This story follows my story Breathe. It is at times rather dark given the fact that I want to put focus on Oliver and Sara's emotional and mental struggles with everything they've been through.

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Chapter 1: You're counting, you're counting on me now

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Five months ago

Sara was in a bar in Tibet when she made a decision that would change her life forever…yet again. Not that she was aware of it at the time. Not that she had ever been aware of the magnitude her choices would have on her life at the moments that she had made them. Now the thought never even crossed her mind. Why would it? All she did was answer her burner phone when she recognized Oliver's number. Nothing unusual there. She had stayed in contact with him after all just as she had promised him before leaving all those months ago. Oliver being the one who called was rare though. She was usually the one calling him. He had only called her a handful of times; once to ask her opinion on his plans to propose to Felicity;

"Oliver what I think really doesn't matter… This is your life and your decision... You should definitely do it if Felicity is the person who makes you happy and who you want to spend the rest of your life with. How are you planning on proposing?... I'm sorry I won't be there. Let me know how it went… I'm really happy for you twoYou deserve to be happy, Ollie." she still wasn't sure why he had called to tell her before he asked Felicity but knowing that she was the person he confided in before making a life changing decision made her feel valued as a friend and as if she were still an (important) part of his life.

The second call had been Christmas morning (well in Starling, not where she was but that was neither here nor there it was the thought that counted) to wish her a happy birthday.

He had told her that he would've sent her present, if he'd known where she was. So now it was up to her to come pick it up if she wanted it. He tried to keep it light and make it sound like a tease but she could hear the underling worry that came with him not knowing where she was and what kind of trouble she might have gotten herself into. So she reassured him that she was fine (physically anyways her mental state was an entirely different story and so not the point right now) and promised that she would come pick it up soon. They both knew that it was a lie but pretended otherwise.

They talked a little more, promised each other that they would stay out of trouble (yet another obvious lie on both ends, they knew better than anyone that neither one of them had ever managed to stay out of trouble for long) and hung up shortly after.

The third call had been two weeks after the first and was not what she had expected. Oliver had told her about everything that had happened the night that he had proposed to Felicity. She had been shocked about the events and the aftermath. "I'm so sorry Ollie! I really hope Felicity is going to be okay… Let me know if there is anything either one of you need… Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're taking care of Felicity, okay? Promise me you'll eat and sleep." She had sent him a package with tea, and herbs and other things that might help Felicity, plus some food that she knew he would love.

His last phone call had only been a couple of days ago. A very emotional phone call in which he confessed to her that he had a son. A son that he himself had only recently learnt about… because of a decision his mother had made. A decision that had not been hers to make but that wasn't what was important at the moment.

He had told her about the choice he was forced to make. She had been thrown by it all and was still processing everything he had told her and why he was telling HER and why now. When he answered her unspoken questions.

His emotions had been raw and he was worried about his team's and Felicity's reactions to the news and he had needed to talk to someone before telling them. And he was forced to tell them because Damien Darhk had somehow found out about his son (William, 10 years old) and had taken him from his home (Central City).

His son had been kidnapped by Damien Darhk, Darhk who had been a member of the league. Darhk who had been Ra's al Ghul's rival for centuries. Darhk who was just as dangerous and powerful as Ra's had been, if not more. Ollie's baby boy was in the hands of one of the most dangerous men in the world.

She had offered to come home and help him get William back. Even though she hadn't thought it was a good idea, not at all honestly. Not with her blood lust and the white hot rage that she had felt cursing through her veinsat the thought of Darhk using Oliver's innocent son against him. She could almost feel the man's warm blood coating her hands and painting them red, his anguished screams while she made him pay for his trespass and the satisfaction it would bring the demons underneath her skin.

They were practically begging to be given the chance to teach Darhk a lesson and show him just what she was capable of doing. What the punishment for anyone who dared to hurt Oliver in any way would entail.

Oliver had thanked her but declined her offer. The tone of his voice let her know that he was on the same page as her, as usual. He had promised to keep her posted.

She had been on edge ever since. Which was the main reason why she was sitting in this bar, a half empty bottle and a shot glass in front of her. She prayed to whatever power there might be that the news were good. And she was not a religious person. Never had been but any possible doubt she might have had whether or not God existed had died nearly ten years ago when Satan himself had fished her out of the freezing waters of the North China Sea and dragged her into hell.

She didn't even want to think about the possibility of William not being alive anymore. She couldn't even imagine (well she could but she really, really, really didn't want to) what losing the son Ollie had only recently learnt about would do to him. A part of her was sure that it would be the one thing that would finally push him over the edge. It would destroy him that she knew for sure. And he would blame himself.

"Heey Ollie." She picked up the phone and tried not to let the dread she was feeling show in her voice. She listened for a while, just letting him talk uninterrupted, not believing what he was telling her, and desperately trying to make sense of it all. "I'm on my way home." There was really nothing she could say to help him and most of it still didn't make any sense to her. All she knew was that he needed her and she couldn't be there for him while she was thousands of miles away from him. All that currently mattered was that Oliver needed her. He needed a friend, someone who was on his side. And that was the only side she would ever be on. No matter what. Oliver had done so much for her and there was no way she was going to let him go through this alone. He was always there to catch her when she fell, now it was her turn to catch him.

She got up, paid her bill while calculating the fastest way to get back home.


I hope that you like the beginning of this story. English is not my native language so I'd be happy to hear what you think and what I could improve. If anyone's interested to Beta the story let me know.