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The four stood up and stretched before they looked down at the burnt pile of wood before looking at each other in silence as a calming wind blew past them and they walked away from their little camp. Tsuyu reached in the pocket and pulled out the small radio again and everyone looked at her as she turned it on and scanned through the channels, "What are you doing, Tsuyu?"

"Seeing if we can find out what happened to the others last night," Tsuyu answered before they heard the weather forecast pour out of the small radio and the four of them stopped and listened.

"And in surprising news, late last night, six members of the notorious gang known as the Wild Ten have turned themselves into police," the reporter spoke and the four looked at each other in disbelief, "The six members, who wish to remain anonymous, turned themselves into police custody just after eleven last night. Detectives spoke with each member and they are willing to help track down the remaining four members of the Wild Ten in exchange for a plea deal. Officers are urging civilians to lock your doors at night as these four a-" Tsuyu turned the radio off and shoved it back into the pocket as a calming wind blew past them as they stood, stunned by the words of the reporter.

Momo sighed and shook her head, "Should we...believe this? What if it's just a scare tactic to get us to turn ourselves in an-"

"This sounds like something Kacchan would do," Izuku narrowed his eyes, "And besides, why wouldn't they answer last night when Tsuyu and I called them? And if it were a trick, how did they know how many members are here?"

"Lucky guess," the bicolor young man spoke and the three looked at him, "I know they could've said any number, but-"

"Until we hear more about this, we'll play it safe," Tsuyu took a deep breath and everyone looked at her, "We can't be certain that it's true and if it is then fine, we don't need them to survive,"

Izuku inhaled slowly and shook his head, "Tsuyu's right. We know how to survive without any help. We'll steal whatever we need to live, we'll find new places to hide to stay away from the public's eye and if they did do that, then that's on them. They'll have to live with the guilt of turning on their friends for the rest of their lives," without uttering another word, the four turned and began walking away.

Momo and Tsuyu walked down the street with their heads down and their faces covered as people walked past them. Momo looked up slightly at her friend and frowned, "Are you okay, Tsuyu?" Tsuyu looked up as Momo shook her head, a faint smile formed across her lips, "Don't worry. They probably just pulled those numbers out of their ass to try and scare us an-"

"Shouto and Izuku are looking for food and-"

"So are we but you're not worried about that?"

"No...I am, but the last time something happened in the Wild Ten, Shouto and Izuku almost got into a fight with Katsuki and it would've ended with someone getting seriously injured or even killed if it wasn't for Ochako,"

Momo inhaled slowly and frowned, "You know we have to trust those two not to do anything to draw attention to themselves, and if that report was true, the Wild Ten is no more. It's just the four of us now and we'll have to make do and watch each other's backs," Tsuyu hummed and slowly nodded before the two of them continued to walk down the street.

Shouto and Izuku hurried down the street with their heads down. Coming to an alley, the two ran into and pressed their backs against the brick wall as they saw several vehicles drive down the street. Shouto looked up at Izuku and him shaking and his eyes narrowed, "Don't do it, Izuku," Izuku looked up in confusion, "Even if that story is true, causing a scene is the last thing we want. They're probably in custody now and we won't be able to get to them without getting caught,"

"And how can you not be pissed about this? Kacchan, Ochako, Kyoka, Mina, Denki and Eijiro did the one thing we know is taboo an-"

"I'm sure Momo and Tsuyu are annoyed at this as much as we are, but the last time we lost our temper, it took Momo to pull me off of Katsuki and Tsuyu to pull you away from, but I doubt they have it in them to do that again and this time they're going to want to go after them, but right now we need to stay calm and find a way to survive until everything blows over,"

Izuku inhaled and exhaled slowly as his body stopped shaking, "Right now we need to focus on finding food and shelter, after that the four of us can figure out where to go from there. But if we go out there in a fury, we'll only be drawing attention to ourselves and that's something we're trying to avoid at the moment,"

"Yeah...the Wild Ten is no more," Izuku growled and shook his head, "Whether that story were true or not, they abandoned us," Shouto hummed and nodded, "We better keep looking before we meet up with Tsuyu and Momo," Shouto nodded before the two of them walked out of the alley and continued to run down the street.

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