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Chapter 1: Flashforward

A few years had passed since the summer where everybody had saved summer vacation, and the gang was now in their freshman year of High school. The entire gang had surprisingly so managed to stick together throughout middle school, and while all had changed physically, none of them had changed much in personality.

T.J: T.J was still the ringleader, and still remained the same happy go luck guy, he had always been. He was still not one for change. He had replaced his old cap for a grey beanie. Once they graduated from elementary school, he gave over his cap to his kindergarten buddy. He still wore jeans and sneakers but had switched his jacket to a checkered button up shirt, that remained unbuttoned, which he wore outside a regular t-shirt. He had lost some of his baby fat. He still believed that they should all remain together, and didn't really see the point in hard work, unless it was to pull of a prank. He still wanted to remain a kid and was very much one on the inside. He still read comic books and ate candy. His grades remained poor, much to the disappointment of his parents, who wanted him to do better and suggested that he got a job. Overall, not much had changed about T.J over the years.

Spinelli: Spinelli was still very much a tomboy, and still thought that fighting solved everything. She was still obsessed with wrestling, cars and fighting, much to the charging of her mom. She had however changed on how she looked. She still detested her first name and the four girls, who shared her first name. Her mom was still trying to get her to behave more girly and stay out trouble. She tended to get detention a lot during middle school, much to her parents, mostly her mom's disappointment. Her dad would try to remain passive during the arguments between his wife and daughter but would gladly watch wrestling with his daughter. She had grown into quite the looker but had no boyfriend, due to most boys being spooked by her constant fighting and eating habits. She had changed her clothing style. She had replaced her boots with sneakers, due to her outgrowing of her boots. Had replaced her frog, leather jacket and stockings for a pair of baggy jeans and a hoodie, that remained way too big for her. Her former pig tails were now tied together in a messy ponytail. Her mom had thrown her ski cap away after elementary school, due to Flo declaring that it was too old, so now she wore a regular cap, covering her hair and some of her face. She wanted to join the wrestling team, while her mom wanted her to try more feminine activities like cheerleading. Apparently, her mom thought that wrestling was harmful to someone as small and petite as Spinelli, and instead wanted her to try cheerleading to get exercise and get into school spirit.

Vince: Vince to no one's surprise had stayed in shape and was still obsessed with sports. He had recently joined the football team, while his grades were struggling. He was planning on joining the basketball team, once football season was over. He played baseball during his summer breaks. His parents were proud of him for doing so well on his extracurricular activities, but desperately wanted him to focus more on his grades. He had gotten a bit more muscular. As for his clothing style, he now opted to wear a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans with sneakers.

Gretchen: Gretchen was still the smartest kid around and was a lot smarter than all of her peers. She had joined the science club and had all advanced classes. Of course with her busy schedule, she didn't really make time for much else. Her parents were obviously very proud of her, but still wanted her to be able to relax and be a kid, for as long as she still could. Her appearance had changed as well. She had gotten braces, to get her front teeth under control. She had switched her glasses for a smaller pair. She now wore her hair in a long braid. She now wore a long button up cardigan, and a pencil skirt, with tights and a pair of regular shoes. She was a stickler for the rules and believed that they should be kept. She didn't really have time for fun.

Mikey: Mikey was still a big guy but was still very much a pacifist. He still cherished all life and still wrote poems. He also enjoyed musicals and performing in them. He was the lead in the middle school musicals. He still loved food, which worried his parents. They were worried about his health, due to his love of food and chocolate. His clothing style was very much the same. He still wore a regular t shirt and pants.

Gus: Gus hadn't changed much. He still believed in safety and rules. Wasn't much for sports, unless it was chess. He wasn't good at sports and got easily scared. He had gotten better at standing up for himself, but he didn't want to join the army as his dad wanted for him. It was more like, not wanting to give it a shot. But he got good grades. His parents thought it would be a good idea for him to join a sport, as they wanted him to exercise but he wasn't much for it. He wasn't much for taking risks. His appearance hadn't changed much, he still wore a button up shirt, tucked in his pants, with polished shoes. He still wore glasses.

Today was Friday and the school year had begun a few weeks ago. Everyone had a free period, so T.J wanted them all to do something together. Gretchen was busy with an experiment, in the school's science club, when the rest of the gang stopped by.

T.J was the first to speak up. "So how about we all go to kelso's after school. I feel like we haven't really made time for each other since we started high school."

"I can't. I have football practice." Vince said as the first."

"I wish I could T.J, but I have a meeting with the science club, and I want to get this stuff done before the weekend."

"rehearsals for the fall musical have started and I have to practice, if I want a good role." Mikey said.

"C'mon you guys are always busy."

"We can go tomorrow, as none of us have any plans there, besides you could try an extracurricular activity, or get a job." Vince said.

"Yearh right. I'm good as I am. My parents don't need to be right all the time. How about the two of you." T.J said, as he looked to both Gus and Spinelli.

"I don't have any plans, so I'm free." Gus said

"That's great Gus. How about you Spin." T.J asked Spinelli.

"I'd go, but I have detention." Spinelli.

"Again" Gretchen asked the tomboy.

"Yearh, but today is my last day of detention. My mother thinks that it's because of my lack of school spirit, and lack of femininity. She thinks that I should try out for cheerleading, as if I'd want to join those people. They are way too perky for my taste."

"Is she still trying to make you more girly." T.J asked.

"Yearh she actually thinks that wrestling is too dangerous for me, and that cheerleading would make me more feminine."

"My parents still want me to join a sport, but almost all of the school sports have dangers in them." Gus said.

"You could help out with the set of the school musical. We still need people behind the scenes." Mikey offered Gus

"Or you could join the science club Gus. We are always looking for more people." Gretchen said.

"Thanks you guys, but my parents want me to join a sport." Gus said.

"Sports are great, and you get plenty of exercise. Yes there might be some risks, but most school sports are harmless. Heck you could try the track team, they're always looking for new members" Vince said as a matter of fact.

"I'll think about it." Gus said.

"Extracurricular activities are overrated. Look at me, I'm not doing any extracurricular activities and I'm doing great. Well then I guess we will all meet up tomorrow after noon, at Kelso's." T.J said, as he was closest to the door.

"Hey Gretchen, what are you working on." Spinelli asked.

"Oh, well this. This is a project that can alter the taste of the food we eat. I'm hoping that it will be enough for the upcoming science fair next month."

"Well I'm sure that it's great, but I have to go use the bathroom." T.J said, and as he was about to walk out to the hallway, Gretchen's project started to explode, and everyone but T.J was affected by the smoke.

"I don't know what happened, one minute everything was fine and then the next, my project started to explode." Gretchen was confused as to how her project could suddenly explode. Maybe she put something wrong in it, or it could be due to it being a completely new thing."

"You can try again Monday, and I'm sure that you guys will all be fine, and anyway I'll see you all tomorrow." T.J said. He was sure that it was nothing, but he had to get the next class.

What none of them knew, was that it would have an effect and it would change everyone of them expect for T.J.

Next chapter: Everybody meets up at Kelso's.

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