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Cloud, and the girls were upstairs after Pip agreed to join them.

"How's your foot Cloud?" Sapphire asked him.

"Aching a bit but nothing too serious." Cloud admitted looking at his bandaged foot.

Allie frowned before hugging him. Cloud smiled at this using one hand to but her back.

"We're not leaving until tomorrow... what should we do?" Sapphire inquired.

"Like I told Pip. We should relax." Cloud smiled.

"Yeah, that makes sense." Allie nodded.

"Though can you three help me be ready?" Cloud requested.

"Um... I can try." Pip admitted.

Cloud nodded with a smile.

"How can we help?" Allie asked curiously.

"Ya know." Cloud answered gesturing to his lower clothes.

"Another massage?" Sapphire asked. "Alright then, Pip could you give us a hand?"

Pip blushed but nodded as Cloud takes off his coat.

"Lay down Cloudy." Allie told him.

Cloud at that laid down on the floor.

"I'll go get the massage oils." Sapphire mentioned as Allie helped Cloud get his clothes off.

Cloud raised his arms to help her get his shirt off with his legs up to get off his shorts. Pip blushed slightly seeing that only for Allie to pause.


"Yeah?" Cloud asked looking up at her.

Allie looked unsure. "Do you think Jack can be here with us?"

"I don't know." Cloud admitted to her, "I'm not sure if I can do anything for him."

She frowned. "Oh... I thought we could do something nice for him and Pip."

"You can cause we can take care of Pip." Cloud smiled to her, "I am Jack in a way."

She nodded. He lifted his legs again for Allie to remove his last article of clothing. Allie smiled doing so as Sapphire walked in with the oil. Pip takes a good look at Cloud. She blushed. "Um... can I try?"

They looked at her hearing that. She was blushing and looking down nervously. "Can... can I do it?"

Allie looked at Sapphire as they both smiled nodding as Sapphire hand the oil to her. Pip blushed before putting some of the oil on Cloud's chest. Cloud smiled, "That feels good Pip."

She blushed more before rubbing it into his chest. "Um... your muscles feel strong."

"Well when you have someone like Allie, and Action Duel a lot you can get real athletic." Cloud admitted to her.

Pip smiled as she continued rubbing his chest. "Am I doing it right?"

"Oh yes." Cloud nodded softly closing his eyes.

Pip continued before moving down to his stomach. Cloud started breathing as she does while Allie softly takes his head in her lap.

"Just relax Cloudy." she smiled gently massaging his head.

Cloud smiled with his eyes closed breathing.

"Room for one more?" Sapphire asked starting on his legs.

Allie felt his head shiver from this breathing in from his nose. She giggled while rubbing his head gently. They continued on for a few minutes as Cloud continued feeling amazing from all three of the girls massaging his body. Suddenly he heard Pip gasp nervously.

"What is it?" Sapphire asked her.

She noticed Pip had accidentally bumped Cloud there and was blushing. Cloud stiffened taking in a gasp from that opening his eyes, "Wha...?"

"I'm sorry, it was an accident." Pip said nervously.

Allie smiled gently, "It's okay Pip. That was part of a High Class Massage me, Cloudy, and Sapphire all done together."

"That... it's ok?" she asked nervously.

The girls nodded with Cloud joining who admitted, "I also done it to Allie, and Sapphire."

Pip blushed. "Um... ok. You're sure?"

Cloud nodded softly. Pip blushed before putting a bit more of the oil on her hands and touching him there. Cloud shuddered closing his eyes again breathing in again. Cloud shuddered closing his eyes again breathing in again. Pip blushed. "I'm... going to rub the oil in ok?"

Cloud nodded not opening his eyes. Pip blushed and started rubbing him. "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry."

Cloud sighed contently looking relaxed. Pip was blushing more and more.

"Your making him so relaxed, Girlfriend." Allie smiled continuing to rub Cloud's head, "And it also means your also making Jack feel relaxed."

