Captain's Log, Supplemental: We have confirmed the presence of the enemy command ship, and are now moving to engage them. As there are also support ships present, I have contacted the nearest starbase for assistance, and three starships are on the way. Until they arrive, we will do our best to prevent our foe from escaping.

The USS Dynasty is now within the asteroid field, where the stolen USS Belgrade lies in wait. The aging Excelsior-class starship serves as the mobile command base for the Order of Kodar, and is where the kidnapped daughters of Jack and Lorza are currently being held.

On the bridge of the Dynasty, the crew is at battle stations.

"Hostiles are now in weapons range, captain." Lieutenant T'Gor says, from the tactical station.

"Status of enemy ships?" Jack asks.

"They are maintaining position. Their shields are up, and weapons are armed." T'Gor answers.

"Have they targeted us?" Jen asks, from the first officer's chair.

"Not yet, commander." T'Gor answers.

Jack gets out of his captain's chair, and walks to ops, where Lorza is stationed.

"Commander, scan for Zala and Zyri's lifesigns." Jack says.

"Aye, captain." Lorza says. She presses a few buttons on her console, then says "I have them. They're on the Belgrade. Deck 9… section 3. It's… the brig. They… put the girls… in the damn brig." Lorza says. Jack puts a hand on his wife's shoulder, and this seems to calm her down.

"Then, it's up to us to get them out of there. T'Gor, open hailing frequencies." Jack says. He returns to his captain's chair, and sits down.

"Aye sir. Hailing frequencies open." T'Gor says.

"Attention Order of Kodar! This is Captain Jack Thomas of the USS Dynasty. We are not here for a fight. Release your hostages, and surrender your ships. There's no need for further bloodshed. Additional Starfleet forces are en route, and you will be outnumbered. Try to fight us, and you'll lose. Stand down, and none of your people will be harmed. I will… await your response. Lieutenant, close channel!" Jack says. T'Gor switches off the communications channel.

"That… was a waste of time. Zarayn won't surrender. Ever." Vezzi says, from the advisor's chair to the captain's left.

"I don't expect him to, but regulations require me to give him the chance." Jack says.

"Understood." Vezzi says.

"Captain, they are coming about!" T'Gor says.

"I think we have our answer." Jen says.

"They are locking phasers!" T'Gor says.

"Lock phasers on the lead ship, and fire at my command! Standby torpedoes!" Jack says.

"Aye, sir." T'Gor says.

The Belgrade fires its forward phasers. The blast hits the Dynasty, but is absorbed by the newer ship's shields.

"T'Gor! Return fire! I want them disabled! Not destroyed!" Jack says.

"Understood!" T'Gor says.

"Support ships are splitting off from the Belgrade! They're… moving to flank us! Port and starboard!" Lorza says.

"Break off from the Belgrade, and engage the starboard ship! T'Gor, weapons free!" Jack says.

"Belgrade is firing torpedoes!" T'Gor says.

"Helm! Evasive pattern Alpha Three!" Jack says.

The Dynasty executes a rapid spin maneuver, and manages to dodge all but one of the incoming torpedoes. The torpedo impacts the ship's saucer section.

"Damage report!" Jack says.

"Shields at seventy three percent!" T'Gor says.

"Sir! Three warp signatures incoming!" Lorza says.

As the fight continues, three Starfleet ships enter the asteroid field. They are- a Sovereign-class cruiser, and two smaller ships of the Akira-class.

"Looks like our reinforcements are here." Jen says.

"Captain! The Columbia is hailing us!" T'Gor says.

"On screen!" Jack says.

The Dynasty's viewscreen comes to life, and the image of a middle aged black man appears.

"Captain Fox. Good timing." Jack says.

"We got here as soon as we could, Jack. Looks like you could use a hand. This is your mission, so I'll let you call the plays here." Fox says.

"We need to take out the Orion Cruisers, then, we need to disable the Belgrade. They have hostages on board. I don't want them destroyed." Jack says.

"Understood." Fox says.

"You and… the Remington, take the port ship. Have the Carthage take the starboard ship. Let's get to work!" Jack says.

"I copy. Columbia out." Fox says.

"Mr. T'Gor… let's end this! Disable that ship!" Jack says.

"Aye, sir." T'Gor says.

The Dynasty engages the Belgrade once more. With the Orion cruisers now occupied, the Belgrade is forced to face the Dynasty alone, and is quickly disabled by the newer starship.

"Captain! The Belgrade's shields are down! Weapons and engines… are offline! They are disabled." T'Gor says.

"Lock on to Zala and Zyri! Beam them to transporter room three!" Jack says. Lorza presses several buttons on her console.

"I can't get a lock on them!" Lorza says.

"Are they jamming us?" Jen asks.

"If they have Kasari tech…" Vezzi says.

"They could be using a Kobadan Field!" Lorza says.

"A Kobadan Field?" Jack asks.

"It's a Kasari device that interferes with transporters. I have confirmed… that the energy signature of the interference matches a Kobadan Field. The field… covers the entire ship." Lorza answers.

