Grace always knew something was off about her. Ever since a young age she knew she was different from her family and the people surrounding her. She was pale, even if she stayed out in the sun all day long with no sunscreen, she would never tan. She had deep brown eyes with specks of gold in them, something she's never seen and she tried to google them as much as she could. She had waist length bronze hair with natural dark tints throughout it but when she tried to dye it, it never worked. The dye would never take no matter if the color was the darkest black or bleach blonde or just brown. She was fast and strong, almost inhumanly so she never participated in sports or tried to fight. Her skin was perfect, like no bemlishes ever, not one pimple or blackhead had ever made an apperence on her skin. She did figure out that tattoos and piercings can happen which is why both ears are full of holes and her body is marked in ink.

Grace grew up in Brooklyn, New York with parents Beth and Frank Addams along with younger brother Damian. She had a normal life for the most part other then her parents being extremely overprotective and sometimes overbearing. Grace always just told herself that it was because they loved her. She was an amazing artist, she had an amazing vision when it and to painting. She was incredibly smart, top student but when she was about to be announced valedictorian in her high school she started failing things so that went to someone else. Her mother always said attention was never good. She didn't have any friends. The boys found her weird and the girls found her too perfect. Once graduated everyone thought she would go to one of the many Ivy League colleges that accepted her but instead she threw a curveball at her parents. She decided to go to a small town near Seattle, Washington and put herself out there in the art scene. Seattle's art scene was just up and rising so it gave her a chance to break in unlike Brooklyn's who has been around forever. Her parents tried to argue with her and even tried to forbid her from going. Of course their arguments were sound, she didn't know anyone out there and she would be alone. But Grace felt like she had been alone all her life so she sure she could do this. She had already applied to many jobs in the small town and even got a call back from the diner. She had a plan, she had a job lined up, she was using all her savings to get her by living wise. She told them if she failed she would come back, no harm no foul. Eventually her parents agreed. Her parents also alerted the Cullens what was happening. Carlisle had a sense that she might have a pull back towards the rainy state, the imprint was just too much and would eventually stop lying dormant. The Cullens though vowed to keep this a secret for now. Not to alarm Seth that his imprint was coming back.

One year later

"Grace! Order up!" Chad the cook yelled from inside the kitchen alerting the girl who was currently cleaning off her last table. Grace sighed before grabbing the last coffee mug off the table and headed back into the kitchen. She put the mug on the dish station and went to go check what order was for her. She should have been done for the day now.

"Dolly had to leave, some emergency," Chad rolled his eyes. Everyone was use to Dolly running out mid shift when she didn't feel like working anymore. Grace let out a frustrating sigh before grabbing the ticket with Dolly's name on it. Grace had to get her space money to the gallery in Seattle by 9pm and it was already 6pm. She could not miss turning in the money because if she did then she would be out of the gallery show that was happening on Friday. She worked hard on her paintings for a year and finally found a gallery that would take a chance on the new comer so she couldn't let them down. Grace snapped out of her thoughts and grabbed the two plates before putting a smile back on her face and heading out the double doors. She walked to the back corner booth where two men sat, one older man in a police uniform with a graying moustache along with a tan young man in flannel.

"I got a steak dinner and a burger," Grace announced before the boys took their plates from her hands. They were about to dig in when Grace asked if they needed anything else. The younger boy looked up and was smiling before it fell. Jacob knew exactly who was in front of him. Grace. Nessies twin. He quickly looked at Charlie, he couldn't let the old man see because he would just get emotional and freak the girl out.

"No, no, no we're okay," Jacob finally got out in which Grace nodded and walked back to finish cleaning her table off fully. She grabbed the spray and a rag before wiping the table top clean along with the seats. She felt the mans eyes on her as she went back behind the counter and dropped off the bottle.

"Hey Nikki, I need to get out of here soon so when that last table is done I'm gone," Grace announced to her boss who was making another pot of coffee. Nikki had taken a chance on the young girl from Brooklyn so much so that she treated her like a daughter. Even helped her find a small studio to rent in town when she first moved here with no where to stay.

"Seattle?" Nikki questioned as Grace printed out the check for the cops table.

"Seattle. I need to turn my space money in so I can show pieces this Friday," Grace gave her a glowing smile. Nikki knew how much Seattle and this art show meant to her so she agreed.

"Just give the table the ticket now and I'll take care of the rest. Any tip you get I'll drop by your place later," she placed a hand on her shoulder giving a light squeeze before heading into the kitchen. Grace grabbed the check and headed back to the table in the corner.

"I know you aren't done yet but I unfortunately have to get going. Nikki will be taking care of you the rest of the time you guys are here," Grace placed the ticket on the table in between them and when they looked up she smiled politely at both. Charlie, the old man started stuttering. He couldn't get any words out. Who knew who she was just by looking into those eyes. Those eyes were Bella's while she was still human. Jacob talked before the man had anytime to say anything.

"Thank you. Great service, keep it all," Jacob took a twenty out of his wallet and handed it to her. She took it and slipped it into her apron.

"You boys have a good night," Grace smiled widely as she went behind the counter again to clock out. She grabbed her jacket and bag and was out the door before Charlie had even stopped stuttering. The Cullens had some explaining to do.