As I promised, the Uo-Kyo project. Just like Unforgettable, it will be short, sweet, and simple.

"Damn that dirty old man!" hollered Uotani Arisa as Sohma Yuki and Honda Tohru listened to her. The three of them were seated inside the cool, air-conditioned office of the young Sohma clan head where he was going through the paper works regarding his family's businesses.

"Uo-chan, calm down!" said Tohru, sweatdropping. She didn't like to see her friend's wrath explode in Yuki's office. She knew that Uo was only capable of paper tearing, table breaking, or something equally destructive. Sweatdropping, she remembered the only one who was capable of matching her friend's volatile temper. The one who wouldn't hesitate to pick a fight or a debate with her, regardless of her gender.

"He thinks that I'm ready to have a live-in relationship with him just to get the dough to pay for my tuition!" yelled Uo, drinking the glass of water on the table. "Hah! I love my freedom and independence! I will never resort to such a cheap trick for anything."

"Even for your education?" asked Yuki, forehead creased.

Uo paused. "Well…" She slammed her fists on the table. "I still will not stoop that low!"

Tohru looked at Yuki. "Isn't there a vacancy in your office, Yuki-kun?"

"Um…" Yuki tore his eyes away from the hopeful eyes of the onigiri. He sorted through his paper works. "Um…"

"Just say 'no', Princey," snapped Uo.

Yuki couldn't. He didn't want to disappoint Tohru, especially when her eyes were begging like so. He busily ran through his mind for possible jobs he could give Uo.

"You know how to cook?" he asked hopefully.

Uo smiled with sweet venom. "I can cook as well as you."

Yuki decided to ignore her, for Tohru's sake. "You know how to clean?"

"I'm as coordinated as you are, so I won't have any problems."

Strike two. Yuki cleared his throat. One last smartass statement from her, and I'll throw her out of my office, even if Honda-san kills me. "You know how to drive?"

She paused, then a smile blossomed on her face. "I think I can do that with no problem." She had always wanted to drive a smacking handsome car around town, her hair blowing with the wind, black shades on her eyes, and dressed in tight leather suit.

Yuki smiled too. "Good. You're hired then, as the driver."

Suddenly, the leather suit, the shades, and the windblown hair disappeared in Uo's mind. The smacking handsome car was replaced by a stiffly formal Benz , with her driving it around with her hair tied down in a low ponytail and body clad with a gray shapeless driver's uniform. Gone are the shades and were replaced by the driver's cap.

"A driver?" spat Uo out.

"Yes. I asked you if you know how to drive. Naturally, the job that I had in mind for you is that of a driver," said Yuki, surprised.

"B-But…" She thought he wanted her to test drive the cars that the family company was manufacturing.

Tohru clasped her hands. "Oh, Uo-chan, I'm so happy! Now you can show that mean old man that you can stand alone, even without having a relationship with him!"

Uo looked at the happy smile on her friend's face, then sighed. "Yeah."

Sohma Hatori walked on the hallway of the Sohma main office authoratively, and not a few women turned his way, giggling like schoolgirls. But his mind was on something else…

He opened the door and found the startled Yuki, Tohru, and a blonde gaping at him. He closed the door and bowed. "Good morning, Sir, Honda-kun."

"Did you suddenly forget your manners, or you do not know the ethics of knocking?" asked the clan head testily, his face hardening again.

Hatori bowed and muttered an apology, then cleared his throat. "Kyo failed again."

Yuki slapped his hand on his forehead. "Damn, that stupid cat!"

Tohru sighed. "Yuki-kun, we must be forcing him too much."

"No. In order for him to fit in to this new world we're facing, he must succeed on this first," said Yuki. "But I don't understand! Haru, Momiji and I were able to overcome it with no problem at all! Why couldn't he succeed with this one-"

"What are you talking about?" asked Uo, mystified. "Is it some kind of a test?"

"W-Well, yes…" said Tohru slowly.

"A psychological test or a board exam?" pressed Uo.

"Actually," said the clan doctor, clearing his throat. "Kyo just failed his driver's license exam for the third time."

Uo sweatdropped. "What?! He doesn't know how to drive?" She burst into delighted peals of laughter.

Yuki sighed. "Arisa-san, it's not funny. First of all, it's embarrassing that at the age of 21, he still doesn't know how to even start a car engine. Next, it's not good for his male reputation. Men should know how to drive. Furthermore-"

"He crashed the fifth car we gave him just a few days ago," said Hatori, sighing. "And I thought Shigure was the most dangerous creature to let loose on the streets of Tokyo. Someone is actually much worse than him!"

Tohru sweatdropped. "Oh, give the Neko-san a break. He's trying his hard to learn, but he's not just accustomed to being enclosed in the cramped space of a car. He longs for the fresh breeze and not for the perfumed air-conditioning of the car. He's more used to walking-"

"But he's the next-in-line Junior CEO of the company!" said Yuki, groaning. "We don't want the employees to see their boss jog around the hallways of the office, sweating and filthy."

