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Prompt- Harry and Ginny have some sort of challenges.



Summer 1994

Harry crept carefully around the bush at the edge of the garden. The rustling coming from inside could only be one thing. Well... one type of thing anyways. There could be many of those things in there causing all of the rustling.

Getting tasked with flinging Garden Gnomes out of the garden was one of the more fun chores there was to do around the Burrow.

Ron, Fred and George always groaned when given chores. As though they thought that one day there would suddenly be no more to do around this fabulous farm house.

Doing this as compared to weeding, or mowing, or really anything that he had been tasked with for his month on Privet Drive he considered great fun.

He crouched down to try and see under the thicket to find the pesky little buggers.

Quick as a whip he reached in between the tiny branches and came out with the little potato looking creature.

"Gerroff!" It yelled while squirming in his hand.

The first summer he was tasked with this he'd felt bad for the things. He was still unsure what to classify them as. They weren't animals really as they were capable of speech. Maybe just 'beings' is the right term?

He grabbed hold of the being's leg and swung it around three times before flinging it out beyond the fence.

"Very nicely done." Came a female voice behind him.

He turned around, startled. He hadn't heard her approach.

Ginny had become much more relaxed around him lately. They didn't interact much at school, and even last summer she'd been quick to blush and stutter in his presence. It was embarrassing for him as well as her. It was a relief now that she'd seemed to have gotten over her crush, and to have moved past the whole 'Boy-Who-Lived' thing.


He was just Harry.

"How'd you get saddled with doing this by yourself?" She had a hand over her eyebrows to block out the sun while she looked out in the direction the Gnome had gone.

"Your brothers aren't too keen on this particular task." He smiled. "They went into the orchard to collect fruit."

She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh. "Bet that means I'm stuck indoors making jam and such tomorrow, while you lot are playing Quidditch." She pouted a bit. "So unfair."

He hadn't really thought about it before. But she did get stuck doing the chores that were deemed 'feminine' by most society; Laundry, cooking, general pick up around the inside of the house.

"Do you play Quidditch?" He asked quizzically. He didn't remember her ever coming out and flying with him and her brothers. He didn't even know if she could fly. But he vaguely recalled her being thoroughly invested in the outcome of the World Cup game last week.

"I've never been 'allowed'." She made air quotes with her fingers. "I do know how to fly though. Probably better than my idiot brothers, but it isn't like they'd give me a chance to prove it."

"Why not?" Harry couldn't think of a reason for them dis-allowing her on a broom, or to play with them. All three Chasers on the Gryffindor team were girls, and they were brilliant.

"Because I'm delicate." She mocked a curtsy. "You want some help with these guys?" She gestured with her thumb at the bush, which was still rustling.

"Sure." He smiled. "Hey, if you can fling yours farther than mine, I'll let you take a turn on my Firebolt." He waggled his eyebrows in challenge.

She gave pause for a moment with an awed expression on her face before she cocked an eyebrow at him. "You do realize I've been doing this my whole life. And you, my mere mortal, have next to no experience in comparison."

"Sounds like you're accepting my challenge." Harry grinned.

"You're on." She stuck out her hand and they shook on it.

Hers went at least ten yards farther than his.

Summer 1995

Harry was in such a mood.

It was understandable with everything that was going on in his life; secrets being kept from him, Tom was back, and his whole deal with the Ministry after the Dementor attack.

But having to work alongside him cleaning this place up was irritating. She'd rather he just go off and sulk in his bed or something.

Ginny knew he'd preferred getting paired with her to do their cleaning because he was angry with Ron and Hermione for not disobeying Dumbledore's orders and sending him an Owl about what was going on with the Order of Phoenix. But now she needed to suffer through his moping.

And my God, was his brooding ever making the place even more depressing.

There was just this dark cloud over his head, and it made everyone on edge.

Except for her. It made her angry.

She wasn't allowed to know anything that was going on with the Order either. Or Voldemort, and really, she had more experience with him than most other people there. It was like everyone had forgotten.

