeling something painful as he gasped holding his head grunting before screaming as the fiend seized up being split apart, "Stop it, stop it!"

"I'm not letting you die Ray." Zarc told her. "You still have time to get away."

"I'm not staying here, and let our son continue being like this." Ray said with tears in her eyes staring at him.

"Ray..." Zarc whispered before tearfully embracing her.

She hugged him back as Ren screamed falling down from the fiend grabbing his head landing in front of Zarc, and Ray as the fiend roared gaining cracks around it's body. The two of them turned to their son and just had tears as they saw him in agony. Then the blackness started to fade as a shadow as Ren was shown to be a maroon haired boy with gray highlights, and wearing a small white jacket with yellow cuffs on his arms, and blue jeans reaching a hand to them, "Mamaaa! Daddyyy!"

"Ren!" they cried together reaching for him only for a blinding flash of light to envelop the three of them.

The man was pushed back as the fiend exploded. The flash of light expanded outward as the entire world was engulfed in a blinding light.

Four years later...

A girl with pink hair was dueling a boy with green and red hair but as usual she was winning easily. The boy was looking over his hand.

"Yuya?" the girl asked.

"Just picking which card I should use." the boy Yuya said sheepishly.

The girl sighed. "Do you want uncle Yusho to help you again?"

"Sorry." the boy said rubbing his head.

"It's ok." the girl replied.

"Daddy!" Yuya called.

A man in a red magician's suit walked over. "Yes Yuya?"

"Can you please tell me what to use?" Yuya asked him.

"Alright, but I won't always be here too..." the man started only for the girl to frown.

"I play Musical Mayhem Yuya, with two Melodious Monsters it means you lose again.' the girl said quickly.

Yuya: 0000

Winner Zuzu.

"Aww..." Yuya pouted but they find this cute.

The girl giggled running over and hugging him. Yuya smiled hugging her back, "Thanks Zuzu."

"You'll get stronger one day." she smiled.

Meanwhile in another place...

A purple, and black haired boy was looking out of a window. He smiled before walking over to a deck of cards only to pause and frown before putting it back and going back to the window.


He looked over to see a black haired girl was looking over.

"Oh... hi Lulu." Yuto blushed.

"What are you doing?" Lulu asked sitting beside him.

"Just... watching everybody." Yuto answered sadly.

Lulu take his hand, "I'll help you get better Yuto."

Yuto turned to her. "Really?"

Lulu smiled kissing his cheek before hugging him. Yuto blushed and hugged her back.

"Also... I asked big bro if you can stay with us." Lulu told him.

"Really?" Yuto asked.

Lulu nodded with a smile.

"Well... Ok." Yuto smiled.

Lulu smiled leaning on him. Yuto blushed at that as they walked off.

In another place...

"Rats..." a blonde, and blue haired boy pouted sitting with his legs crossed having just lost.

"Yugo, you keep rushing." a green-haired girl told him. "I keep telling you not to."

"I'm trying to seize my moment, Rin." the boy Yugo told her.

Rin rolled her eyes. "You always say that."

Yugo pouted again at this. Rin sighed. "Ok, do you want to try again?"

"Okay!" Yugo grinned going from pouting to determined in a instant.

Rin stared at him before covering her mouth and giggling. Yugo blinked at this, "Uh... What's funny?"

"Nothing." Rin giggled before sitting to duel him again.


A blue haired boy that has gray highlights hugging his knees was looking out onto the streets from an allyway with a small hat, and a tattered jacket covering him as he sighed closing his eyes

"Are you okay?"

Hearing that he looked up to see a girl his age having blue hair in a ponytail having on a big purple coat, and green eyes was looking over him.

"No..." the boy admitted sighing, "How many days has it been? 6, 7? I don't know...?

The girl frowned before saying, "Come on you."

She took his arm raising him up surprising him, "H-Huh?"

"Don't worry. I'm taking you home for you to be nice, warm, and with a fully belly of food." the girl smiled giggling.

The boy blinked before asking, "D-Does it require me to duel? Cause I'm not the best Duelist-"

"No. Why would I ask you to duel me for that?" the girl asked him before smiling, "Oh sorry I didn't introduce myself. I'm Hanna. What's your's?"

"...Nagisa." the boy admitted blushing a little.

"Well Nagisa let's move on." Hanna smiled guiding him, "Oh, and also I'll help your dueling. You'll need it."

Nagisa smiled hearing that, "T-Thanks..."


A group of people were watching a young purple-haired boy duel against a masked figure only to fumble with his cards and keep second guessing himself.

"Weakling..." one of the audience scoffed.

Hearing that the boy flinched. "I summon Predaplant Spinodionaea and attack!"

The monster appeared, and charged only for the man to smirk activating Magic Cylinder.

The purple-haired boy's eyes widened as he cried out losing the last of his points.




The words rang in his head until he felt a hand at his shoulder. He flinched before looking up. It was a purple haired girl wearing a small red blazer, and having purple eyes. He looked down seeing her.

"Hey cheer up." the girl said to him.

He started tearing up. The girl hugged him at that.

"It's not fair... I don't want to be one of them." he whispered so only she could hear.

The girl blinked before saying, "Let's talk to the Professor."

The boy flinched at that but let her lead him. They entered a room where a tanned man wearing a purple suit, and a metallic plate on his head look over.

"Professor." the girl said bowing.

"Celina? What is it?" he asked.

The girl, Celina, answered, "I want to train Yuri."

"Huh?" the boy, Yuri, asked in shock.

"This is an unusual request." the Professor noted.

"I want to help him get stronger. Obelisk Force kept making fun of him, and I want to help him." Celina told him.

The Professor looked at them. "Very well, but you are to report to me periodically on his progress."

"Thank you Professor." Celina smiled to him.

The Professor nodded as the boy Yuri just stared at Celina in shock.

"Come on." Celina smiled taking his hand to guide him.

"Oh... ok." Yuri nodded following her.

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