Clark roars as he lifts up Darkseid's corpse over his shoulders as he stands in front of the ruins of the Lincoln Memorial. The great Darkseid has fallen! The scene is broadcast across all frequencies informing the world and the Apokoliptan forces of Darkseid's demise. In major cities around the world, boomtubes open up simultaneously to take in the mass exodus of retreating Apokoliptan forces. The Justice League together with other heroes and villains and remaining military forces around the world have coordinated to mount a final attack that had finally ended five years of servitude under the thrall of Apokolips.

Clark rockets up to the sky as he clutches the forearm of Darkseid's corpse. It took Clark three hours to reach the sun into which he hurls Darkseid's corpse. The corpse is immediately consumed by the sun's flames.

Diana waited for Clark at the Lincoln Memorial. Her eyes light up as she sees Clark break into the atmosphere.

"Its done," says Clark as his feet touch the ground in front of Diana.

Diana embraces Clark as she says, "We've done it, Kal. The world is finally free from Darkseid's tyranny."

"Finally, after five long years," replied Clark.

"I hope you wouldn't mind if I do this," said Clark as he cups Diana's face with both his hands and kisses her lips.

As Clark and Diana break from their kiss, Diana with her face heating up says, "I-I wouldn't mind doing that again, Kal."

"I love you, Diana. I loved you since the first time I met you," said Clark.

"I-I love you too, Kal. My heart is filled with happiness to know that you feel the same way too!"

Once again Clark and Diana share a passionate kiss.


At the Fortress in the Arctic, the first meeting of the Justice League for the year was finally winding down. J'onn the newly elected chairman looked towards Clark and said, "Superman has an announcement to make. Clark, you have the floor."

"It was no secret to all of you that Diana and I have been in a relationship for sometime. And since the League has taken in new members whom we feel could take on more crucial roles, Diana and I have decided for both of us to go on semi-retirement to concentrate on personal matters. I will let Diana tell you the other reason," said Clark nodding to Diana.

"Thank you, Kal. I am pleased to tell all of you that I am with child," said Diana.

"How far along are you, Diana?" asked Dinah.

"Six weeks by tomorrow, Dinah," replied Diana.

"Congratulations, guys!" said Zatanna as she went over to embrace Diana.

Soon, the female Leaguers went over to Diana to offer their congratulations and words of encouragement. While the male Leaguers shook Clark's hand and gave him pats on the back.

"Finally, Clark. Congratulations! You and Diana deserve this," said Bruce as he shook Clark's hand.

"Thank you, Bruce. Diana and I decided..."

"You both want me to be the child's godfather," Bruce said before Clark could finish his sentence.

"So, do you accept?" asked Clark.

"It would be an honor, Clark," replied Bruce.

"Thank you, Bruce," said Clark as they shook hands and gave each other a pat on the back.

J'onn clears his throat to get everyone's attention. "Since we no longer have any other business at hand, I hereby adjourn this meeting. Refreshments courtesy of Superman and Wonder Woman will be served at the cafeteria," said J'onn as he hits the gavel on the sounding block.

At the cafeteria, Clark and Diana stood before a steady line of well-wishers. Wally comes up to Clark and says, "You guys are the greatest! I'll miss seeing you around! By the way, I love the apple pie, Clark!"

"Its like I never left, Wally. You forget we're practically neighbors. The League shares the Fortress with me!" replied Clark.

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that. I sure miss the old Watchtower. We lost some good heroes there when Darkseid's Furies blew it into space junk the first day of the invasion," Wally said sadly.

"Any plans for a wedding yet?" Zatanna asked Diana.

"Kal and I have decided on a handfasting ceremony to be held in Themyscira in two months time. Of course, you're all invited!" replied Diana.

"I'll need to find a dress!" Zatanna said.

Clark and Diana arrived at the Kent farm in the late afternoon. Clark passed by the graves of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Jonathan and Martha together with half the citizens of Smallville were among the first casualties during Darkseid's occupation of Earth.

Clark clears the leaves and places a small bouquet of flowers upon the headstones and says, "Ma, Pa. I've finally done it. I've finally asked Diana to marry me. We're expecting our first child. Well, not exactly in that order. If you were alive today I know Ma would hit me with a frying pan on the head while saying, 'No children before marriage!' I wish you were here to share this with me. Please guide me. I love you Ma, Pa."

Clark enters the kitchen through the backdoor. He sees Diana bent over by the refrigerator probably looking for something to eat. Clark approaches Diana from the rear and grabs Diana by her waist. "Kal!" Diana shrieks.

"What were you doing, Princess?" Clark asked.

"I got hungry. I was looking something to eat. Preferably something cold and sweet!" replied Diana.

"Oh, I just have the right thing in mind. I'll be back in five minutes!" said Clark as he rockets into the sky.

Exactly five minutes later, Clark arrives with five gallons of Siegel's strawberry ice cream. Diana shrieks with delight as she embraces Clark. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you, Kal!"

At the same moment, a meeting is being held in the office of Samuel Lane, Director of National Defense. Sitting before him were Department of Metahuman Affairs Officer-In-Charge, Amanda Waller and Colonel Steve Trevor, Acting Director of ARGUS.

"I tell you if it wasn't for these metahuman scum we wouldn't have been invaded by Darkseid!" roared Sam Lane.

Amanda Waller was the first to reply, "I agree with you, Director. But unfortunately, not everyone shares our opinion about these metahumans. The President himself said in his speech that we wouldn't have won the war had it not been for the metahumans' help in taking down the forces of Darkseid."

"What does our President know? He was in his diapers while I was going house to house in Kuwait and Afghanistan! That President should be shot for being a traitor to his race!" growled Sam Lane.

"Your words are bordering on treasonous, Director," said Steve Trevor.

"But I agree with you a hundred percent. I think this world's metahumans have made the Earth a target for every wannabe planetary conqueror. We even haven't gone to examine the extent of collateral damage when metahumans battle each other," Trevor added.

"So what do you propose we do, Director Lane?" Waller asked.

Lane was quick to reply, "What I propose is that we set up a cadre of handpicked individuals. We train them, arm them and fund them. Then we point them to the metas we want eliminated. Simple as pie."

"What could we arm them with that could take down the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman?" asked Trevor.

"The Department of National Defense has confiscated, silently, mind you all metallo armors manufactured by Lexcorp before it was dissolved and awarded to Wayne Enterprises by no other than our President!" replied Lane.

"Recruitment, training and arming are all taken care of. That leads us to funding, Director," asked Waller.

"You forget the DND still has access to the CIA's black funds. We could divert most of that into our warchest," Lane replied.

"Then its all settled. All we need now is a name for our group," Lane said.

"I've got a suggestion. How about the Oddfellows?" said Trevor.

"I like it. It has nice ring to it," replied Waller.

"Oddfellows it is. Welcome to the Oddfellows! Waller! Trevor!" Lane said as the three of them exchanged handshakes.