Ginny shook her head at that. She was positive everyone remembered. They just never talked about it for her sake, which she was grateful for, because she didn't want to talk about it either.

Another huff came from the opposite corner of the room.

"Quit it!" She snarled.

Harry turned around from his task of clearing artifacts from a bookshelf, which he was doing as slow as humanly possible, with a look of surprise on his face that quickly seeped back into one of brooding anger. "Quit what? I'm just clearing these shelves. As ordered." He added, holding up two books as 'proof'.

"Yeah, well I was 'ordered' to do this too. And I'm stuck with you being all mopey when I could have been doing this with Hermione, or the twins. At least they would have talked or joked instead of sighing every minute." She complained.

"Look, you don't get it-"

"Shut up Harry. Don't start telling me I don't understand." She cut him off. "Even if I didn't initially understand why you're going around being a pain in the ass, you've bitched enough about it that everyone knows you're so hard done by." She dramatized the ending.

They stood on opposite sides of the room in a stare down stand off for a minute, each waiting for the other to dare to say something.

To her surprise his whole demeanor started cracking and a smile found its way onto his face. "Thanks." He told her.

"Thanks for what? Telling you off?" She was confused.

"Yeah." He admitted. "Guess I kind of needed that."

"Well good." She nodded once and crossed her arms, relaxing her stance a little. "Are you going to be a little more pleasant now?"

He thought a moment, his smile dropping a bit. "I'm still pretty mad. But it's nothing to do with anything you did, so I guess I shouldn't make you suffer."

She rolled her eyes. "Wonderful."

"Hey. Remember our little chore challenge from last summer? Flinging the gnomes?"

She gave him a curious look. "Yeah."

"Want to do that again? Different chore, different stakes."

"What do you have in mind?" She looked around at what had to get done to see if there was any way to make a game of what was left.

"Err." he looked around too.

Ginny had to suppress a snicker. Clearly he was just trying to make up for being annoying and miserable, without any forethought on how that should have played out.

"Well. We each have a full bookshelf on our sides that needs to be boxed up. Maybe the first one done wins?" He offered.

"Wins what?" She challenged. The idea was pretty lame, but she didn't have any better ones to offer up.

"Err." He looked around again, then seemed to give up. "You come up with the winnings."

She chewed her lip and stared at him while she thought it over. What she truly wanted from him she could absolutely never ask for. And besides, if she did ask for it, she'd still have to come up with something else for him if he won. Which he probably would for this task, since he was much taller than her and would have no problems reaching the top shelf.

"The loser has to give the winner their dessert?" She decided lamely.

"Um." There was this little upside down 'v' that formed just between his eyebrows. "You know if I gave you my dessert your mum would just refill my plate."

Her shoulders sagged. "Okay. So... loser has to..." A light bulb went off in her head. "Prank the twins."

"What." His face went blank.

"Yeah. Loser has to prank the twins." She said excitedly.

"Prank how?" He looked thoroughly confused.

Ginny shook her head. "Doesn't matter." She went on. "Every attempt to get them in a prank results in them retaliating ten times worse." She giggled.

She watched his expression with anticipation as he thought it over. Satisfied when he grinned and nodded.

They each grabbed a fresh box and placed it two feet in front of their bookshelves.

"Alright. On the count of three." He said.



"One!" They shouted together and started whipping items into their boxes.

The next day Ginny came down to breakfast sporting a spectacular shade of blue hair and hiccupping every time someone said her name. She didn't mind though. It made Harry smile every time he looked over at her.

Summer 1996

Harry was just putting his breakfast plate in the sink when Ginny came down the stairs.

"Hey." She smiled sleepily at him as she crossed the kitchen to grab a glass of pumpkin juice and a plate of food.

"Hey." He smiled. She was so cute first thing in the morning with her hair piled high on her head, and her slightly baggy shirts nearly hanging down past her high cut sleep shorts.

Not cute. He thought to himself. Just... Ginny. She was a nice sight in the morning.