"Any way to counteract it?" Jack asks.

"Destroy the Kobadan generator." Lorza answers.

"Can you scan for the generator?" Jack asks.

"No. The radiation from the Kobadan Field makes the generator impossible to detect. It's somewhere inside the interference, but… we won't be able to get an exact location. However, there is one possibility." Lorza answers.

"Let's hear it." Jack says.

"Assuming the Belgrade's computer hasn't been tampered with, it should be able to recognize any unfamiliar energy readings within its own ship. It won't be exact, but it should narrow things down for us. The Belgrade's prefix code isn't working, so… we won't be able to do anything from here." Lorza says.

"Which means we'll have to board them." Jack says.

"Looks like we'll have to get the girls out the old fashioned way." Lorza says.

"Number One… assemble an assault team. Full tactical gear. Secure that ship and get the girls out of there." Jack says.

"Aye, sir. Lorza, T'Gor, Suro, and Vezzi. With me." Jen says.

The Dynasty away team beams to the Belgrade. They are joined by twenty heavily armed security officers and Special Forces troops.

"Team one, on me! Teams two, three and four, head to your patrol areas! Eliminate any hostile forces you encounter! Let's move!" Jen says.

The officers split into their assigned teams. T'Gor and Raven lead team two to the ship's upper decks, while Lorza, Jen, and Vezzi head for the brig.

Upon entering the brig, the team encounters a guard, who is immediately killed by Vezzi.

"Zala! Zyri!" Lorza shouts.

"Mom! I'm in here!" Zala shouts from nearby. The team heads to the source of the girl's voice- a small holding cell. Lorza goes to the access panel, and switches off the force field. Zala runs out of the cell, and into her mother's arms.

"I'm here, baby. I'm here." Lorza says.

"Zyri's in another cell! They separated us after we hacked the replicators!" Zala says.

"You hacked the replicators?" Lorza asks.

"Well… Zyri did the work. I just helped." Zala answers.

"Did you by any chance have something to do with the emergency transponder being activated?" Jen asks.

"Yeah. That was us." Zala answers.

"That's how we found you. You… showed us the way. Now, let's get your sister and get out of here." Lorza says.

"That asshole Zarayn is in engineering! I hope you rip out his spine!" Zala says.

"As much as I want to… I can't." Lorza says.

"What do you mean, you can't? You hate him. I know you do. I hate him too. I hope you kill him." Zala says.

"Starfleet... wants Zarayn alive." Jen says.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Zala asks.

"Language!" Lorza shouts.

"Really? Are we gonna do this right now? We're on a ship, surrounded by a bunch of bad guys, who want to kill all of us! Hell of a time to be playing language police, don't you think?" Zala asks.

Zala needs to watch it with this anger, or she might end up like me. I've been setting a bad example for her. I need to do better. Lorza thinks.

"I… am your mother, and I love you. But, you… are a child, and it's not right for children to talk that way. Please, do as I ask." Lorza says.

"Okay, mom. I'll try." Zala says. Lorza hugs her.

"That's my girl. Now let's go get Zyri." Lorza says.

The team heads to another part of the brig, where they soon find Zyri. The girl is quickly freed, and runs into her mother's embrace.

"Mama!" Zyri says.

"I'm here, baby. You're okay now." Lorza says.

"Lorza, why don't you… take the girls back to the ship?" Jen asks.

"The Dynasty won't be able to get a transporter lock on us until that Kobadan Field is disabled." Lorza says.

"The Kobadan Generator is on Deck 12. I overheard a couple of Zarayn's soldiers talking about it." Zyri says.

"It's too bad we can't calibrate the tricorders to scan for that generator. That would save us a lot of time." Jen says.

"If we could get access to internal sensors…." Lorza says.

"Oh, I can do that." Zyri says.

"I don't see how. We don't have access to the ship's systems, and we don't have time to go messing around with control chips." Jen says.

"Lucky for you, somebody already did that. Computer, initiate shipwide scan for unknown energy signatures. Authorization... Zyri Omega Bravo Two Zero One." Zyri says.

"Acknowledged. Beginning scan." The computer says.

"You... hacked a level two security clearance?" Jen asks, looking at Zyri in disbelief.

"Yeah, I did. Give me a few more days, and I could probably get level three. Especially on an older ship like this. A lot easier to hack than the Dynasty." Zyri says.

"I don't know whether to be grateful, or worried." Jen says.

"Don't worry, Jen. They won't be doing anything like that on the Dynasty. Will you, girls?" Lorza asks.

"No, mom." Zala and Zyri say in unison.

Unknown signature detected." The computer says.

"Location?" Zyri asks.

"Deck twelve, section eight." the computer answers.

"Thanks for the help, Zyri. Not bad. Maybe there's a place for you in Starfleet. When you're old enough that is." Jen says.

"Looking forward to it." Zyri says.

"Alright, everyone. Let's get that Kobadan generator taken care of! Then, we end this! Move out!" Jen says.