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"What do you want" Catra scoffed

"Ohh, nothing in particular, I just thought you could use a little company" Double Trouble's voice brought nothing but distaste to Catra. The memories of everything they had done to her flooding back. She couldn't believe that she had actually thought they were her friend, that she could depend on them.

"Oh, so you just thought I could use a little company when you stole everything from me"

Catra tried to stand but quickly fell back to her bed. Her injuries were healing quickly with bright-moons medicine, but not enough for her to start a fight on her first night. Instead she opted to sit, and glare fuelled by rage, a rage that felt oddly familiar. Catra had only known this feeling of anger and resentment toward Adora, though now she didn't know how she felt, but she knew how she felt about Double Trouble, and that was to feel nothing more than their neck snap in her hands.

"Darling, I didn't steal anything from you, if anything I've given you something back" Double Trouble transformed back to their preferred state, and stood with a wild smirk.

"Really, and what would that be, what could you have possibly given me by stealing everything I had worked for, and leaving me in the hands of.. Adora" Catra struggled to get out her sentence, hesitant in saying Adora's name. Catra didn't know how she felt toward Adora anymore, after everything she had done, Adora had actually seemed relieved when she saw Catra in the infirmary. Adora had saved Catra's life, and she didn't know how she felt about that. On the one hand, she was angry that Adora had to play the hero, AGAIN!, but on the other, Adora had saved her, after everything, and before she had fallen unconscious, she could hear Adora defending her. Now amidst whatever was left of her anger, Catra could feel guilt.

"Well kitten… I've given you a second chance" Double Trouble stood silent for a moment, simply smiling with an almost calming smile. Catra didn't know how to respond, but before she could open her mouth, they spoke up.

"I've given you a second chance to make things right, because you and I both know… the Horde was never what you really wanted." Double Trouble echoed their own words from the fright zone.

"And how would you know what I want" Catra spoke soft, as if afraid of the answer of her own question. Not just the answer Double Trouble would give, but the answer Catra would give herself.

"Honestly darling, you can lie to me as much you want, but you really shouldn't lie to yourself… especially now that you have a chance to apologise" Catra's eyes shot open and stood at attention. Her mouth opened as if to speak but said nothing. Though for a moment shocked, Catra quickly reinstated her usual self.

"You don't know me, you don't know what I want, and you don't get to decide who I should apologise too!" Catra yelled standing up, her eyes beginning to sting, and slowly took a step toward the door, though barely making another before collapsing to floor. She stopped herself with both arms, a searing pain shooting up to her head as she rested on her forearms. Catra hated Double Trouble, not for what they did, but for what they made her realise. She sat there on the floor, letting her tears flood the ground in front of her. She didn't care anymore, she didn't care about fighting anymore, she had already lost everything she had fought so hard for, not that it mattered in the first place. Because deep down, Catra knew that from the moment she began, she already lost. She lost the moment she turn her back on Adora. Even throughout the fighting, Adora had still held hope for her, hope that she would make the right choice. But she had to pull that stupid lever, and now she lost Adora for good.

Catra hadn't noticed, but Double Trouble had shifted into something smaller and scurried into her cell, apparently to help her back up. Catra stood slowly, resting her wait on Double Troubles arm, and coming to a stop sitting on her bed. She was still angry, but now she didn't know what at, herself maybe? Neither spoke for what felt like minutes, before Catra finally spoke up.

"Whats the point of apologising anyway, she wouldn't forgive me, not after everything I've done"

Catra's voice was soft and broken again. She turned her head away, trying to hide herself.

"Well you should at least try, and besides, from how Adora defended you earlier, I don't think she's ready to give up on you, just yet" Double Trouble sat down on the bed beside Catra, with a knowing smirk on their face.

"Yeah, I know. I heard her when she carried me in" Catra turned her head to the floor, unconvinced there was any way of coming back from her mistakes.

"Oh I'm talking about when she carried you in. I'm talking about in the war room, earlier this morning. She really does care for you"

Catra's ears perked up, and her head shot toward DT. "Wait, you were in the war room, spying."

Double Trouble smiled devilishly before transforming into something smaller, disappearing before Catra could pinpoint them, appearing again on the other side of the door. Catra spoke up again, in an almost pleading voice, though she refused to beg.

"Wait, can you.. could you maybe do a little more spying for me… on Adora"

Though Catra didn't say any information in particular, Double Trouble knew what she wanted to know. "I could do that.. for a price"

Catra shut her mouth, trying to think of an answer.

"Oh please darling, I'm just playing. The drama between you and Adora is payment enough" They chuckled.

Catra gave a thankful smile looking at the floor again, caught up in a thought, before looking back at the door, though not making eye contact. "Thank you" she mumbled, though loud enough for DT to hear.

Double Trouble smiled warmly in return, knowing how rare it is for her to say those words. "Your welcome" They said sincerely, before disappearing down the hall.

