After sneaking out to go on his own mission, tricking Douglas to get him to the lab, freezing him, and unfreezing Tasha and Janelle. Chase had had a very busy and crazy day. He when to bed early around 9 due to being tried from everything that happened. Mr. Davenport noticed that he looked a little pale, but didn't really think much of it. It was probably just from being in the snow for so long.

The next morning Donald was surprised that everyone but Chase was at the table eating breakfast. Chase was usually the first one up in the morning.

"Guys where's Chase"

Bree looked up for her phone and told him Chase was still asleep down in the lab. He get worried and when down to the lab to check on him.

Chase was leaning against the side of his capsule. His face was pale, his cheeks were flush and he had beads of sweat running down his forehead.

Mr. Davenport gently open the capsule and layed Chase down on bionic table. He could tell Chase definitely had a fever. He must have gotten sick from being in the avalanche earlier. He slowly starting rubbing his back to wake him up. Chase started groining as he slowly opened his eyes. "Mr. Davenport, I don't feel very good."

"I know buddy" Doald said as he pushed the hair out of Chase's eyes, "tell me how you're feeling."

"My head is pounding and my throat feels like it's on fire."

"I think you must have gotten sick from being in the snow for so long."

"I gets that's what I get from sneaking out on my own."

"Hey you got the mineral for my invitation and out smarted Douglas, Mr. Davenport said as he gently stroked Chase's hair. "Now go upstairs and sleep in one of the bedrooms. I'll come check on you later.