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Summary: Harry disappears. Voldemorte begins a full-scale war against Hogwarts. Despite Harry's absence, Hermione and Ron are forced to struggle. Dumbledore gathers all the schools, teachers, and the DADA pros to teach the students to protect themselves....a new teacher shows up.....one even Dumbledore can't understand...and he seems strangely familiar...
Harry comes in during Part I, the prologue is just backround info for later.... :)

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Twenty years before.....

A warm, muggy breeze wafted in through the window, tugging lazily at her loose hair and the pages of the enormous book set on the table. She hissed, annoyed, and pushed the lank tendrils of hair out of her face. For a while, there was silence in the expansive library. A myriad of colors were cast through the stained glass window above the 17th-century onto old French style furniture, bookcases, and vases of flowers from the garden.
A voice rose through the oaken floorboards from downstairs, calling her impatiently for dinner, repeating when she did not respond. She gave a rather unlady-like snort and ignored it and the footsteps ascending the stairway. The door burst open.
"There you are! Didn't you hear Aunt Dorinda calling you? It was rather impolite of you not to answer."
She closed the book with a cold snap and turned to face her sister.
"Oh, and why don't you leave me alone for once? I'm sure you'd prefer to go gossip with your posh friends," she spat out icily.
Angelina gave a little sniff and stepped back into the hallway.
"What fate blessed me with such a sister?" Angelina commented pompously, her nose taking a rather upward tilt. "Come now, you are keeping the whole family waiting, especially Uncle Reginald."
"Hmmm....don't you mean I'm keeping dear Duddy the Dolt waiting?"
"Don't call Dudley that!" screamed Angelina, dropping her 'sophisticated' manner. Angelina whirled around and flounced out the door.
She sighed where she sat. Turning she echoed softly, "Aye. What a sister indeed."
Speaking a soft word, hands appeared in midair, grasped the book, and disappeared. Slipping across the carpet and into the hallway, she shut the door behind her, and followed her sister.
Sighing again, she gazed ahead at her sister's retreating form down the ornately decorated hallway. Dressed in cornflower robes from Madame Malkin's Angelina showed off her slim figure and blue eyes to the best advantage. Numerous pins and clips held up her white-blond hair in the latest popular style. She smirked. Angelina would be caught dead before wearing old clothes, if the ditzy airhead didn't die from suspense for the latest gossip first.
She passed a mirror, knowing what she would see in it. Her slim athletically trim build towered over Angelina's by a few inches, despite the fact they were twins. She was dressed in close fitting black leather pants and tank top without any jewelry. Also unlike her sister's blondish tresses, her hair was perfectly white. White as fresh snow. A high cheek-boned face that had long since lost its childish softness framed a pair of large, intense, molten gold eyes.

The hallway opened up into an expansive formal living room. Several relatives were relaxing on sofas and chairs (or as relaxed as one could be in formal dress).
"Ah, there you are, my dearies," Aunt Dorinda trilled. "Before we go on into dinner, I want to share some wonderful news!"
Angelina cooed with delight, leaving her twin sister to fade back into the shadows.
"This just arrived by owl!" Dorinda held up a beautifully embossed letter. "Angelina, congratulations, you have been accepted by Beauxbatons!"
Angelina squealed and clutching Dudley's arm proceeded to open the letter, amidst many words of approval from her surrounding relatives: "Well done!" "What else would you expect of our dear Angelina?" "So the previous private schooling was not an issue..."
Aunt Dorinda turned to the girl in the shadows with a sniff.
"You will be able to continue an independent study as you so demanded. Rather unorthodox, but there was a strange old man who is willing to tutor you. He seemed rather persistent." Dorinda appeared puzzled.

Astarael smiled. She had already known this.