Wayne Manor

Gotham, despite it's legendary criminal rate, contained buildings of incredible architectural design. From it's spires to it's gargoyles, the city looked like a high gothic painting when seen from a distance. Wayne Manor, however, was an exception. It looked like a blend of modern, post-modern and medieval designs, with 10 times the size of your normal Gotham house.

Inside said manor, an alien princess and an acrobat were snuggling on one of it's gigantic beds, Yes, Robin and Starfire, Teen Titans, were inside Wayne Manor, safeguarding it while it's master, Bruce Wayne, was away on a mission to take down a massive smuggling ring under the guise of Batman. Robin was to come on his own, but he couldn't resist bringing Starfire to his former home, eager to share his life with the one he loved.

But as they held each other close under the covers of the victorian-era bed, his mind couldn't help but wander off…

Starfire noticed his brief blanking out. "Robin? Can you hear me?"

Robin's mind refocused as soon as he heard Star's voice calling to him. Her lovely voice always had a soothing effect on him, from the moment they met.

"Yeah, sorry Star. I was just… pondering a few things."

Starfire rose her head from the pillow and laid her back against it, turning her face to his, giving him her undivided attention. «What is it that troubles you, my love?»

Robin mimicked her postion, scratching the back of his head. "It's not exactly troubling me, but it's something peculiar I noticed… that the Manor doesn't really feel like home now."

Starfire tilted her head towards the said a bit. "Can you elaborate?"

Robin's eyes met the ceiling as he recalled his thoughts. "Well, it's just that… I have a lot of memories from this place. Many of them were good ones, too. I mean, after I had gotten used to the place, since it kept scaring me with it's size and all. I can remember playing in the halls with Bruce and Alfred, helping in the kitchen as Alfred taught me how to cook, playing hide and seek in the garden… and that's without even mentioning the training I went under Bruce to become Robin. By all means, I spent a very important part of my life here and I always thought of this place as my home". His eyes met Starfire's. "But ever since I found the Titans, I found myself missing the manor less and less. Even now, I can't really bring myself to call it home in the same sense as before, if that makes any sense. Are my memories here really worth sharing if I can't connect myself to them anymore? Have I really become a stranger to a place I used to call home? What does that say about me?"

Starfire took notice of every word he used and found herself sympathizing with Robin, for she found herself in that position more times than she would care to remember. The feeling of becoming a stranger to your own home and forgetting what made your life so wonderful when it first began. During her stay on Earth and over the course of her relationship with Robin, however, she came to a conclusion that brought her some piece of mind.

Starfire put her hands of each side of his face, trying to get him to focus on her. "I know how that feels. And I can say that it is perfectly normal. As people evolve and grow, they tend to leave pieces of their past behind to live better in the present. I felt that conflict of identity when I first returned to Tamaran.'

"To marry that jello squid." Robin couldn't help but chuckle at the memory.

Starfire joined him in mirthful giggles. "Yes, that. I found myself getting disconnected from some of the ways of Tamaran, missing my happiest memories of it. But I realized that I would not trade any of the memories I have made here on Earth for any other on Tamaran. I got used to the idea of Earth being my home more and more. A person's identity is not bound to any one location, because it is bound to their spirit. As long as one is happy, they are where they belong."

Robin listened intently to her words, admiring her way of thought. Starfire was always the most emotionally mature person he'd ever met, admiring her outlook on the human psyche. "There's a phrase we have here on Earth that describes that feeling. We say that 'home is where the heart is'".

Starfire smiled warmly. "Oh, that is a wonderful saying! It truly fits!" She snuggled against his chest, listening to his heart beat. "So… where is your heart now?"

Robin found himself smiling back as he wrapped his arms around Starfire's shapely form. "I think you already know the answer to that. And I can say that that's where it will stay forever."

Starfire lifted her head at his declaration, leaning in for a passionate kiss that he was eager to return. No matter the place, they always knew where they truly belonged: In each other's arms.