Here's another new story. I don't know how many of these I can come up with and I don't know why now. I've stated it a few times, I lose interest in writing during the holidays for various reasons, but for some reason, I feel like writing as much as I can. This is rated for various reasons, expect bashing for everyone, yes, everyone, except for the four main characters in this story. There's going to be death in later chapters too, AU and OOC.

If everyone is going to be okay with that, please enjoy the first chapter. Going to be a tad on the confusing side, but the next chapter will explain everything.

Three figures stepped through the gate of the local park as the night air blew past them. A black-haired young woman looked at the green-haired duo beside her and panted, "Tsu, Izuku, are you two alright?"

Tsuyu Asui and Izuku Midoriya looked at her and nodded as Tsuyu answered, "We're fine...a little shaken up, but we're fine. What about you, Momo?"

Momo Yaoyorozu nodded before looking around with a concerning look crossing her face, "What happened to the others? Did they get in-" before she could finish, they heard someone moan in pain from behind them and they looked back to see a bicolor young man with his head down step through the gate, "Shouto!"

"Shouto!" the three stepped closer to Shouto Todoroki as Momo wrapped an arm around him and held him up for support.

Shouto groaned as he looked up and the three saw a burn mark over his left eye and Momo's eyes widened in shock, "Shouto! What the hell happened to you?" Shouto grunted as he pushed himself off Momo and walked past them, "Shouto, we're trying to help you, but we can't if you don't talk to us and tell us who-"

"My parents were both home tonight," Shouto stopped and looked over his shoulder with narrowed eyes, "All the messed up things the Wild Ten have done father was pissed and my mother...she-" the three stared at their bicolor friend in disbelief as he shook his head and began walking away, "Where are the others? We all agreed to meet here before leaving,"

"I tried calling Kacchan, Ochako, Mina and Eijiro, but none of them answered," Izuku sighed, shaking his head, "I met up with Tsuyu at the end of the street and we ran here where we met up with Yaoyorozu,"

"I tried calling Kyoka and Denki, but like Izuku, I didn't get an answer and I had to leave before my parents came home," Tsuyu frowned and shook her head, "I just hope that they got away before they got in trouble,"

The air between the four grew still before Momo took a deep breath and stepped closer to Shouto and placed a hand on his shoulder before she looked back at the two and slightly frowned, "If anything, we knew what we were was going to get us in trouble eventually, it started out as causing a little mischief and then Katsuki had to go and take it to a whole new level and started stealing...if we hadn't had gone along with him, he would've gotten us in trouble and now the whole damn town hates us,"

"So what," everyone looked at Izuku as he growled and shook his head, "So the town hates us, it's not the end of the world. We can us what we learned while the Wild Ten ran the streets to survive. We know how to steal without getting caught, we know how to build fires, so staying warm won't be too hard and we can find abandon buildings to break into at night if we need shelter, so what's stopping us from-"

"Our parents know about the Wild Ten," Tsuyu inhaled slowly, "They know we were a part of it and Shouto's mother-" Tsuyu stopped as the three looked at Shouto as he crossed his arms and looked away with a stern look crossing his face, "-did that to him...there's almost no place we can go without getting caught, and it'll only make things worse if we run," the four stood in silence for several moments before flashing red and blue lights caught their attention. Shouto grabbed Momo by the hand while Izuku grabbed Tsuyu's hand and the four of them ran from the gates and through the park.

The four young adults sat around a small fire as they panted and a cool wind blew past them. The two young men took their jackets off and Izuku draped his around Tsuyu's shoulders while Shouto draped his around Momo's. Tsuyu slightly smiled and hugged the jacket closer to her before her eyes widened and she dug in the pockets and pulled out a small, handheld radio, "What the hell?"

"Oh...I took that from our garage before I know...listen to music and maybe listen to the news and see what's going on,"

Momo arched a brow and shook her head, "Out of everything you can possibly bring, you grabbed a little radio an-"

"Look, I didn't have much time to get much, so I grabbed the radio and some batteries for it. I was going to grab some supplies for us, but before I could, my parents walked in and I had to run out and meet up with Tsuyu,"

"That's actually smart," Shouto sighed, "We had to leave our phones behind and at least now we have some connection to the outside world...turn it on," Tsuyu nodded and turned the small device on before scanning through the channels.

After scanning for several minutes, Tsuyu turned the radio off and put it back in the pocket of the jacket and leaned up against Izuku and slowly. Izuku wrapped his arm around her before looking up at the two sitting across from them and sighed as he shook his head, "Why don't you get some sleep too, Momo? Shouto and I will stay up and keep the fire going," Momo nodded before leaning up against Shouto and Shouto wrapped his arm around her as Momo slowly closed her eyes.

The two stared at the slowly dying fire before Shouto tossed some dry wood into it and sighed, " did it happen?" Shouto looked up in confusion as Izuku shook his head, "The scar? Tsuyu said it was your mother that did that to you and you didn't deny it. So how did it happen?"

Shouto took a deep breath and shook his head, "It' father was yelling at me for being so stupid and running with the Wild Ten, he could me a disgraceful son and I went to my mother for some support, but instead, she pushed me back and pulled boiling water on my face. I'll be lying if I say didn't hurt or doesn't hurt anymore, but I managed to push her off of me and then I pushed past my siblings and out of the house. That's when I made it to the park,"

"Damn...and I thought my parents were crazy when they approached me with a belt...are you okay?" Shouto hummed and shook his head as the snapping and crackling of the fire filled the air.

Second chapter will explained everything or most everything. Enjoy.