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My Ultimate Academia: Sneak Peak

Ben let out a pained groan as he felt like he had just gone ten rounds with one of the Plumbers training officers at the Plumbers Academy, and he wasn't allowed to use the Omnitrix. The last thing he remembered was a huge flash of light then nothing.

Sitting up, he held his head, wincing when he sat up too fast, "Man, I feel like everything in my body switched places."

Taking a second to adjust and get his vision back, Ben finally open his eyes, but once he did, they widened in shock at what he saw.

His surroundings weren't at all what he would call normal, in fact, he had no idea where he was. Standing up, Ben gazed at what looked like the entire universe. Around him, masses that looked like galaxies hung around, thousands, if not millions of what he assumed were stars filled the sky.

Looking down, he saw the same thing, galaxies, and stars, making him wonder how he was even standing when there wasn't anything under his feet.

"What...?" breathed Ben as he looked around some more, taking a few steps forward. It was then he remembered what happened prior to waking up. He, Gwen, and Kevin went to put a stop to Vilgax's plan to destroy the Earth using a Transwarp Engine. The bearer of the Omnitrix then remembered Albedo had also shown up, with a new Ultimatrix, letting him transform into aliens just like he could. Then the hero recalled the last addition.


A thousand questions raced through Ben's mind about that particular foe: the first among them was how was the psychotic Galvanic Mechamorph even alive?

Ben then remembered what happened next, the fight in the lab that ended up damaging the Engine. A portal was ripped open and Malware and Albedo were sucked into the event horizon. Vilgax followed next. Ben then realized that he had gone Upgrade to try and shut down the machine, but ended up getting pulled in as well.

Running his hand through his hair he looked up above him back to the stars and galaxies once. He realized none of that mattered at the moment. In fact the only thing that mattered was:

"Where the heck am I?" he asked aloud.

"There's really no point in asking that question, Young Tennyson," said a familiar voice, causing Ben to spin around and his attention to fall on the owner. Standing about nine feet away was a man who looked to be around his early forties. He wore a white lab coat over a white shirt with a brown vest and black tie, black pants, and black shoes. He also wore goggles with green lenses around his neck. His hands were in his coat pockets while a cheerful smile graced his face, "This is not a place, therefore, there is no answer."

"Professor Paradox," said Ben in surprise. He hadn't seen Professor Paradox in a while. A while back he first encountered the man when he, Gwen, and Kevin went to investigate Los Soledad. Turns out that in fifties Professor Paradox worked for the US government, researching the properties of quartz crystals. He found that the quartz could be used to open a portal into space-time. Unfortunately, Paradox was sucked into the event and thrown out of the effects of time. In short, Paradox no longer ages, he doesn't need to eat or sleep either, he just exists. When he was displaced outside of time, he went insane; however, millennia later, he "got bored of that, too" and became sane. "Very sane."

He then began to learn about the universe and no has a complete understanding of the space-time continuum. This allows him to travel to any point in space and time, as well as slowing down or speeding up time as he pleases. Ever since they first met, Paradox has been an invaluable ally to Ben when it comes to saving the universe, but despite that, Ben couldn't help but feel on edge whenever Paradox was around. If the scientist appeared, it usually meant there was some kind of large scale crisis that required Ben to stop.

"Hello, Young Master Tennyson," greeted the scientist as he approached the seventeen-year-old hero and extended his hand to him, "It has been some time, well for you anyway."

"Yeah, it has," replied Ben as he grasped Paradox's hand and shook it.

"Seems that you've got yourself in quite the dilemma," noted the time-traveling hero.

"I know," agreed the bearer of the Omnitrix, but after a second, he realized something, "Are you here to take me back to my world?"

Professor Paradox's smile fell slightly, "I'm afraid not, young Ben. In fact, your work has only just begun."

Ben frowned slightly, "That doesn't really answer my question, Professor, or why you can't take me back or what I need to do first, or what happened to Vilgax and the others."

"No, I don't suppose it does," agreed the time traveler, cupping his chin for a moment stepping away from Ben for a moment, "But before I start answering questions, it would be beneficial if I give you a rundown of Quantum mechanics," Paradox turned back to Ben, took out his pocket watch and clicked it open, the edges of which started glowing bright blue, "And string theory."

Suddenly, dozens of little holograms were projected out of the watch and floated into the air. Ben looked around in surprise as the holograms took the form of Earth.

"As you already know thanks to your encounter with Rex Salazar, there are many dimensions, many universes, many Earths, and thus; many Ben Tennysons across those dimensions," explained Paradox, "Dimensions that are not always in sync in time."

"Like the alternate versions of me enslaved by Eon when he attacked," recalled Ben when his evil future self attacked and tried to use the Hand of Armageddon.

"Quite right," nodded the professor as the Earth's flew away a short distance and a holographic tree suddenly sprouted between them, "Think of time and space as this tree."

Paradox then pointed towards the base of the tree where an orb appeared inside the tree, "Down here is when you were ten years old," he then gestured to a part of the trunk where another orb lit up, "Here is where you were previously in your time," he then justed to the top of the tree where the canopy started, "Up here is when you are thirty years old. The trunk is the main timeline."