Pip's eyes widened. "Really?"

Allie nodded smiling with Sapphire agreeing. Pip blushed more only to pause and put a bit more oil on her hand before rubbing Cloud more. "Um... we can all stay together right?"

"Of course." Sapphire answered.

Pip smiled at that only to pause. "Can you help me do this?"

Allie looked over to what she's talking about. Pip was blushing and and rubbing Cloud there.

"Of course." Allie smiled before asking Sapphire, "Can you take care of Cloudy's head while I help Pip?"

Allie meanwhile settled his head on Sapphire's lap before going to help Pip. Cloud sighed. "Thanks you three."

"Not a problem Cloudly." Allie smiled to her boyfriend helping Pip rub Cloud there.

Soon Cloud starts moving trying to sit up, "Girls, girls."

They turned to him.

"I... Need to use the bathroom." He admitted blushing.

Allie blushed. "Oh... ok."

Cloud tries getting up.

"Wait Cloud, your injury." Sapphire pointed out. "Should one of us help you?"

"Yeah but I don't want you girls embarrassed." Cloud smiled.

"I can't speak for Allie or Pip, but I think we're past the point of being embarrassed Cloud." Sapphire mentioned.

Cloud nodded hearing that. Sapphire nodded before she and Allie helped Cloud to his feet. They head to the bathroom where Cloud places his hand on the sink, "I'll... Tell you two when I'm done okay?"

"Ok." Allie nodded.

They walked out as Cloud uses the bathroom, wiping himself, and washed his hands looking at himself in the mirror seeing Jack instead of him as he blinks for the Jack reflection to nod at him with a smile, and points at a moon sticker on the mirror before fading showing Cloud.

'Does that mean...?' Cloud thought before finishing up drying himself before saying, "Okay girls. You can come in again."

They walked in. They helped Cloud back into the room where they see Pip had gotten a pretty big towel, and placed it on Allie's bed.

"Do you feel better?" Pip asked.

"Yeah." Cloud nodded smiling, "Where'd you get that big towel?"

"I... Always had it. You would've been uncomfortable on the floor aren't you?" Pip asked him.

Cloud smiled to her, "Thanks for caring Pip, Jack is lucky to have you, and in turn I am."

She smiled at that. They helped Cloud back on the bed where he asked, "Okay time for the back don't you think?"

"Ok." Allie smiled.

Cloud turned over showing the girls his back. Sapphire put oil on his back. Cloud softly closed his eyes at that as Allie, Pip, and Sapphire hop on the big bed with him. Allie blushed. "Cloudy?"

"Hm?" Cloud asked with his eyes closed.

He felt her quickly kiss his butt before starting to massage the back of his legs.

"That's like you Aela." Cloud smiled softly using a nickname for her.

She blushed at that. "Oh..."

"And Pippy?" Cloud asked Pip.

"Yeah?" she asked rubbing his shoulders.

"Your the only one that didn't have the High Class Massage me, and the girls had. I don't want you missing out." Cloud smiled to her opening his eyes to look at her.

She blushed. "Oh... um, ok. It's a little scary though."

"Don't worry it's weird but it actually isn't that bad." Sapphire admitted to her rubbing Cloud's back.

She blushed but nodded. After several minutes Cloud sat up smiling breathing, "Thanks for all that girls."

"Anytime Cloudy." Allie smiled.

"So now it's your turn to give Pip one?" Sapphire asked him.

Cloud nodded at that, "But I don't want any oil getting on her clothes so can you help her with them?"

Allie and Sapphire nodded at that. With that they softly helped Pip out of her clothes.

"Um... what do I do?" she asked.

"Just lay down and try to relax." Allie smiled.

"And when you feel weirded out from Cloud doing the real thing tell us, and we will stop." Sapphire added.

"OK." Pip nodded.

With that Cloud grabbed the oil before blinking, "Oh before we head out we need to get another bottle cause this is almost empty."

"Good idea." Allie nodded. "Um... Orange?"

