A cool summer breeze blew across the landscape of Jump City, providing relief to all of it's denizens. Including one Boy Wonder, who sat on the edge of the roof of Titans. The furrowed brow and crossed arms indicated that he was deep in thought, taking deep breaths to collect himself, his right leg bouncing up and down rapidly.

He was contemplating a great decision, one that would change his life forever. Having closed his 23rd year of age on last spring, he felt ready to take the biggest step possible in his relationship with the lovely alien princess Starfire.

The more he pondered it, the more ready he felt. He could not imagine a life without her and he could see the happiest days of his life only by being by her side. They were old enough, experienced enough in their relationship to make it work. They loved and supportecd each other through the darkest of times already. He felt prepared for this next chapter. And he believed that she was, too.

Still, that was no small matter. Especially to someone like him, who knows very well that the frailty of life combined with the intense love one had for family were a recipe for tragedy. However, he was determined to make it work, to live life to it's fullest and not succumb to fear and doubt any longer. He loved her, she loved him and they wanted to be together.

With that introspection running fresh through his mind, he looked up to see his Star descending from the heavens, her afternoon flight finished. She waved excitedly at him as she approached, a bright smile adorning her divine features at the sight of him waving back with the same joy.

She slowed down and landed beside him, her hand joining his in a tender gesture. He took her hand and kissed her knuckles gently. «Hey…»

Star brushed a lock of hair from her face. «Greetings…»

Robin couldn't help but stare at her. Her hair was frazzled and poofy from the intense speeds she flew, her breathing heavy from the adrenalin rush of occasionally going into freefall, only to rise again. Her dazzling green eyes maintaining that same vibrant look he fell in love with all those years ago. She never looked more perfect in his eyes.

As he stared thinking about her eyes, he realised he was still wearing his mask. He immediately removed it, letting her see his baby blue eyes in all their beauty. She most definetly appreciated the gesture, as she brough her hands to his face, trying to get a close look at them. She alone has had the privledge to see his true face out of the team, a sign of his trust, his love for her.

Robin broke the rather comfortable silence. «So, how was your flight?»

«It was like a dream. The sunset gave the sky a gorgeous array of colors and the winds, while strong, were quite refreshing.»

«Good to know. Maybe I can join you next time? I find that your strong arms wrapped around me is a very pleasant sensation.»

Both of her hands joined with his. «It would be my pleasure, beloved.»

He chuckled at that. «I don't think I'll ever get tired of you calling me that.»

Starfire smirked. «Good, for I will not stop saying it anytime soon.»

They rose up from their spots, their hands still joined. «Shall we rest for the night?»

Robin held his breath for a solitary moment. This was it. It was now or never.

«Before that… there's something I want to tell you. Something very important…»

«I do wonder what's taking them so long? They've never been on the rooftop for this long…»

«I'm tellin' you, Rae! They could be in dnager! Maybe some creepy alien just snatched them up outta nowhere to probe them or brainwash them or something!»

The grey-skinned empath could easily make a snarky comment at the green shapeshifter's seemingly ludicrous assertion. However, seeing as how in their line of work that kind of event was not only possible, but it'd be far from the weirdest or worst thing to happen, she chose against it. Beast Boy was right: they had to check things out.

Cyborg just held his arms up in a gesture to calm Beast Boy down. «Just cool your jets, green bean. We'll just take a look-see and find out what's keeping them!»

As they approached the door that led to the outside of the rooftop, the faint sound of Robin and Starfire's voices became cearer and clearer, setting them at ease. Raven sighed in relief. «Well, they're here and they sound fine. Guess we shouldn't have been so worried. Can we go back now?»

«…there's something I want to tell you. Something very important…»

As soon as Cyborg's ears picked up that bit of information, he quietly went to the door and opened it slightly with the outmost stealth. «Shh, I hear something!»

Beast Boy turned into a lemur and cimbed up his shoulder. «What, what?!»

Raven's irritation was growing fast. «What are you two doing?»

Both teens shushed her and swiftly returned to eavesdropping. Letting a sigh or annoyance, Raven decided to just join in since she couldn't stop them, bending under Cyborg's arm and peeking by the crack of the door.

«Yes, Robin?»

«I… have been thinking. About us. And I think I'm finally ready for this.»

Starfire's tilted her head in confusion, before her eyes went wide open in realization. «You mean-!»

Nodding in response, Robin went down on his knee, one hand still holding onto hers while the other produced something from his utility belt. A small black box. He opened it, revealing a shimmering ring with a bright emerald diamond on top of it.

Starfuire gasped in shock. And the eavesdropping Titans's jaws dropped. Robin actually took the plunge.

«Starfire, I've known you for many, many years. Those years were the happiest of my the moment I met you on the streets of the city, I knew you were special. Your kindness, your love… they helped me heal from all the pain, the fear that plagued me ever since I first became Robin. You saw good in me, even when I couldn't, and you brought it out. You gave light to my tortured soul. You helped me become a better person that I could have ever dreamed of. You are all I want. You are…» Robin started to choke up, his bare eyes shedding small tears. He gave a watery smile as he continued. «You are all that I need. I want your face to be the first thing I see when I wake up. I want your hand beside mine. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Most of all… I want to make you happy. And I want a chance to be the man you deserve.»

«Koriand'r of Tamaran, my beloved Starfire… will you marry me?»

Starfire was shedding tears of her own, overcome with emotion. Her joy was such that she could not stop floating above the ground, nodding her head frantically while letting out lughs of pure, raw bliss.

«Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! A thousand times YES!»

Both teens were laughing happily as Starfire took the ring and placed in on her finger. They only took a moment to admire it before Starfire jumped him, her legs wrapping around his midsection and draping her arms around his neck and shoulders, kissing him with all the passion she could muster. He returned the favor fervently, his hands caressing her face and hair so he could lean in to deepen the kiss. They were so caught up in their jubilation that they barely noticed the loud cheering and whooping from behind the door… or the door bending at unnatural angles and being blown up by what seemed like magic.

They reluctantly broke the kiss. «I love you, Star. So much.»

«I love you too, Robin. With all my heart.»

Their lips locked once again, the teen superheroes ecstatic to enjoy and face life together.