Uo tried to imagine Kyo – the Sohma Kyo that she challenged in card games and backgammon back when they were both 17, the Sohma Kyo who would readily fight with her even if he was a guy and she was a girl. She then tried to imagine him in a dark, double-breasted business suit, donning an attaché case. She stifled a snort.

"Very well, for the meantime, we can make Arisa-san his driver," decided Yuki, gazing at her.

Her jaw dropped. "Make me his what?!"

"His driver," repeated the clan head calmly.

"No way!" said Uo, standing. "I can't stand that guy!"

Yuki suppressed a smirk. "You don't have to stand. You'll just sit in the car and drive him around."

"Stop it! I'm not playing games with you, Prince!" she snapped.

Hatori smiled sarcastically. "That's a crazy idea, Yuki. A female driver? Kyo will never go for it, not in a million and one years."

"Why not?" Tohru wanted to know.

"Because she's a girl," said Yuki and Hatori in unison.

 "I don't see what's wrong with her being a girl," said the onigiri. "I bet she can drive as well as any of you could." She turned to Uo. "Right, Uo-chan?"

She gulped when she felt the begging doe eyes of her friend. Oh, how could she say no? She matched her gaze with Hatori. "I can drive as well as you two could."

"I thought you don't want-" Yuki's words were cut by Uo's statement.

"How much is the salary?"

Uo and Hatori were long gone, and Tohru was making Yuki a cup of coffee.

"I'm so glad you gave Uo-chan a job," said the onigiri as she placed it on his table. "I'm sure Kyo would love to see her."

"I'm sure," agreed Yuki, smiling devilishly in his mind.

"Thank you!" said Tohru cheerfully, beaming at him.

He paused, then looked away, slightly blushing. "Um…yeah."

God, I love this girl.

Sohma Kyo rolled his eyes as his cousin, novelist Sohma Shigure bragged about his just released driver's license.

"Hah! After those long years of blood, sweat, and long queues, I finally got my *official* permit to drive freely with the Tokyo traffic!" He flashed his card before Kyo's narrowed eyes. "Isn't this piece of laminated card adorable, Kyo? You just want to get one like this too, eh?" Shigure smirked. "Too bad you can't."

Kyo clenched his fists. "I can too! If I want, that is."

Shigure smiled indulgently. "Okaaay."

"Stop it!!!" hollered Kyo before lying down lazily on the floor again. He still couldn't believe that Shigure passed the licensure exam and he didn't. Am I bound to be like Shigure, who waited for 10 years before the licensing board pitied him and finally gave him his card?

He wanted to feel what it was like to drive too. But there seemed to be this unfathomable hatred that automobiles have for him. He couldn't understand the difference of lowering the brakes and stepping on the actual brakes. He couldn't understand why there was a gas clutch. He couldn't understand what kind of circular motion laws governing the stupid steering wheel. And whenever he tries to make a left light signal, he would only be able to activate the window washer. Those, and ninety-six more things that puzzled his simple and sound mind.

Why did they have to design the cars so difficultly anyway? he wondered.

Just then, the phone rang. He didn't bother to even stand up. He knew it would be Hatori again, forcing him to stand up, get dressed in those freaking business suits and go to the office to train.

But he didn't care for those things. All he wanted was to improve his martial arts skills and beat Yuki.

But if I can beat Yuki in the family business…It was unlikely, but he was willing to try. He was willing to try every possible way to win at least one over their clan head.

His face softened upon remembering Tohru. Sweet Tohru, whom he confessed his feelings to, but was kind enough to say that she couldn't love him the way he wanted her to, but would still love him as her best friend too.

Yuki won her too.

His thoughts were interrupted when Shigure peeked into his room. "Oh Captain Dumbbells…"

"What?" he snapped.

"Hatori called me to inform you that you should be in the office within fifteen minutes, or he would call Kagura-chan up," said the writer, snickering.

He perked up. He would take the Yuki-Hatori combo over Kagura any given day. "I'll be right there."

Shigure held his hand up. "But wait, there's more!"


"You get dressed, but you'll stay here," said the novelist.

"They'll train me here?" asked Kyo hopefully.

"No, Captain Dumbbells. A driver will fetch you!" announced Shigure cheerfully.

Kyo's eyes widened. "A what?!?"

Just then, they heard a car stop in front of the house.

"The driver's here," said the novelist excitedly.

Kyo got up and marched towards the front door to yell at the driver to go back to wherever he came from because he could go to the office all by himself. He found the driver fixing something in the car engine. He drew towards the driver and slammed his back. "Hey you! I don't need you! Go back to Hatori and tell him that I-" His voice trailed off when the driver straightened up and faced him squarely, eyebrows shot up.

"Sorry, but my salary depends on this." Uotani Arisa glared at him.

Kyo was speechless.


Note: I do not know if the reviewers will respond to this coupling as favorably as they did with my previous Furuba works, but I do hope that you guys give the fic a chance.

This is for Mona and Kyte, who both like this couple. ^^ Anything is possible, as long as you believe, right?