Cloud nodded with a smile before squirting some on Pip's chest. She gasped and shuddered.

"Yup it is cold." Sapphire softly nodded before Cloud starts rubbing it in.

Pip sighed. "That feels really nice."

"Yeah it does." Cloud smiled continuing to rub the oil on Pip's body to her arms, her shoulders, her chest, her stomach, and her waist to her legs getting between her toes, and her belly button.

She sighed softly at that. That was when Cloud slowly massages down to where Pip realizes where his hands are going. Her eyes widened before she blushed and closed them nervously.

"Okay are you ready?" Cloud asked her.

"I... I think so." Pip nodded.

With that Cloud got some more oil in his hands before softly starts massaging it in to Pip's special spot. She gasped and squeaked. "Cold."

Allie softly took her hand asking, "How is it?"

"Weird... I don't know if it feels nice or not." Pip admitted before shuddering again.

"Tell us if you want him to stop okay?" Sapphire asked her.

She nodded. "It's... it's still ok."

Cloud continued rubbing Pip there at that. Suddenly Pip gasped and moaned before covering her mouth and turning red.

"Yeah..." Allie giggled sheepishly with a blush, "I was the same thing once."

Pip blushed at that before closing her eyes. "Um... can you stop in a minute?"

Cloud nodded continuing to massage, "Okay."

A minute later Cloud stopped and Pip was blushing bright red.


Cloud smiled to her, "Jack, and in turn, I'm proud of you Pippy."

She smiled hearing that.

"Okay since we got a low of amount of oil there isn't enough for all four of us sorry girls." Cloud apologized to Allie, and Sapphire.

"It's ok." Sapphire told him.

Cloud softly pulled Pip to him and applied the rest of the oil on her back massaging it in.

Later at night...

After washing they were all asleep on Allie's bed where the moon shines bright, and Cloud softly glowed before he held Pip so secure that it stirred her awake.

"Huh?" she asked tiredly rubbing her eyes.

When she looked up, she sees a familiar face smiling down at her.

"Hi Pippy." her boyfriend whispered.

"Ja... Jack?" she asked in disbelief. "Is it really you?"

Jack softly nodded, "Yes. It's me Pip."

Her eyes started to water before she embraced him sobbing. Jack hugged her back, "I'm so sorry Pip about leaving. Did Cloud take care of you well?"

She nodded while choking up and explaining everything. Jack only smiled, "Well he's right. Me, and him are one, and I am happy, and proud of you Pippy. But there is one thing."

"What is it Jack?" Pip asked.

"I think it's my turn to give you some love." Jack answered with a smile.

Pip smiled. "Ok."

With that Jack looked to Allie, and Sapphire who both are asleep before he softly takes her to one of the bean bag chairs Allie has in her room before kissing Pip on her lips deep. She hugged him and kissed him back with tears. This continued before Jack softly kisses her chin, and down to her neck. Pip gasped quietly. Jack then smiled pressing his forehead against her's staring deep into her eyes as he softly unbuttoned the PJs Allie given Pip from the top. She blushed with a smile. When it was half-way un-buttoned Jack softly grinned to Pip before leaning down, and starting kissing his chest. She gasped. "Jack..."

"While I was seeing through Cloud's memories of the massages. It made me see how beautiful you really are Pip." Jack said in between kisses, "And I decided that when I take over, I will give you how much I love you."

She smiled at that. "Thank you."

Jack continued before he then started un-buttoning the rest of her top. Pip blushed before letting him take it off. Once it's off Jack then started lightly sucking her chest. Pip gasped quietly. "Jack... that tickles."

Jack continued softly while rubbing her arms. She sighed softly. He continued after switching before kissing down her chest to her stomach, and then her belly button.

"Jack, that feels nice." Pip admitted.

"Well it will keep getting better." Jack whispered before getting her to stand pulling down her lower clothing.

