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The Tangled Dooms

Chapter 1

In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer.

In the heart of a strange rock formation, a basin cut off from the rest of the world, a small river was flowing in the shadow of a white like the moon tower. A young woman with an innocent face and golden hairs was sitting at the window, her gaze directed towards a cave below. It was the only access to this place, and thus the only way out. She looked at this dark path, her eyes filled with a sad curiosity that would never be satisfied. While she squirmed one of her blonde stran, sighing, a little chameleon climbed on her pink dress to land on the windowsill. Its eyes indicated to the girl a certain concern about her. She tried to reassure him by giving him a sweet smile, although a little forced, and by stroking its head with the tips of her delicate fingers.

"You'd like to see what's out there, right?" Rapunzel asked. "You know it's dangerous, isn't it? I thought about asking Mother to take us somewhere for my next birthday, but I don't think it's a good idea. Eighteen years old or not, I'm not sure she would agree. "

The reptile suspected that she was not really talking to him, but rather to herself.

"And it's not so bad here, don't you think?"

As a mark of disagreement, the chameleon showed her a bored look and pulled out his tongue. The girl giggled at this and simply returned to her daydream. She didn't have much to do right now. Actually, she didn't have anything to do at all. Every morning, she woke up in her tower, read her books, cleaned, cooked, combed her hairs, knitted, and various other things. She had no reason to be unhappy, but she felt more and more like she was going around in circles. It seemed to her that her life was only an eternal cycle repeating itself again and again. The only thing changing was the length of her hair. They were hanging everywhere, from floor to ceiling like invading vines. The mind bored by this routine, she sighed a great blow, her eyes focused on the dark opening to the outside world.

"Can you imagine if someone came through it?" Rapunzel said. "And can you imagine if he tried to get into the tower? How would we react you think? "

A slight noise made got her attention, like a sizzle. Then a new one, more powerful, made her jump. It came from behind her. She turned around and found a group of blue lightning slamming in the middle of the room. A storm seemed to have formed in the middle of her home. The girl was leaning against the edge of her window, wide-eyed, just like Pascal who had hidden behind a shutter. Then there was a flash, so powerful that it blinded both residents. When Rapunzel managed to open her eyes again, they widened again. In the center of the room, an Herculean mass of metal was standing. A green and gray colossus whose gigantic shadow stretched to her. The thing was a human being in appearance, but looking at something so huge, the girl began to doubt it. Her breath stopped when the invader turned around to face her.


The landing was soft this time. Not that it really mattered, but it was unusual for the warrior. Since Hayden had swayed him across the dimensions with his Argent energy teleporter, he had traveled to all kinds of places: hell, of course, but also ice plains, worlds with rock formations floating in the void , deserts illuminated by a blood-red sun, giant tunnels filled with luminescent mushrooms... An infinity of worlds different in every aspect, except one. Each time, the Doom Slayer found demons swarming like insects. A vermin that had made him visits the same dimensions many times. There was not anyone of them on which he hadn't fought at least a hundred battles. Except for this time, he did not remember having ever seen such a scene. It looked like a very human dwelling, made in the old style and very colorful, with a lot of paintings. He had not seen a world inhabited by man since Mars. But actually, it did not matter. As always, only one thing mattered. His scanner started and detected signs of demonic energy a miles from here.

The warrior looked for an exit and eventually found one, and something else. Behind him, he found a window to the outside, but also a person. A little human with a pink dress and golden hair so long that it seemed both impossible and ridiculous. All this was new, but like the rest, it did not matter. He walked to the window near which the girl was trembling. Every step he took in her direction seemed to crush her a little more against the windowsill.

"Who are you ?!" she screamed, her eyes wide open like she was facing a nightmare.

He didn't slow down until he stands in front of the girl, the only thing between him and the outside. He raised one of his giant arms and pushed her gently from the back of his hand to the side. The child moved without resistance, too afraid to do anything. She ended up sticking to the wall while the steel warrior narrowly passed through the window to drop down.


Rapunzel could not believe her eyes. She had seen that colossus going through the window and falling without hesitation. The tower was forty feet high. If she had jumped, she would have finished up flattened and, most likely, dead. Yet this iron monster had landed without looking injured at all. And after that, he ran to the famous cavern to the outside world before disappearing into the darkness.

The teenager stayed with stupor for a time she could not tell. Her heart was pounding so fast. She absolutely had to talk to his mother. Except she was not there. she was gone looking for supplies and new clothes. She would not be back for several days. The last time she had so much to buy, she got back after a whole week. Rapunzel didn't know what to do. She then saw her friend Pascal leaving his hiding place and hurried to hug him.

"What was that?" Asked the young woman.

The poor little chameleon could only offer her a shrug, but understanding the distress she was in, he knew it wasn't much. Her friend seemed close to tears, but he could not do anything else for her. Both looked towards the cave in which the giant had disappeared and prayed to never see him again.