"Where's mum?" She asked as she spooned some eggs onto her plate.

"Erm. I think she went out to the garden?" He guessed. Mrs. Weasley had been in the kitchen when he'd arrived, but disappeared before he'd finished his breakfast.

"Any word on whether we'll be flinging gnomes again today? Or will you just let me give your Firebolt another go out of the goodness of your heart?" She teased taking her seat at the table.

He grinned at her.

She'd really done well filling in for him on the Quidditch team last year when he'd been banned. There was no doubt in his mind that she'd make the team this year too. Hopefully not beating him out for the Seeker position. It would be rather awkward for the Captain to not be good enough to maintain his own position.

"I think we took care of them pretty well yesterday." He laughed.

"Well then, how's your heart feeling?" She met his eyes speculatively. "Plenty of goodness in there?" Her lip was twitching as she fought to suppress her smile in favor of a concerned pout.

"How about I race you for the opportunity to give it another go?" He challenged lightly.

"What? Like laps from the back door to the broom shed or something?" She questioned.

"No. I say we both grab the same Cleansweep model from the shed and race each other around the pitch there ten times. Fastest flier gets to use my Firebolt for the game we're going to play this afternoon."

He felt a little swooping sensation as he watched her eyes light up with excitement.

"Done." She stated and quickly shoveled her food into her mouth, quite resembling her closest brother in that moment.

Harry laughed at her eagerness. "I'll just go and get changed and meet you at the pitch."

She nodded once before downing the rest of her pumpkin juice to wash down the food still in her mouth. It amazed him how all the Weasley's had this ability to just inhale their food. Initially he'd thought it was just a skill that Ron had, but really every one of them could clear their plate in record time without getting sick, or gagging.

Ginny at least took appropriate portion sizes.

She was right behind him on his way up the stairs to get dressed and peeled off at her room.

Harry changed quickly into his jeans and t-shirt, then slipping on his trainers before racing back downstairs and nearly knocking Ginny down the last flight as she darted out of her room and into his path.

They both let out a squeak of surprise as they collided. His one hand went to the railing, and the other snaked around her waist in an instinctive attempt to right them both.

Her one hand came down hard on top of his on the railing, and the other fisted in the front of his shirt.

They teetered for only a moment before standing stock still with both feet planted firmly. Her eyes were wide, and mouth slightly parted from the surprise. No doubt an expression mirroring his own. They stood that way for a few breaths before grinning at each other and laughing silently about their narrow miss of flying down the stairs.

She was the first to let go and nudge him to continue down the stairs ahead of her. He felt a surprising reluctance to remove his arm from around her but shook off the feeling and tread down the stairs.

"Here you go." Ginny opened the broom shed door and handed him the Cleansweep Seven and taking one for herself. Leaving his shiny Firebolt in the shed. Actually, it wasn't that shiny. It really needed a going over with his polishing kit.

"How about the loser has to clean up the Firebolt too?" Ginny peered at it speculatively, as if reading his mind.

"Err." He felt a small blush come to his face. "Yeah. I'm game for that."

She turned to him and gave a look from him to the broom in his hand and back again. "Did you want a practice lap first? I don't think you have much experience with this model."

He was taken aback at that. "I don't need a practice lap." Harry found he was kind of offended with the idea of his needing a practice lap, when she was so clearly ready for a go then and there.

The smug expression that flickered across her face had him second guessing his jerk reaction.

As it turned out, she'd been right to feel smug about him being too proud to practice on the Cleansweep. He really hadn't had much experience with older brooms. He'd had no idea how much drag there was, nor was he prepared for the amount of pull to one side or the other he'd have to continuously counter. The lag on the turns was another thing he wasn't anticipating.

Meanwhile she'd shot around and finished her tenth lap just as he was getting into his ninth.

They drew up beside one another in the air. "Awe, poor Captain Potter. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone you can't handle a Cleansweep." She mocked him with a brilliant smile on her face.