Pip blushed slightly. He set her back down before softly rubbing her legs kissing them before kissing her spot. She squeaked at that. He continued kissing softly while rubbing her legs.

"Ja... Jack." Pip moaned quietly. "Can... Can I do... do anything?"

That made Jack smiling up at her, "Sure. Cloud, and you had that moment together so we should as well."

She frowned. "We're out of oil though, so what can I do?"

"Just done what I done." Jack smiled to her helping her off before kissing her spot one more time taking her place on the bean bag chair, "For good luck."

She blushed only to nod and start unbuttoning his pajamas. Jack watches as she does so pulling them down. Pip blushed before touching him.

"Ah Pip that feels good." Jack smiled sighing softly.

Pip blushed before kissing it. Jack gasped at that softly rubbing her head. Pip looked up nervously. "Um... Jack?"

"Hm?" Jack asked her.

"When... Allie and I were massaging Cloud he said he had to use the bathroom. Do you have to?" she asked nervously.

"Of course not." Jack softly chuckled, "I should be okay."

Pip blushed. "Um... actually Jack, I know what that really means."

"Hm?" Jack asked curiously.

"I've... seen Roscoe get like that before." she explained with a blush. "It means... he wants to find a mate."

"Well Cloud's got those two." Jack said turning his head to the sleeping Allie, and Sapphire, "And you have me."

Pip nodded but blushed more. "I mean... he wants to find a mate... now."

"Well uh... From what I seen from Cloud's memory there was a stray dog that Yoko Sakaki took it." Jack admitted, "And it's a girl dog."

Pip blushed before swallowing nervously. "I think... you need one."

Jack blinked before saying, "I already have one."

Pip blushed. "I know."

Jack softly rubbed her head with a smile before asking, "Now let's get back to showing our love together okay?"

Pip nodded. "Ok."

Jack leaned back in the bean bag chair. Pip blushed before touching him again. Jack closes his eyes smiling rubbing Pip's head.

"Jack..." Pip started before kissing him again.

"Your doing great Pippy." Jack said smiling.

She blushed before closing her eyes and gently licking him only to turn red. Jack while shivering smiled, "I'm again proud of you."

Pip blushed. "Did that make you happy?"

"Feels good I'll say that. Maybe you can give Allie, and Sapphire some pointers on Cloud." Jack suggested winking.

Pip blushed before starting to lick him again. Jack let her before taking a look out the window, and tapped Pip's head.

She stopped. "Jack?"

"Take a look outside." Jack said as she looked, "When the moon glows bright then it allows me to have enough strength to take over, and for Cloud to rest. But my first time doing it isn't perfect, so I don't have much. But the more, I done this, the more I can stay but soon Cloud will take over again. We need to be ready for the night before that happens, before Cloud will be so confused."

Pip pouted. "We're out of time?"

"You have time for one more thing." Jack assures with a smile.

Pip blushed. "What do you want the last one to be?"

"Come here." Jack said to her pulling up his lower clothes.

She nodded moving closer to him. After she gets her top back on, and then starts pulling up her bottoms she grins up at her before licks her spot himself. Pip gasped at that. Jack continued for half a minute before he finished pulling up her bottoms standing up looking at her with a smile. Pip was blushing. "I don't want you to leave."

"Don't worry you'll see me again just remember that I'll be back each time the moon shines, and I'll stay longer. Maybe next time with Allie, and Sapphire just remember that I love you, and maybe do the same for Cloud." Jack smiled to her hugging her.

She hugged him back with tears. They walked back in the bed laying down just as Jack began glowing as he smiled to her, "Well... See you tomorrow night Pip."

She nodded at that. With that he closed his eyes as the glow died revealing Cloud again snoozing softly as if his sleeping was not disturbed from Jack taking over. Pip closed her eyes staying near him. Cloud wrapped an arm around her at that as she fell back asleep.

The next day...

After a delivery of new bandages the girls said they'll help Cloud treat it, and now Allie was unwrapping the soiled bandages.

