A Farscape/ Stargate Crossover

By Tassos

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, due to a fluke at birth, I own neither Moya and her crew nor the Stargate and its travelers. All characters will be returned - but as you know deep space is a dangerous place, so there are no guarantees as to their health.

Spoilers: In the Farscape Universe, this is set just after Bad Timing, season 4, so everything is game. In the Stargate Universe, it's general season 7 before the cliffhangar, though you should know that I just started watching Stargate this summer.

Additional Notes: For the moment, this story is self-beta read. If anyone wants the job, let me know. Also, I plan on having this finished by January1, 2004.


Section 1: Broken Doors

************************************************************************ ************************************************************************

Colonel Jack O'Neill knew something was very wrong the minute he was spit out of the wormhole. Literally spit. With air beneath his feet and sky in front of his face, Jack flew head over heels, landing with a heavy, painful crash on a heap of metal.

"Oww." That hurt. Carefully picking himself up, he looked around. Oh yeah, something was very wrong. "Carter."


"Uh, Carter? Aren't there supposed to be trees?"

Carter looked around as she tried to stand on the shifting metal she had landed on. Instead of the trees and calm landscape of a deserted planet brimming with natural resources, she saw only what could be described as a junkyard. Mountains of scrap heaps like the one they had landed on, surrounded them. Easily three stories high worth of twisted metal glittered next to parts that had succumbed to rust. Behind them, the stargate lay almost flat on the pile, the slope explaining their brief flight.

"Carter?" O'Neill repeated.

"We dialed the right gate, sir," the Major said defensively. "I don't know what went wrong."

"Uh, Jack?" said Daniel nervously. "There doesn't seem to be a DHD here." Carter turned and made her way up to where Daniel crouched by the gate. Terrific.

"Any way you can get that thing to work?" Jack asked following her.

"Don't know yet, sir."

"Let me know when you do." O'Neill let her and Daniel do their thing while he joined Teal'c in checking out their surroundings. They were about halfway up their particular scrap heap that undulated into peaks in either direction with no evidence of the ground, simply lower levels of junk. It was almost entirely metal, no garbage or bio-waste. Jack saw what looked like a smashed glider across from where he stood and a rusted train wreck not far from that.

"Anything?" O'Neill glanced up at the two scientists by the 'gate who looked at each other before Sam shook her head.

"There's no DHD," she said. "We might be able to find what we need here to hot-wire it," she gestured vaguely at the junk piles. "But we'll still need a power source."

"Alright." Jack looked around again then nodded up the hill. "Let's go see if we can find out where we are first. Then we'll see about getting some batteries."

The climb to the top was better than O'Neill had expected. There were enough larger chunks to get a solid foothold without slipping and twisting an ankle. A few short minutes later, Jack was standing on top of a wrecked car-like thing with Teal'c taking in the view. Below them, the junkyard continued for roughly a hundred feet in most directions before getting cut off by a high fence. Beyond, they were surrounded by a city. The area they were in was obviously low rent from the look of the grungy, squat buildings with visible repairs. There was a lot of foot traffic, interspersed with coughing vehicles heading away from the junkyard toward taller, more stable buildings farther off. The people were too distant to really distinguish whether they were human or not. All Jack could tell was that they were a pretty drab bunch dressed mostly in blacks and grays.

"What do you think?" he asked the Jaffa next to him.

"It appears we have found an advanced people," Teal'c pointed off to the right where a ship was entering the atmosphere. They watched it slow its descent and land like a hovercraft among the buildings somewhere.

"They're advanced, and looking at the wrecks lying around, I'd say they're potentially dangerous, too," added Carter. "Most of them look like they were destroyed by weapons fire."

"Anything familiar?" O'Neill asked.

Carter shook her head. "They're definitely not Goa'uld," she said. "I've never seen systems like them. It looks like they use - "

"Carter," O'Neill interrupted her before she got going. "So the General thinks we're on some harmless planet. We've got a broken gate, no way to start it, and a big city of unknown hostiles. Any suggestions?"

"Jack, we can't judge the whole population by a few burn marks in a junkyard," said Daniel.

"I knew you were going to say that," Jack sighed. He really didn't like this situation. "Alright kids, it looks like we're going to town." Hefting his weapon, the Colonel led the way down the other side of the metal mountain toward the fence. Once they were at the perimeter, it would be easier to find a gate into the city. The walk down was slower than the climb up since there weren't as many large parts to act as boulders. As they neared the fence, the mountains turned into rolling hills, getting smaller and more dangerous as they went. Jack kept a watchful eye out for any sign of life, specifically an alien version of an angry yard boss with a shotgun, but so far all was quiet.

Until a loud crash of breaking glass sounded behind him. "Dammit," Daniel swore, one leg through a cockpit window that had given way beneath his weight. Jack quickly backtracked to where his friend was carefully extracting his leg.

"Are you okay?" he asked anxiously. He did not need Daniel hurt on top of everything, and if an artery had been cut . . .

"Yeah, I'm fine," Daniel answered. "Really. See, no blood." Jack inspected the leg himself and there was blood, but just a few scratches, nothing life threatening.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked again.

"Jack," Daniel gave him one of his disapproving looks. "I'm fine."

"Okay." He knew better than to push. Daniel was fine, and they had bigger things to worry about. With a pat on the back, O'Neill nodded to Carter and Teal'c then started back toward the fence.

It only took about twenty minutes to finish their descent. The fence itself was made of iron bars and was about two stories high. On the other side, buildings leaned against it for support. And the stench . . . Jack tried not to think about all the rot and refuse that must be at home in the quarter. Yep, definitely the bad part of town.

"Jack!" Daniel cried, leaping past his CO and dashing down the narrow path that ran along the fence.

"Daniel, wait!" he called as he ran after the archaeologist, dreading what he had found, and then both surprised and not when it turned out to be a girl.

"Oh God," said Daniel as he crouched beside the girl's body. Jack knelt beside him and checked for a pulse. There. Not in the right place, but steady all the same. Her skin was completely white as was her short hair. Blue blood oozed from cuts that covered her body along with a peppering of what had to be bruises. What was left of her clothing was torn and from the looks of it she had also been raped. She couldn't have been more than twenty.

"She needs a doctor," said Carter joining them on the ground with the first aid kit. "If

only we could get back to the SGC."

"Well we can't," Jack replied, angry himself that they couldn't. Angry at the creatures that had tortured and left this little girl to die in a junkyard where no one would find her body. Ever.

"We can't just leave her. We have to get her to a hospital or healer or whatever they have here," Daniel glanced up at Jack. The colonel looked back at the girl, not sure if it was worth it. They would be a man down carrying her, and she would probably be dead soon from her injuries.

"Jack - "

"Daniel - "

"Jack, we are not leaving her here."

O'Neill knew he was going to lose the argument if he even tried. "Daniel, once Carter gets her set, you carry her. Let's keep our eyes open, people. We don't want any nasty surprises."

"I did not intend to close them, O'Neill," said Teal'c with a slight nod. Jack accepted the silent pledge with a nod of his own, then stood to get out of Carter's way. A few minutes later, they were ready to go again. The girl remained unconscious throughout.

Following the path, it didn't take SG-1 long to find a gate to the outside world. It was unguarded and unlocked and led into a little courtyard filled with more machines and vehicles in various states of repair. O'Neill though it was deserted at first, but a sudden movement on his right caught his attention. As did the gun pointed at his chest two seconds later.