"Hey! I can too handle it!" He retaliated. "I guess I really should have taken you up on that first lap though." He relented, looking down at the broom he was on with reticence. By his third lap he had been getting a better hang of what do to make the broom heed his wishes.

"Eh." She shrugged. "You're used to a broom that does all the heavy lifting for you. I get it. That Firebolt flies like a dream." She gazed up to the fluffy clouds above them wistfully. The flush on her face from the wind really gave her a nice glow. It looked good on her.

"You're trying out for Chaser this year. Right?" He asked. He was fully prepared to admit that she was the better flier and was trying to not be worried that she might be out for his spot, even though she'd said she wanted to be Chaser at the end of last year.

"Damn right!" She smiled, then dropped her expression to a serious one. "But don't worry. I'm sure I'll still do a good job of filling in for you when you're in the Hospital Wing."

His jaw dropped in insult. "Why do you assume I'm going to be in the hospital wing?!"

She just giggled and flew a loop around him.

Summer 1997

She'd been relegated to the orchard for the morning. Mum had put so many spells on the tree's in the orchard so that they were basically fruit bearing year-round.

It wasn't like she could help with any of the decorations or set up when she was still underage, so picking apples was an easy way to keep her out of the way, and the house, while all of the set-up was going on for the wedding.

She'd come around to the idea of Fleur being her sister-in-law. But still thought it was a stupid time to hold a big wedding.

There was a war about to break out at any moment. Wouldn't a simple ceremony be a better idea.

Ginny wound back her arm and lobbed another apple across the meadow, feeling only a small amount of gratification when it hit its target several yards away and splattered apart.

She'd been doing this for over a half hour.

The apples she was throwing were past ripe anyways, and she was trying to stay away from everyone as long as she possibly could.

Harry in particular.

She felt rotten about how she'd basically cornered him in her room yesterday. The kiss had been wonderful. And he had certainly reciprocated. Then stupid Ron had to barge in.

Now she couldn't help but wonder if Harry was just humoring her, or if he'd wanted to continue as much as she had. With a sigh she took aim and lobbed another apple.

"Impressive splatter."

She jumped at the sudden deep voice by her side.


She must have been truly in her head if she didn't even hear him approach. "Th-Thanks." Her nerves were all jumping at seeing how close they now stood.

"Um. Managing to avoid the fray?" He started.

She cocked one eyebrow at him. "Mum still managing to keep you and the other two apart as much as possible?"

His eyes turned sad and reflective. She didn't want to make things even more awkward between them. Ginny knew that he wasn't going to be sticking around the rest of the summer. And there was no way he was going back to Hogwarts this coming year. He was given something to do by Dumbledore before he died, and there was no doubt in her mind that he wasn't going to be completing that mission whilst staying at Hogwarts.

She picked up another apple and threw it at the tree, missing by a foot.

"You can do better than that." He commented.

"And I have been." She defended. "You try a few." She held an overripe one out for him.

"Care to make this another one of our challenges?" He asked softly.

She felt a slightly numb sensation come over her entire body. What would he want if he won? What would she want? "Okay." She croaked.

"Best of three?" He nearly whispered.

She nodded and they each picked up three spoiled apples. She was still numb and nervous on her first throw and missed again.

He threw and missed also, by nearly three feet.

"Ha." she couldn't help but laugh. "Glad you were never a Chaser."

He laughed at himself a bit too. "You'll be on the team again this year, right?"

She looked over at him and met his eyes. 'Because I won't be' was the statement that came after that question. She nodded and threw her next apple, hitting the tree.

He threw his and hit the tree this time.

She bit her lip, wondering for a moment if she should honestly try and hit the tree again. Maybe she should see what he might want as a prize.

Her 'youngest child syndrome' wouldn't let her bow down however. She lobbed the apple again and hit the tree. Slowly she turned to Harry to watch him throw his last apple.

He didn't throw it though. He held it up, as though to throw it, but he wasn't looking at the tree. He was staring at her.

