What?! He couldnt believe the note he just got. He stuffed it in his pocket before anyone could see it.

For the student body President and general over achiever this outcome didn't seem possible.

Dang it Justin. How could you be so stupid. This isn't happening. Nope. I just imagined the note. He stuffed his hand in is pockets and felt the note. Okay, not my imagination.

He went through AP bio without interjecting at all. Not even excited about glycolysis, he remained unusually unenthusiastic.

He walked through the park to go home once lunch time came. He didn't plan on going back for the rest of the day. Unheard of for Justin Russo, who had perfect attendance.

"Hey Justin! Ooh I just made a new sandwich. You can taste test it for me for lunch!" Jerry said excitedly as he sees his son walk in.

"I messed up. Really really bad."

"What, you got a 99.5 on your science exam? I'm sure it's not as bad as you think, son. Ooh I'll go get your wizard science kit. That always cheers you up!"

Not this time dad. He forced a small twitch of the lips as he follows his dad into the lair. Jerry just pulled out new kit parts for Justin to learn more advanced spells. Jerry left to continue serving the customers in the shop.

Justin pulled out his wand to start distracting himself but it quickly devolved as tears started to form. He stayed lost in his own thoughts for hours.

The wizard portal lit up and a man stepped out. Justin jolted you from his partially dozing state.

"You need to get the rest of your family in here." Worried Justin looked into the sub shop and called his family in. Scared about what was happening, the man looked like he belonged on the official competition committee based on his badge.

"Do I have to come to?" Theresa whined, known for not liking the magical part of her family's life.

"Ugh why the depressed face, did you realize that mom takes advantage of how you like folding the laundry. Haha" Alex taunted as she sauntered in. "Who's the serious guy in the corner and I didn't do it."

The man gestured for everyone to sit. "I'm Kdjardle from the wizard committee. In light of recent information, we must hold the wizard competition soon, within the next few months. Once the new generation is started the family powers must go to one wizard so the next competition can begin. "

"New generation? What are you talking about?" Theresa stepped forward.

Alex jumped up. "This isn't fair, i need more time!"

This is all my fault. I've ruined so many lives, Justin thought running his hands through his hair.

"This is my fault. I'm going to be a dad".

He pulls the crumpled note out of his pocket. It was a mistake. I was hurt after losing Juliet. I didn't tell you but I went to the wizard world to blow off steam and I met someone. This showed up in my hands today.

'I'm pregnant, Justin. We need to talk.' -A