"Then what are the branches for?" asked Ben, noticing a few branches sprouting out from the trunk.

"Those represent alternate timelines," answered Paradox, "where reality branches off and becomes a different timeline. Each containing its own Ben Tennyson.

"But what does that have to do with me or where I am?" asked Ben.

"To put it simply, where we are is akin to a leaf that has fallen from the tree," explained Paradox.

"Alright, but what about Vilgax, Albedo, and Malware," Ben said that last name with short order of distaste.

"The experiment conducted by Emil Hamilton has somehow thrown those three into a completely different universe where you do not exist," answered Paradox.

"Is that all?" shrugged Ben, "I should be able to handle them."

However, Paradox approached Ben and placed a hand on his shoulder, with a confident smile, "I'm certain of it Ben, but you know this isn't the first time this has happened."

"What do you mean?" asked the hero, confused.

"I mean, this isn't the first time a version of you has ended up in an alternate universe," explained Paradox, however, his tone then turned grim, "or has lost something precious."

Ben frowned slightly, not liking what Paradox was referring to.

"I can handle Vilgax and the others, I've done it before," stated the brunette.

"You have, not normally alone," countered the professor, "you see, the alternate Ben's that have traveled to another world all gained something while they were there."

"What was that?" asked Ben.

Paradox smiled and held up his watch in front of them and suddenly a portal appeared, creating a window in what Ben assumed was an alternate timeline.

"They made friends," answered Paradox as one by one, the images became clear.

In one window, Ben recognized himself sitting at a table with several other people. Two girls and two guys, and what looked like a... blue cat with wings? One of the girls looked to be about BenBen's age, with shoulder-length, blond hair, tied in a ponytail to the right side of her head with a blue ribbon. She wore a white, sleeveless shirt with blue highlights, and a blue cross down the center of it, intersecting at her chest. She also wore a blue skirt and had a brown belt around her waist, which had a black whip and key ring on it. The keyring had eight keys on it, four of them being gold, and the other four being silver.

One of the guys them was a young man with spiky, pink hair. He wore a blackish vest with a gold trim, which was both open and sleeveless, revealing well-muscled arms and chest. He also wore white, knee-length pants that seemed to be tightened to his legs by black cloths. He also had a scarf around his neck that bore a scale-like pattern.

He was arguing with the other male member at the table, likely not much older than the one with pink hair, with spiky, onyx hair. He wore black pants and a long, white coat with blue trim. Both seemed to get pretty intense until the other girl slammed her hand on the table.

The first thing he noticed about her was the color of her hair, which was a bright scarlet color. The next thing that stood out to him is that she was almost completely covered in armor. She wore a breastplate over her torso with a golden, asymmetrical cross that intersected over top. Her shoulders had three-layered shoulder plates, and she wore greaves on her forearms that ended in a wing-like structure at her elbows. She also wore a blue skirt, which was covered slightly by plates of armor attached to brown, leather straps that connected to her equally brown belt. In addition, she also wore black, knee-length boots.

While the two guys jumped and appeared to cower, Ben saw that his alternate version didn't look worried at all and instead smirked and shook his head. The most interesting thing was that all of them had the same symbol on their person in some way.

"Close allies, Ben," explained Paradox, "people you can depend on and trust with your life."

"So when I go to this world, I need to make allies, people to help me fight Vilgax and the others?" guessed the bearer of the Omnitrix.

"Indeed, Benjamin," nodded the time traveler, "Now, before you go, there is one thing you should know about this world."

"What's that?"

"In this world, humanity has developed abilities they refer to as a Quirk," explained Paradox, "What this is, is a special, superhuman ability an individual can possess. Quirks are generally unique to their users and are classified into multiple categories. The user is also given one single ability of that said Quirk, rather than many abilities. Thus, the idea of heroes has been commercialized."

Paradox then glanced at his watch, "I am sending you sometime before Vilgax and the others arrive, to grant you a window to prepare."

"Wait," asked Ben, "how do I know who to trust?"

"That is up to you, Ben," stated the professor, "but if there is one thing I have not to doubt about this, is that while you are there, you will become one of the greatest heroes that world has ever seen."


"Just be yourself, Young Master Tennyson," stated Paradox, smirking as he clicked his watch once more, "No off you go."

"Hang on a sec-" Ben started but was cut off when he suddenly glowed blue and vanished from sight. Paradox then turned back to the window, seeing it had changed.

Now, the alternate version of Ben was wearing black dress shoes, black slacks, a dark green button-up shirt, and a black dress jacket. He was sitting under a stary night on a mountainside, sharing a passionate kiss with the redhead from before who was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, an orange-and-red plaid skirt, black stockings, and dark brown dress shoes. Her scarlet hair was tied up in a ponytail with an orange-and-red plaid ribbon, and a couple of long bangs hung freely from her temples.

"Curious how these Ben's have similar events that lead them to other worlds and new friends," mused Paradox.

"From all the worlds and timelines Ben Tennyson has landed in; from the Avengers, Justice League, even the world of Remnant," sighed the professor with a proud smile as he watched the two share their moment for a few more seconds before breaking the kiss to just lean their heads against each other, "This remains one of my favorites."

The time traveler then clicked his watch and the window vanished and so did he.

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