Ten law kats on horseback raced through the desert in hot pursuit of the wanted criminal, Dark Kat. He had been wanted for murder, kidnapping, extortion, and whole lot of other things. But now he was on the run.

As the ten law kats entered a canyon, Dark Kat and his Omegas jumped up from behind the rocks that hid them and opened fire on the law kats. Gunshots could be heard echoing through the canyon as the ten law kats were cut down. When it was over, every law kat laid dead in a pool of their own blood.

But if Dark Kat had bothered to check them, he would have seen that of the law kats were still breathing.

Two years later…

Dust kicked up over the little town of Willow Creek, Arizona. The local sheriff, Charles Johnson walked up the street toward the saloon. As he entered, the sound of galloping horses caused him to turn. Two masked kats and a native gray furred wolf dismounted.

Charles knew who this trio was and he wasn't thrilled to see them. "What do you bounty hunters want?" he growled at them.

T-bone, the big kat of the trio smiled and pulled out a wanted poster. "Just Rex Shard," he replied.

"He was spotted in town," Razor said to Charles.

Red Moon then pushed past his friends and said, "And we're going to get him."

Now Charles knew better then to stand in the way of the SWAT Kats and their friend, so he stepped aside and let them walk into the saloon.

When the three of them entered, Razor looked at the variety of animals making use of the bar. There were dogs trying to hook up with some kats, foxes playing a drinking game. But from he was standing, Razor couldn't see Rex Shard among the animals.

Then, something grabbed Razor's shoulder and spun him around.

"Hey." Looking around and struggling to regain his composure, he found himself staring up at a well built lion. Razor could tell he was the bartender, if not the owner of the saloon.

"We don't serve his kind here," the lion growled.

"What?" Razor replied dumbly.

"Your Indian," the lion explained impatiently, gesturing with his eyes. Razor peered in the indicated direction, to see Red Moon standing in the door way of the saloon. "He'll have to stay outside, we don't want his filth in here."

Razor looked at Red Moon. "Why don't you wait outside and see if you can find a clue to where Rex is hiding."

Red Moon nodded. Turned and ran outside.

As Razor and T-bone began case the saloon out. Razor spotted someone he had known from his younger years. It was Tommy Briggs, the younger brother to Callie Briggs. The young kat had grown quite a lot in two years, and this made Razor smile.

Young Tommy was here to see his best friend, Hector Feral, son of Commander Feral. Now the Ferals were know throughout the west for being great soldiers, and they got their funds from the Briggs, who owned the gold mine and the town.

Tommy approached Hector who was at the craps table on a winning streak.

"Howdy, pilgrim," Tommy said as he lifted his cowboy hat, but Hector didn't answer. "Hey, Romeo, I'm talking to you. Pay attention. Um, hello, Earth to Hector. Come in, Hector. Come in, Hector," Tommy said as he knocked on Hector's head like a door, snaped his fingers, and waved at his face with his hand but didn't get a single word from him. "What are you looking at, Lover Boy?"

Hector smiled, pointed to the stage and said. "Natasha." Tommy smiled. He knew Natasha was the best singer in the saloon, and men loved her.

"She's ten years older then you, Hector," Tommy said. "You don't stand a chance with her."

Hector sighed sadly. "Yeah, but I just think-" he never got to finish as Rex Shard pushed him away from the table.

"Get lost kid, this is a man's game!" he growled at the young tom.

"Sorry," Hector apologized, wishing heartily he was somewhere else.

"You two just watch yourselfs. I'm a wanted kat!" Rex said to Hector and Tommy, giving them a threatening smile. "I have the biggest bounty on my head."

"We'll be careful, then," Tommy muttered.

Rex didn't stop smiling as he grabbed Tommy and looked him in the eye. "You'll be dead!" he warned.

At that moment, Razor walked up to Rex. "These two aren't worth your time, Shard," the bounty hunter said calmly. Tommy looked up, startled. He hadn't seen the SWAT Kats casing the bar, but here was one of them.

Suddenly, Rex hurled Tommy into a table across from him. Razor's hand went for his revolver, but Rex was faster. He grabbed the smaller bounty hunter by the arm and flipped him onto his back. T-bone rushed forward and kicked Shard hard, sending him flying through the wall.

Rex quickly got up and mounted his horse and began to ride away. But Red Moon was already waiting for him. He stood on the saloon roof, drew an arrow and fired it. Rex Shard felt a sharp pain race through his back as he fell from his horse. Looking up, he saw Red Moon release another arrow. The wanted kat had only a second to act as the arrow struck him the lower stomach.

Razor and T-bone walked out of the saloon to see how things were going with Rex Shard. Rex, wounded, drew his pistol and began to fire at the three bounty hunters. T-bone bravely walked over to his horse and pulled his Winschester rifle.

"I'm going to kill you all!" Rex shouted as he fired a bullet close to T-bone's feet. The bigger bounty hunter took aim. BANG! T-bone fired and Rex Shard fell down dead with a bullet to his head.

Many of the patrons of the saloon stood wide eyed. The SWAT Kats and Red Moon had just killed Rex Shard. Sheriff Charles Johnson ran up and inspect the body. He looked up, amazed. Gesturing toward the Sheriff station, the three bounty hunter followed him.

But up on a hill overlooking the town was Dark Kat. He yellow eyes glowed with pure anger. "Those SWAT Kats really know how to mess with my plans, send word to the Pastmaster that he needs to be on the look out for them." he told his goons.

"You got it boss, should we also send word to our assassin, Turmoil?" one of the goons asked. The Omega leader smiled and nodded.

"Yes," he smiled with a growl. "No man can resit her charms, and if I recall...T-bone had a thing with her."