I wish...

Heya, so a little note, I don't own anything to do with twilight. I have a few directions planned out for this story so let me know what you think.

Warmth and darkness. That was all that surrounded me, protecting me from the unknown yet slowly suffocating me. I knew I wasn't alone, I just couldn't reach out and connect with the voices I heard, they sounded so beautiful.

I longed to meet them, to apologise for the pain I've been causing my loving mother, every time I heard her weak and strained voice filled with love, the more guilt I felt. I just don't know what to do. Every time I move I almost always push and kick the other mass next to me earning myself split images of who the voices belonged to.

I wanted... No needed to see the images again. I wanted to see my mother, I wanted to see my father with love and devotion in his golden eyes. Poking the lumpy mass next to me I waited with slight impatience before the lump moved.

'Hello' I was shocked, which voice was this? I didn't recognise it from the others, not knowing how to respond back I settled with poking the lump again.

'Please stop it hurts' stilling my movements, I now knew this wasn't an outside voice. Was someone else in here with me? Moving my hand to poke it again I stopped myself before settling on lightly resting my finger on its arm in a light tap.

'Do you want to see mummy and daddy?' it asked in a light and soft voice before giggling when I moved my finger slightly down her arm in excitement. I wanted to sigh in happiness when the image of mummy in a white dress dancing slowly with daddy.

'Guess I'm not as alone as I once thought' I knew that I already loved my sister dearly.

It's hard to tell how long my sister and I have been in here for, all I know is that we keep growing having less room and having to move around more.

'I'm so sorry mum'

The reply to my guilt riddled thought was a snap and shouts of pain and anger. I knew what would come next... The mean voice. I hated the way he spoke about my sister and I, calling us monsters but I knew that's what we were... Monsters.

Slowly killing, torturing the only woman whom would love us forever. I listened every time about his wishes and demanding shouts to stop my mothers suffering, to end my sister and I, it hurt so much but I took in every word as my punishment for hurting my mother and every time I heard his harsh voice dripped in venom I always made a silent vow to love and protect not only my mum but my sister, I would protect them with my life until the end of time.