Hello all, I hope everyone is doing alright. I just wanted to give you guys a little assurance about the next chapter.

I am working on it, at least, I am trying to as I may have hit a writer's block that I'm having a hard time getting passed. This means I have to ask you guys to be a little patient with me as I am trying my best to get more work done for the chapter, but it's proving harder to do.

On top of that, I've had some issues that came up recently that I need to deal with.

I recently had to go to the hospital to get an IV, but issues at the hospital meant I couldn't so I am doing my best to handle the situation, nothing serious, I promise you all and it doesn't have to do with COVID, I'd let you guys know if it did.

I've also begun college classes recently, so my time spent writing is taken up by labs, homework, and projects.

Not to mention, I've also been trying to restart another story I began writing before MUA, and I've just been struggling to get that story rolling as well.

To try and get around this, I did join a writing club to help me get by my writer's block and resume writing this story as it has quickly become one of my most popular stories and I fully intend to keep writing.

I just ask you to be patient with me. Updates won't be consistent and I will do my best to continue this story.

It also goes with saying that I hope everyone is doing well and everyone is keeping safe during these tough times.

My Ultimate Academia is still alive, so don't worry guest reviewer, this is not the end.

I will try to update as soon as I can, I really just hope I get past my writer's block and I can update this story and Devil May Cry: Slayer's Return soon.

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Okay, so I was considering putting this in yesterday, but I wasn't entirely sure so I figured I'd give it a day or so before adding it to the update. So, as some of you may have noticed, I'm trying my best when it comes to Nemuri's personality, shifting between being too flirty/teasing and not enough. Basically, I'm kinda yo-yoing at the moment, trying to find that sweet spot. That being said, I do have one little request regarding an idea I want to do.

Basically, at the end of chapter 8, I kinda want Nemuri to "reward" Ben after the Entrance Exam. I won't say how well he does, because of spoilers, but because this is Ben, we can all assume he does extremely well, if not the best out of the entire entrance exam. That being said, I could use some suggestions on what sort of "reward" I could have Nemuri give Ben that fits their current relationship. Like, what would be appropriate or what can you see Nemuri doing to "reward" Ben for doing so well on the Entrance Exam that simultaneously teases Ben as that is part of their dynamic; Ben surprising her from time to time and Nemuri getting him back in teasing ways. Nothing too extreme like taking a bath with her, though, I might have her mention that part. I'm tempted, really, REALLY, tempted to essentially have Ben spend the night with her in bed, but that might be too much.

Any suggestions? Be sure to send me a message in Private Messages with your idea.