In slow motion Ginny watched as the apple dropped backwards out of his raised hand and he walked the three steps to where she stood, wrapping his arm around her and capturing his mouth with his.

She sucked in a breath of relief at the feeling of him pressed up against her and his mouth on hers.

Just ten minutes ago she thought she'd never get the chance to kiss him again, and here his hand was cupping the side of her face and his lips moving deliciously against her own.

She moaned as his thumb on her side began tracing circles on her skin, dipping under her shirt. And it was edging higher up and down along her side.

They both gasped for breath as their mouths broke apart. He didn't waste any time though before trailing his lips along her jaw and down her neck until he reached a spot at her collar that made her eyes roll back in her head and she fought desperately to keep a loud moan from escaping.

Her hands were having a mind of their own wandering all over him, any place they could reach. His shoulders, his hair, his back, and down to the belt loops on his trousers where they latched on to and pulled towards her in an effort to have as little space between them as possible.

His mouth came back up to meet her lips and the two of them somehow managed for find their way down to the earth. His body over hers, and hands continuing to wander as they never stopped their mouths doing a desperate dance together.

Her legs wound around him and pulled his center against her own making them both moan greatly.

Harry's whole hand went under her shirt, and a finger traced along her bra line. She arched against his touch encouragingly. Being here against him like this was more than they'd done when they were together, and she was greedy for more.

For everything.

He rocked his pelvis against her and the sensation was so good, she just wanted to repeat it over and over and over again.


They both jumped at the loud noise that emanated from just over the hill where the marquee was being set up.

Slowly their unfocused eyes zeroed in on each other properly. They could have been stumbled upon by any number of people where they were. They'd been lucky to have even these past few minutes, but taking the chance any further would be foolish.

He pulled his hand out from under her shirt, and she let go of her grip on his upper arm and shoulder, letting him pull back.

Once he'd sat up, she adjusted her shirt and shorts and sat up herself, looking down at her hands and thinking about where they had just been.

"I'm never going to stop wanting to do that with you." He whispered.

It was so quiet that she only just heard and raised her eyes to see him looking at her with such intensity that her breath caught in her throat.

"I'm going to miss you. So. Much."

If she listened between the lines, he sounded like he was making her a promise. That once everything was said and done, if they both survived, then he would come back for her.

She couldn't find her voice.

Ginny wanted to tell him she loved him. That she'd do anything for him, including waiting forever.

Instead she swallowed hard and moved forward to give him one more kiss.

It was a delicate kiss. And she tried to tell him everything she wanted him to know in that one simple kiss. She pulled back from him with her eyes still closed and turned away to rise to her feet and walk back to the Burrow, hoping he understood that was her promising him as well.

Summer 1998

"So if we were to do another one of our little challenges." Harry asked. "What would you want for your prize?"

Ginny raised her head up off where it had been resting on his shoulder, a sexy smirk forming on her face. "What exactly are you challenging me to?"

She was due to head back for her final year at Hogwarts in just three days, and they'd been making the most of their summer by spending as much time together as possible.

And as much of that time naked as possible too.

Once the war had ended, Harry, and a lot of other people, were in desperate need of recovery. Not the least because he'd taken yet another killing curse, but also due to surviving several months on next to no food.

Between his poor diet and the battle, he'd needed several restorative potions and a lot of bed rest.

Ginny had been one of the lucky ones the last month before the battle because she'd been safely stowed away at her Auntie Muriel's where she had a warm bed, her family, and food on the table three meals a day.

She'd stuck by his side as much as was allowed, and it didn't take more than one look between them to know they both wanted desperately to be together again.

Being together didn't take very long to get carnal either.

After nearly four months now they were quite comfortable being completely naked around each other for extended periods of time.

They had a silent agreement with Ron and Hermione too, who were also finding themselves in the same situation with each other. Meal times and when they were assisting with the rebuilding efforts hands should at least attempt to be kept to one's self, any other time, please don't try to find someone from another couple.

