Hello everybody, after many months of waiting, I hath created my first story (or what I hope to be my first story) Now I would like to say before hand, that I do not consider myself a writer nor do I think i'm any good, however I would love to improve so if you read my story, I would love a review. Also I just want to give a special thanks to FortuneHost for inspiring and encouraging me to write this story, but without further adieu, hope you enjoy chapter 1 (of what I hope to be multiple)

The wind blew with a cool breeze through the long blades of grass on the mound, and amidst its small peak sat Adora.

Her hair let loose in the gentle flow of air that almost seemed to encircle her as she gazed up toward the sky, the newly found stars illuminating like a blanket of fireflies.

"What do we do now" she mumbled to herself more than anyone, not that anyone was there to listen. "I've lost She-Ra, i've lost Glimmer, and i've lost….. Catra, whats left to lose"

Adora let out a small sigh as her gaze fell to grass her hand had been plucking at for the past couple minutes, her eyes fell shut as she reminisced about everything that had happened, and thought about what could happen.

Before she could get lost in thought a whisper carried by the wind brought her attention back to Brightmoon, still standing bright and.. moony across a portion of the whispering woods.

Her thoughts went to the people she had sworn to protect, the princess alliance and everything she had fought so hard to save. She thought about the other princesses, about Bow, about all the battles she fought, won and lost, and all the friends she made… and lost. Adora mustered up what was left of her strength and put on a determined face.

"I can't give up now, I haven't given up before and i'm not giving up now" she groaned as she forced herself to her feet, throwing the grass she had plucked back to the ground.

She let her hand sieve through her hair as she began to walk, "I can do this" she mumbled so low the she herself could barely hear it.

Within a short few minutes Adora had walked the distance to Brightmoon, making her way to the war room stopping short at the door. Behind it she could hear the panicked voices of princesses and officials alike. Taking a deep breath before entering, Adora pushed open the doors and stepped foot into the room.

Upon entering Adora was immediately bombarded with questions and statements, pleading about what to do next.

"Adora!, what do we do!"

"What was with the crazy magic shenanigans"

"Adora, whats going on!"

"Since when did the Horde have spaceships!"

Adora's head buttered from side to side, her mouth falling open searching for an answer she could not give.

All the voices went to a blur as Adora spaced out for what felt like and eternity, her mind racing a million miles an hour trying to process everything being thrown at her. She could feel her breath becoming heavy and rapid, as the fear of uncertainty began to take over, only to be quickly ushered away by Bows calming voice.

"Everyone calm down, Adora's just as in shock as we all are at the moment, so everyone just keep calm, and i'm sure we'll have a plan up and going shortly" Bow ended with a smile, trying his best to keep the masses calmed, as he himself was struggling to hold it together with everything thats happened.

After a few short moments and disgruntled grown and mumbles, the crowd of princesses went back to murmuring amongst themselves, Bow turned to Adora who now had her had hung low.

"Hey, come on now Adora, wheres that 'can do' Adora attitude"

Adora head raised to meet Bows gaze, her face giving a small smile, but her eyes showing showing only dismay.

"I don't know Bow, what do I do now, I struggled against the Horde when they were small, now they have an army in space! I don't know how to fight that, heck I couldn't even fight them when I knew everything about them, we know nothing about Horde Prime" Adora practically pleaded as looked to Bow with a mixture of fear, concern and confusion. "Now we have to deal with the Fight Zone and Horde Primes armada"

"Actually" Bow scratching the back of his head "The Fright Zones been pretty quiet, our scouts have even reported horde soldiers leaving. Apparently with Hordak gone, the Hordes falling into a kind of disarray"

"Well what about Catra, she should be able to lead them" Adora stated bluntly with tinge of pain behind her words.

"No ones seen or heard from Catra since Horde Prime arrived" Bow stated with a hint of regret behind his words. He new Catra meant a lot to Adora, and that hearing that wouldn't go down nice.

Adora would never admit it, but her heart skipped a beat as a lump of worry made its way up into her throat, stopping her from breathing. As much as it pained her to say, Adora could never stop truly caring for Catra, no matter how it hurt.

"What do you mea —" Before Adora could finish, she was interrupted by strange yet familiar voice.

"Adora, may I speak with you privately"

King Micah stood not far from Adora gesturing toward the door. He now dawned a new set of clothes, closely resembling the one in his mural, except now holding an image on its back displaying a pair of wings much like Queen Angella's .