"How does it look?" Cloud asked.

Allie looked before saying, "Not bleeding anymore, but still needs some healing."

Sapphire sprayed his foot with ointment to keep infection out, and Pip wrapped the new bandages tight.

"Thanks girls." Cloud smiled to them.

"Roscoe, you'll help him right?" Pip asked.

Roscoe barked before sitting allowing Cloud to climb on as he said, "Okay before we head to the arena let's get Orange Scented Massaging Oil."

The girls all nodded. They all walked to the store as Sapphire, and Allie walked in leaving Cloud, Roscoe, and Pip outside waiting before they walked out with Sapphire holding a bag of the oil.

"Oh, will have time during the war?" Cloud asked.

"We have night to consider." Sapphire answered.

"Do you think the others are at the stadium?" Allie inquired.

"Of course." Sapphire answered as they walked to the stadium arriving.

"Is this everyone?" Shay asked noticing them.

"Yes everyone is here." Declan said seeing this with everyone, "Now that we are all here we're ready to head to the Synchro Dimension."

"Does anyone know what to expect there?" Alito asked him.

"Other then Obelisk Force hasn't invaded yet, and that Xyz, and Pendulum don't exist in it so we need to stay cautious." Declan answered.

He nodded hearing that.

"Everyone take hold of your Dimensionizers, and be ready to mark on my go." Declan said as they all inserted spells with Cloud wrapping an arm around Roscoe's neck, and the three girls leaning close on him to be sure he's not left behind, "One, two, three, Go!"

They all pressed the buttons vanishing.


"Sir Yugo, Miss Rin! Wake up please!"

"Huh, what?"

Yuya, and Zuzu slowly woke up where their at somewhere different at sunset with Peewee close to them, "Ah you two are awake."

"Huh, Cloud?" Zuzu asked. "What's going on?"

Yuya's eyes suddenly widened. "Wait, you aren't Cloud. You're that other boy."

"What? You two know who I am." Peewee said confused, "And your back home."

"You're wrong, we aren't who you think we are." Zuzu told him. "We have to get back home."

"But you are home. Your Sir Yugo, and Miss Rin aren't you?" Peewee asked them.

"Hm then I've erred." Peewee said hearing that before saying, "Well, my name is Peewee, and this is my home of the Synchro Dimension. Sir Yugo, and Miss Rin were who helped me, and they were kidnapped by a girl, and I was looking for them, and I found you two. Now knowing you two are not who I thought."

"Wait, a girl?" Yuya asked. "What did she look like?"

"Well she looks like Miss Rin so I thought she was related." Peewee answered before turning, "It's getting dark Sir Leo, and them should be here soon before they come."

Yuya and Zuzu exchanged a glance before nodding.

"Oh... who's Sir Leo?" Zuzu asked.

"One of the people who lived up there who were nice." Peewee answered only for them to heard something, "And speak of the devil."

Leo along with Dexter were on a white Duel Runner, and Luna with Patty were on Duel Boards rode in.

"Thanks for bringing the Runner here Sir Leo." Peewee smiled to the dazed Leo who was rubbing his head.

"Yeah please don't ask me that again." Leo requested rubbing his head.

"What's this thing?" Yuya asked seeing the Duel Runner.

They looked, and Patty blinked, "Yugo? Where is your..."

"Actually Lady Patty, I've made a miscalculation. I thought I found Sir Yugo, and Miss Rin but their not them. Their Sir Yuya, and Miss Zuzu." Peewee explained to them.

"Yuya and Zuzu?" Leo asked looking at them. "They look just like... wait Peewee isn't that the girl who took Yugo and Rin away?"

"I thought as well but my feeling is telling me this isn't her." Peewee explained.

"Are you sure?" Dexter asked him.

"Yes. Besides we don't have a lot of time to talk we need to move before they come in." Peewee good them before kissing Party's forehead, "And you be careful Lady Patty."

She blushed and nodded as the seven of them walked off.

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