Ron was going to get enough time with Harry when they went off to the Auror Academy, and Hermione would get enough time to gossip with Ginny at school.

"I had a rather risqué challenge in mind." Harry rolled her over and lowered his head to nuzzle her breast.

"Hmm." She purred. "Do tell."

"First one to cum gets the prize." He stated before using his tongue to trace her areola.

She giggled. "Why not just tell me I've won a prize now?"

It rather surprised the both of them how he was able to get her off an average of two times to his one. At first she'd thought it was because she was doing something that just hadn't been doing it for him. After hearing so many stories of how guys can't last, or how girls were lucky if they didn't have to fake it, to find herself getting off repeatedly before he did, she wasn't quite sure what to think.

Once she'd finally asked him if she was doing something wrong, he'd been astounded she thought that way and explained how he held back his finish as long as possible because he got so much pleasure out of the act, that and watching her when she came.

"Perhaps I won't hold anything back this time." He teased. "Be a little greedy." He added sinisterly and slapped a hand against her bum.

"Now you've got me curious as to what you might want your prize to be." She thought over what he might like to do to her that they hadn't already done. Not that they'd gotten crazy adventurous, but they'd gone down on each other, and tried a variety of positions.

Location hadn't been something they'd been too shy about either. Currently they were just past the orchard on the opposite side of the Burrow, and just yesterday they'd managed to sneak into the shower together.

"Well, you'll have to make a real effort to find out then, won't you?" He took her nipple in his mouth and moved his fingers to her entrance, dipping one inside her before rubbing it in circles around her clit.

"Ohhh. You don't fight fair." She moaned and arched at his touch, which was absolute heaven.

She used all of her weight to flip them over and pin him to the grass. He moved to take his glasses off, but she stopped him.

"Oh no. I'll need you to watch this." She told him seductively as she straddled him, poised over top of his erection. She grasped it gently, but completely in her hand and gave him several slow strokes before lowering herself onto it.

Part of what she thought might help him along in his arousal was the visual aspect. He couldn't very well get the full visual experience if he couldn't see her riding him.

Luckily her Quidditch practicing had given her quite the thigh muscles, because this position on the unforgiving ground was not an easy one to maintain. Harry seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself though, and that was her goal.

But it really wasn't doing much for her.

In a moment of whimsy she decided to stand up and turn herself around before lowering herself back down onto him in reverse cowgirl.

The groan that emanated from him told her that this was a fantastic idea. What really surprised her was her own groan that this position caused. The tilt of his manhood, and the way it moved inside her when she swirled her hips around a certain way.

It was absolute bliss.

The familiar pressure started building higher and higher with every rock of her hips and before she could even think about trying to change position again to get him there first she was crying out in ecstasy. As soon as her cry escaped her lips his hands were at her hips moving her up and down aggressively to meet his thrusts. Her own high hadn't even worn off before he spilled himself inside of her.

Ginny tried laying down, but instead did a kind of roll and flop onto the ground beside him, trying to catch her breath and stop her head from spinning.

Once she regained her sense of self she had time to think over what her prize was going to be. Rolling over to cuddle into his side she saw the happy post coital smile on his face. "Harry." She whispered.

"Yeah." He sighed.

"I want you to sneak onto the Hogwarts Express with your invisibility cloak and take me in one of the carriage compartments."

His eyes snapped open and he turned his head to meet her eyes. He must have gauged how serious she was about her request.

It didn't look like he had a problem with it.

Summer 1999

Harry hovered, ready to protect the three rings with everything he had from Ginny's front on attack.

She was a truly exceptional Chaser. And he had no doubt that she would land one of the coveted reserve positions on the Holyhead Harpies that she'd tried out for just last week.

He'd gone to watch some of the trials and saw her competition. They were all fiercely good players, but still had nothing on his girl.

Mind you, he wasn't supposed to have been watching the closed pitch try-outs, but no one would try to stop 'The Chosen One' from doing practically anything. Though he didn't have to use that ticket, they couldn't have seen him under his invisibility cloak. He was just too excited and nervous for her to not go.