As Adora and Micah walked down the hall, Adora couldn't keep her eyes from settling upon the image of the wings. King Micah gave a quick look over his shoulder and caught Adora's gaze.

"It's a way of remember her, keeps her close" He said slowing his step to walk beside Adora, giving her a saddened smile in the process. "I had heard about what had happened, and Bow had told what Glimmer had said to you, but I want you to know that I don't blame you, and i'm sure Glimmer doesn't either"

Adora's eyes flickered to the floor at the mention of Glimmer's name. Adora couldn't hide the fact that she somewhat blamed herself for losing Glimmer, always reminding herself that if she just hadn't been so over protective of her, and trusted her more, Glimmer would never had made such radical decision in using the heart. The more Adora thought about it, the more she could see the similarities between losing Glimmer, and losing Catra. She thought about how over protective she was of both Catra and Glimmer.

'Am I really that over protective' Adora thought to herself, given only a brief moment to think before being interrupted by Micahs rough yet kind voice.

"In here" He said opening the door to the throne room, allowing Adora to enter first, before telling the guard to not let them be interrupted.

The door shut behind them making Adora turn to face Micah who stood leaning face first against the door, his palms above his head as he looked to the floor. With small sigh and a deep breath he turned to face Adora.

"Adora, as you know Princess Glimmer is out of reach at the moment, and Queen Angella is…" His eyes drooped and he looked almost as if he would let a tear fall, before quickly regaining his stature, "unavailable, and I have spent the majority of the past years on Beast Island. I am in no condition to be a leader, much less command an army"

Adora had an odd feeling about where this was going and wasn't sure she liked it. She Began to fiddle with her fingers in anticipation of whats to come next.

"I am not asking anything of you, but I give my humblest request, that you be regent of Brightmoon in my recovering, and Glimmers absence" Micahs eyes closed shut as head tilts downward.

Adora could hardly believe what she was hearing. King Micah was wanting her to be regent of Brightmoon, A while ago this would have made Adora ecstatic, but now it only made her scared. What if she wasn't a good leader, what if she did something wrong. Her head began to feel heavy with anxiety before she quickly cut off those dangerous thoughts as she looked to Micah to give her answer.

"Alright…. I accept the position of regent, King Micah"

His eyes opened before rising his head to meet Adora's eyes. A shallow silence ensued before Micah embraced Adora in a fatherly hug. A silence fell upon the pair again before Micah let out a lowly whisper.

"Thank you, I know you'll be a good leader"

Adora couldn't see his face, but could tell he was wearing a warming smile, and that thought brought some warmth to her, as she let a thought slip into her mind. 'Everything's gonna be alright'

"Thank you for your allegiance child, all creatures no matter how small, have a place in the service… of Horde Prime"

Horde Prime gazed down to the two girls, his body cocked to the side of his throne with his leg cropped over the top of the other. "Your majesty, as royalty you will be treated with the utmost of respect on this ship. You need only ask and shall receive, but please, allow my clones to escort you to your room, I hope you find it… lavishing" Horde Primes hands fell together in a motion like a silent clap as his clones came to escort Glimmer out of the throne room.

Glimmer turned to leave, the clones on either side of her, and Catra made a motion to follow suite, but was stopped by the interruption of Horde Prime. "Oh not you cat, I have seen your many accomplishments in my brothers fight, and I must say… I am most impressed."

Catra turned her gaze toward Horde Prime, and couldn't help but feel a sense of dread in his presence, her body wanting nothing more than to leave. Catra's face fell into a frown, and she reminder herself again, 'This is what I wanted isn't it, praise?'

Her thoughts were interrupted before she could give herself an answer. " I believe I may have some use for you, a new batch of clones has just be made, and they need an able bodied fighter to train on"

Horde Primes face fell to a sinister smile as the words reached catra, 'Train on'. What did that mean. Before Catra could make a protest she was grabbed from behind by two more clones, who seemingly had entered the room without being noticed. Catra tried to fight back, but they were much stronger than what she had thought, and Catra was already weak form injuries.

Catra's eyes darted form side to side as she searched for an escape, but fell wide on Horde Prime when she found none. Prime leaned forward on his chair, hands still clasped together, "Do put up a good fight, entertainment comes so scarce lately"

Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed chapter 1, all reviews are much appreciated as I do look to better myself as a writer and I hope to keep you all intrigued for the next chapter.