Catra fell back into her bed, starting to think about what Double Trouble had said. 'Are they right, do I really want Adora's forgiveness' Catra thought for a few moments, thinking about what she really wanted, before deciding to she was too tired to think, instead closing her eyes, and resting her head. Before she knew it, she was reminiscing about Adora, about how they'd grown up together, about how she would always be there for her, about how her eyes would shine blue like the sky, about how her warmth made falling asleep easy, and 'Ugh'. Catra scoffed to herself, she shouldn't be reminiscing about Adora, even 'if' she wanted forgiveness, she shouldn't be getting her hopes up like that.

Catra turned for a few moments trying to find a conformable sleeping position, before opening her eyes and feeling just how comfortable the bed really was. "Damn princesses, even their prisons have to be nice" She mumbled to herself, before finally laying down, and getting some much needed rest.

Adora sat in her room, alone on the bed, tending to her new found duty of sharpening her sword. She had never realised you actually had to sharpen swords that weren't magic, but at least it gave her time to think.

Adora had spent a lot of time doing that lately, thinking. She wasn't sure if what they were doing was right, trading the heart for Glimmer. Yeah she loved glimmer like a sister, but the heart was a weapon that no-one should wield, least of all Horde Prime. She didn't know what to do anymore, she wanted to save Glimmer, but if the cost of that is handing the most powerful weapon anyone has ever known over to a genocidal dictator, she wasn't so sure that was a good idea.

Adora had been sitting cross legged on her bed for near an hour, thinking and sharpening. She sighed and closed her eyes. "Seven more days… we still have seven days to come up with a new plan"

She decided she had spent enough time worrying about that today, and instead laid back on her bed. She stared at the ceiling absentmindedly before reaching across to her dresser, opening the top draw and rummaging around for a few seconds. She pulled out a folded piece of paper, bringing it up to her face and reading the first words. 'Dear Catra…'

Adora skimmed through the rest of the letter, reading what she had written not so long ago.

'You are my enemy now, and you always will be…'

The first line immediately made Adora's eyes start to sting.

'I have no more hope now…'

She wasn't sure of why she started to read the letter, maybe it was because of Catra being in the castle, or maybe she was having second thoughts.

'and I will always miss you… your smile… the gleam in your eye… I even miss your snoring in the bunk above me…'

Every word read made another tear slip down Adora's cheek.

'Im sorry things ended up like this… But even if we could go back in time, I wouldn't do things any other way'

Adora thought on the last line for a moment, 'I would've brought you with me, I should have' Adora was hesitant to finish the note, her eyes fearful of reading the last words. Each passing moments made her eyes glance down a little further, desperate to finish the note.

'Love, Adora'

Adora had spent the last few weeks hating Catra, she really had lost all hope that she could be better, but after seeing her today, seeing how hurt and vulnerable she was, all she felt was sorry, and pained at seeing Catra this way. All she wanted was to wrap her arms around her, and tell her things will be alright, like how they used to do in the Fright zone.

She wiped her tears and folded the paper gently, putting it back into its place in the drawer. She brought herself to comfortable position and closed her eyes, preparing to sleep. As she drifted off her thoughts kept coming back to Catra, as if some unseen thread kept dragging her thoughts back. She was still angry at Catra, for everything she had done, but no matter how hard she tried, Adora couldn't make herself hate her.

A knock at the door made Adora's eyes shoot open, a moment later giving an annoyed groan at the intrusion.

As she sat up, though she was drowsy, she could have sworn she saw the shadows retreat into the corners, disappearing behind a crimson curtain. Adora slowly reached for her sword, not letting her eyes travel from the corner.

She wrapped her hand around the swords grip as another knock made her look to the door, though quickly looking back to the corner, finding it to be empty, the shadows normal, and the curtain blowing in the breeze, the moonlight shining off its purple weaves.

Adora thought for a moment, 'wait, wasn't that crimson before…'

A third knock made Adora stand up, dismissing the matter and make for the door, opening it to find a guard standing at attention.

"Apologies for the intrusion ma'm, but King Micah has requested your audience"

Adora took a moment to wipe her eyes, still trying to get out of sleep mode. "Can't he wait until morning? It's pretty late for any meetings"

"I must insist ma'm, he said it was urgent, a matter that needs attending now. He is waiting for you in the library"

"Alright, thank you" Adora yawned, making her way past the guard. She knew that something that couldn't wait until morning had to be urgent, so she forced away any need for sleep and brushed her hair back as she made her way down the hall to the library.

Walking in she found King Micah hunched over a table in the middle of the room, a single lamp illuminating a book he was reading.

"Uh, King Micah, you wanted to see me"

Micah quickly raised his head and turned to Adora, who now was walking slowly to table. "Adora, good you're here, thank you for coming so late, I know you must be wanting some sleep. Please have a seat." Micah motioned to a chair opposite him on the table.

