Kyou stepped into her ready room and sat at her desk. She looked up Miral's service record. She needed to find out any information that may give her a clue as to why the Klingons wanted her. The only thing she knew was that it had something to do with Miral being a quarter Klingon. Her record didn't provide any additional info. She tapped her combadge.

"Zoe, please report to my ready room."

"On my way, sir." Zoe walked in a moment later and sat down across from Kyou. "Yes, sir?"

Kyou let out a sigh. "What is your opinion regarding Miral Paris's capture?"

"The fact that she's part Klingon can't be a coincidence. B'Vat is one crazed Klingon. After our fun post-graduation trip that resulted in you getting command of the Enterprise and we returned to Earth, I heard reports from Commander Van Zyl about B'Vat trying to use a doomsday machine to keep the war going. If you want my honest opinion about him, he's crazy. I wouldn't put it past him that he wants Miral to have his children or something."

Kyou raised an eyebrow. "You mentioned twice that he's crazed. If he truly is then anything is possible."

"Do you think he wants to kill her and other non-pure blooded Klingons?"

Kyou shook her head. "No because he would have killed her on Regulus and he's on his way to the Guardian of Forever, which means he's going into the past. The question is: what does the past have to do with Miral Paris?

"You can try contacting her parents. I'm sure they may have an idea why she was taken?"

"Good idea. That'll be all, Commander."

As Zoe left the room, Kyou went back to Miral's service record to see where her parents, specifically her mother, were currently stationed. "Computer, patch me through to Commander B'Elanna Torres Paris. USS Sentinel."

Several minutes passed before the Starfleet logo switched to the chief engineer of the Sentinel. Kyou felt she could have gone to the recreation lounge for lunch by the time B'Elanna responded.

"Torres here. Can we make this quick, I'm a bit busy now." B'Elanna realized she was talking to someone she hadn't seen before. "Who are you by the way?"

"I'm Captain Kyou Zofchak of the Enterprise. I'm calling you to talk about your daughter."

"What about her?"

"She's been abducted by the Klingons. She's being taking to the Gateway System and we're currently in pursuit. I'd like to know why they specifically targeted her."

"Not this again," B'Elanna said. "There are some in the Empire that believe my daughter is some sort of god just because she fits their interpretations of ancient texts. They call her the Kuvah'magh, which roughly translates to 'the savior of our people'. As to why they'd be taking her to the Gateway System, I don't know."

"Do you know anything extra information on B'Vat? He's the one that took her."

"I'm not a walking Klingon encyclopedia, Captain.

Kyou chalked that remark up to emotion and not her personality but she honestly couldn't be sure which. "Just asking, Commander. Thank you for the information. I'll have Lieutenant Paris contact you after we rescue her. Zofchak out." She sat back in her chair. "Computer, give me all available information on Admiral B'Vat."

B'Vat, son of Warat, is a Klingon admiral in the Klingon Defense Force.

Kyou waited for the computer to continue but that's all it gave her. "And? Any records of his life, his house, his career?"

B'Vat obtained the position of ambassador and mediated negotiations between then Chancellor Martok and the Gorn Hegemony. The House of B'Vat feuded with House of Duras after B'Vat's brother was killed as a result of Duras' actions.

"What were those actions?"

Insufficient data.

Any other feuds with other Klingon houses?"

House of B'Vat and House of Mo'Kai battled each other after B'Vat's son was murdered by a member of the House of Mo'Kai in 2389. The two houses have a long history of feuding dating back before B'Vat's birth.

Kyou thought for a moment about House Mo'Kai. She had heard that name before. Then it struck her that had she read about her great great grandmother battling that same Klingon house.

The intercom kicked on. "We're approaching the Gateway System, Captain."

"Slow to impulse," Kyou said walking out of her ready room. She stared at the planet with a purple hue to its glow. "Any sign of the Klingon ship?"

"No, sir. It may be cloaked."

"I'm betting it is. Ava, if anything even remotely resembles a ship decloaking, I want a volley of quantum torpedoes all over them."

"They might've dropped off B'Vat and left."

"Not if they were expecting us. They should've known their ground forces would only delay us but not stop us. Scan the surface."

"I'm reading several Klingon lifesigns on the planet's surface, one Klingon-Human hybrid and a few lifesigns the computer can't recognize."

"Can't recognize?"

"Yes, sir. The computer is reading them as lifesigns but can't determine the species."

"We'll have to find out who they are when we go down there."

Suddenly, the IKS Worvig shimmered into existence just behind the Enterprise. As ordered, Allensworth launched a spread of quantum torpedoes. Some got through before the shields were raised while others were stopped by the shields. The Someraw class Klingon ship zipped around and fired its disruptors at the Enterprise.

"Hail them!" Kyou ordered. Kyou walked over to the tactical station and entered a few commands as Airi hailed the ship. Allensworth stepped aside letting Kyou take over.

A Klingon appeared on the viewscreen. "Looks like Starfleet is recruiting captains from the craddle."

"And the Empire is sending theirs to their graves," Kyou shot back.

"You'll be the one in the grave today, Captain. If you beg for your life then I'm sure B'Vat will let you live in one of our prison camps."

"Do you Klingons ever just act like Klingons? You act like Cardassians with your arrogance and act like Romulans with your behind the back politics and treachery."

"Federation dog! I'll kill you myself."

"I've heard that one before. Can you not come up with new insults?"

"I'll kill you last after I've killed your entire crew myself."

"You wouldn't even make it off the transporter pad. You're nothing but a weak coward."

"You should know your place. Everyone knows Human females are weak and once we take your crew, you will know your place."

"And I'm telling you that you won't do anything. You and your leader are weak. If you think you can take us all on then beam over here and do it. Look, I'm even dropping the shields for you to beam over." Kyou could feel the eyes of her bridge crew on her.

Klingon cocked his head back unsure of how to respond. He looked to his bridge officers who confirmed the Enterprise's shields were down.

"Fine," he said. "We will board your ship and just maybe we will give you a warrior's death." The screen switched off. Kyou entered more commands into the tactical console. The crew still stared at her.

"Just wait," she said without looking away from the console.

The Klingon ship dropped their shields and Kyou slammed her finger on the button. A moment later, the Klingon ship erupted in a ball of fire.

"What happened?" Zoe asked.

"I wanted them to drop their shields," Kyou said. "It's why I was provoking them and encouraged them to board us. After dropping their shields I beamed two armed quantum torpedoes onto their ship. One on the bridge and one in engineering. I didn't want to fight a drawn out battle when time is against us. Ava, Zoe, Ryou, Lila, you're with me."

The five of them materialized among the ruins of whatever civilization existed here so long ago. A civilization that had structures reminiscent of Earth's Ancient Greek culture. The away team stayed low behind the dirty white pillars. From her spot, Kyou could see the round object known as the Guardian of Forever. In front of it was B'Vat and Miral. There were several Klingon soldiers roaming around the area. There were members of another species that Kyou never saw before. They wore red uniforms that matched their red eyes that were sunken into their gray, veiny, bald heads.

"Who are those guys?" Zoe asked.

"It looks like there are some new players in the game and they've allied themselves with the Klingons."