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Chapter 5: Gretchen – doctor's appointments and mall.

Just like Spinelli, Gretchen had gotten picked up her mom, and they were now on their way to see her doctor. She was getting determined whether she was a fit for contacts or not. She had started thinking about getting an eye surgery, so that she would never have to wear contacts again.

They were now sitting in the waiting room when Gretchen was getting called in.

"So, Gretchen what can we do for you."

"We have been talking about getting Gretchen eye contacts." Her mom said.

"Wait. I was thinking of maybe getting an eye laser surgery, so that I wouldn't have to wear glasses or contacts."

"Okay, what does mom say about it." The doctor said.

"Oh, well, is it safe."

"There are some minimal risks, but it's mostly safe. We just need the parents to sign the papers, but for now let us just go see if you are a good fit for the surgery. Now come with me." The doctor said, as Gretchen followed her. As it turned out, Gretchen could get the laser eye surgery, but she would need her parents to sign the papers, so her and her mom could come back Friday after school, as long as both of her parents had signed the papers. Gretchen's mom would need to talk with her dad about it, but they got a pamphlet to take home.

After they were done at the doctor's, Gretchen and her mom were in the car and on their way to the mall.

While driving, her mom started talking, and said. "Why the sudden interest in getting the laser eye surgery. Your father and I agreed to let you get contacts. You always said that glasses did not bother you. I am not so sure that the surgery would be a good idea. Contacts would do the job."

"The glasses didn't bother me in the past, but they could bother me in the future. They can keep from doing several stuff. I think getting the laser eye surgery would be good for me."

"Okay, if you are sure about getting the laser eye surgery, then I will talk to your father when I come home and will let you know our decision tomorrow. We will need to look at the pamphlet some more before making a decision"

"Okay thanks." Gretchen replied, and before they knew it, they had arrived at the mall. She got out of the car and into the mall, with her mom's credit card,

In the mall, she found a clothing store

She found a clothing store, and she found a couple of shirts and jeans, very different from her button up shirts and pencil skirts. She felt like a different person, so new clothes would be much more fitting. She then went over to the counter and paid for the stuff.

After she was done with the clothing store, she went to a shoe store, where she bought some sneakers. After the shoe store, came an accessory store, where she got a couple of baseball caps. She even got herself a skateboard

She then went to go get something to eat from the food court. While she was there, she saw some candy on display, and when no one was looking, she took it.

She had thought about getting a haircut but decided against it. She decided not to buy so much so soon, but she might feel different in a couple of weeks, but she had taken some black nail polish when no one was looking. By the time she was done at the mall, she went home.

Once she came home, her parents called her into the kitchen where her mom started talking. "OH Gretchen honey, your father and I have talked about it, and we have agreed to let you have the laser eye surgery, so if you still want it, then I will come and pick you up from school on Friday, and then you can get it there. That means that you will have the weekend to recover."

"Oh wow thanks. Now I will go upstairs and do my homework. I have to meet up with T.J and Mikey tomorrow." Gretchen told her parents that she was doing her homework but decided to skip them instead.

Next chapter: Mikey's Saturday

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