"Its alright, if somethings urgent it shouldn't wait until morning" Adora walked around the table and pulled a chair out, sitting down facing Micah. "So what is it you wanted to tell me"

"Actually I wanted you to tell me something…" Micah closed his book, giving all his attention to Adora, in a much more serious fashion than she was used to from him. King Micah's eyes locked to Adora's before he spoke. "Who is Catra?"

Adora gulped and her eyes went wide. She wasn't prepared for this question, she wasn't prepared for any of this. She fiddled with her fingers searching for an answer. "Uh… Catra is… she's… uh… she was the commander of the Horde" Adora spat out, stuttering on almost every word. She wasn't sure of how to answer this, mostly because she wasn't sure why she was still trying to protect Catra, she was her enemy now, right?

"So it's true then, she is the one responsible for opening the portal. She's the one lost my Angella, and Glimmer.." Micah spoke with an angry and shaky breath, as if struggling to breath knowing the one responsible for his pain was in the very same building as him.

'Wait, no there's more to it than that.." Adora didn't know what she was doing, defending Catra, again. She was responsible for opening the portal, she was responsible for almost every bit of chaos that had laid waste to Etheria these past months, and yet Adora still felt the need to protect her.

"More.. what more has she done"

"Well… there's a lot more to it than that, Catra and I grew up together" Adora starting to think about what she could say, about what she could do, but she couldn't think of any way to escape this now.

"Adora… I think its time you told me your story" Micah's expression softened a bit, though it still wore a stern look.

Adora looked to the table, thinking of an excuse, but there was no getting away from this now. "I.. ok" Adora rested her hands on the table, beginning her story. She took a deep breath, exhaling slowly, and opened her mouth. "I grew up in the fright zone, as a Horde cadet…"

Adore explained everything and told her story to Micah. Explaining how she had come across the sword of She-Ra, how she had become friends with Glimmer and Bow, how she had grown up in the Fright Zone as a cadet, before deserting, and how she and Catra had grown up together, fought together, and done, well, everything together. Until now at least. As she told her story, she couldn't help but think about Catra, about the times they were together in the Fright Zone, about all the times they fought each other in this stupid war, and about her in the infirmary, barely alive. How seeing her so injured and vulnerable made Adora so angry, and so sorrowful. She couldn't stop thinking about when Catra grabbed her hand, how the desperation in her voice had repeated in her mind since.

By the time Adora had finished, the moon sat high in the sky, and the rest of the castle had long since been asleep. King Micah rested his hand against his head, rubbing back and forth though his hair. He breathed slow and deep, not fully knowing what to say. Shadow Weaver had told him the truth, Catra opened the portal, and lost his wife, but a younger part of him understood her anger, her pain. He thought for a moment, about how Adora spoke so fondly of her, and decided that the silence had dragged on too long.

"So this Catra, she clearly means a-lot to you, am I correct"

Adora sat dumbstruck for a moment, not realising the question at first. "Ye.. yes, Catra means a-lot to me"

"Then I will leave her in your care" King Micah stood up, pushing his chair back in. He turned without saying another word, and began to make his way across the room to the door before stoping and turning back to Adora. "..and I would recommend keeping an eye on her. If Light Spinner treated her like that in the past, she won't stop now"

With that, King Micah left the room, leaving Adora alone at the table, staring blankly at the book on its top. She turned the cover to read its title, 'Tethered Hearts' Strangely enough she felt the need to read the book. She picked it up and placed it under her arm, before turning off the desk lamp and making for her own room.

The castle was ominously quite putting Adora on edge. She walked the halls listening to the sound of her own heart, and how it matched the sound of her footsteps echoing off the walls. She turned the corner toward the final stretch leading to her bedroom. A small glance down the hall next to her caught her attention on a crimson figure making its way down, in a silent fashion.

"Shadow Weaver, what are you doing" She demanded, startling the crimson sheet.

Shadow Weaver turned around, obviously not expected Adora to be awake so late. "Adora, you really shouldn't be awake this late, strange things lurk in the night.."

"What are you doing" Adora repeated, getting more and more frustrated at every encounter with her, and her ceaseless attempts to change the subject from her.

"I was simply making my way to my room, or am not allowed to sleep anymore"

"Your room is that way" Adora pointed to the hall behind her, which led to the greenhouse and a small bedroom just before it, belonging to Shadow Weaver. "That hall leads to the prison cells"

"My mistake, I will be sure to remember for next time" Shadow Weaver made her way back up the hall, passing Adora with a cold aura and making her way toward her room.

Adora let out a sigh of relief and continued down the hall, reaching her bedroom.

She placed the book on her dresser, and collapsed back into her bed. She groaned into her pillow before sliding under the covers, and calling it for the night. She let her last thoughts fall to Catra, and how she missed her, more than she could say, before steadying her breaths, and letting sleep embrace her.

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