Today they were both at the Burrow for Sunday lunch and she was getting in some practice. Tomorrow is when the letter was supposed to come saying whether she had an offer or not.

He'd had to fight against everything he had not to interfere and try and get her letter early. This was Ginny's dream, and he wasn't going to get involved in his 'celebrity' capacity. He was going to be cheering her on from the sidelines.

Right this minute though they were in the midst of another challenge.

She was an amazing Chaser, and he was a decent Quidditch player in general. So, he thought he had a chance to win this one. Even if he lost, he was still going to take a shot at claiming his prize.

There was a slim chance he'd win though. If he really focused

The challenge was that she had to make ten shots on the hoops, if he managed to block three of them then he won.

He gripped his trusty Firebolt, determined to try and earn his prize.

As Ginny barreled towards him on her first attempt, sweeping and swerving with her blazing look of determination on her face, he knew his chances were much more slim than he'd thought.

She'd spent more time on her broom in the last year than she had in the classrooms. That was made ever prevalent from her NEWT results, which may not have been anything to tilt up your nose at, but Ginny was a smart girl, and she'd just barely scraped passing grades.

Ginny had been named Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and had tried to be fair to her team by not making them practice as much as she wanted to. In her letters home she'd mentioned of Hermione nagging her incessantly to no avail. Hermione and she just had wildly differentiating life goals, and his bookish best friend just couldn't wrap her mind around how one could dedicate their time to sport over studies.

Harry had managed to go to all three of her games, and was there to celebrate every one of their wins. One of which was from the Chasers scoring 23 times, but the other team had caught the snitch. His trips to Hogwarts, sanctioned or otherwise, had been wonderful and always included alone time somewhere with his beautiful girlfriend.

He'd moved into Grimmauld Place with Ron last September, and Ginny had been living home at the Burrow since getting out of school. They'd each take turns sneaking into the others bed once a week. The family knew it was happening, but no one spoke it out loud.

He dove desperately to try and block the third ring, where he was sure she was aiming, only to have the tenth Quaffel pass through the middle hoop.

"My my Mr. Potter. You sure seemed to be making a lot of wasted effort there." Ginny teased, pulling up to hang in the air in front of him.

"You are just too fucking good Miss Weasley." He pouted.

"You look put out!" She said in surprise. "You normally hope I'm going to win our little challenges."

"Normally, yeah." He offered and they both turned their broom handles down to land on the grass.

"Babe, if you wanted to win, maybe you shouldn't have set that particular challenge." She laughed. "Or did you honestly think you could block me? You're a Seeker, not a Keeper."

He did feel like he wanted to kick himself. "Well?" he asked lightly.

She stared at him blankly. "Well what?"

He let out a laugh. "Well, what is your prize?"

She scrunched up her face in thought, then narrowed her eyes. "My prize is for you to tell me what it is you would have claimed as your prize."

Harry felt a bubble of happiness, and a healthy amount of nerves. He'd actually hoped she might say something to that effect.

His hand went to his pocket as he felt he might trip over his tongue. "I want your jersey to say Weasley." He managed to say. Then he pulled out the ring he'd been carrying around for weeks and held it up for her to see. "At least for a year."

Everything around them seemed to freeze in place while she looked down at the little single diamond, platinum ring in between his thumb and index finger.

Time itself dragged on as he waited for her to say something.

He should have gotten down on one knee. Should he do that now? Would that look stupid. This was way too soon for her. They didn't have to do things the old-fashioned way. Maybe he should take it back, and just ask her to move in with him?

He was getting completely in his own head about it as she took an eternity to respond.

If she didn't say anything soon he was going to tell her he was joking. It would be the world's worst joke, but then at least they could both laugh awkwardly and pretend he hadn't just made a complete fool of himself.

He felt the hope start to seep in when her astonished look turned into the most brilliant smile he'd ever seen on her face.

Right before she launched herself at him.