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The night dragged on for hours. Adora couldn't figure out what was happening, not quite asleep, not quite awake, just.. alive. The shadows seemed to dance around her room in one eye, and in the other was a place she wasn't quite sure of, though it was void of light and felt only of regret.

'Where am I' She tried to speak but no words escaped her lips, as if no air sat in in lungs.

Minutes passed as she sat in a trance, watching her room, and watching the void, as if caught between worlds. She closed her eyes trying to sleep, only to find small glimpses of light beginning to spark in the darkness. Each growing brighter by the second until finally opening into someplace new, like window to different room. Though, none of these rooms were new.

"Catra, NO!" Her own voice rang in her ears as she watched Catra pull that stupid lever again.

"Whats happening… Where am I?!" Adora started to cry out as more and more windows opened around her.

"Oh please, you'd never have the guts" Adora tried to pull away but some unseen force forced her to watch everything.

"Bye Adora, I really am going to miss you" Every window was view into everything Adora wished she could forget, wished she could change.

"Please, stop showing me this" Tears began to form in Adora's eyes as she tried to pried herself away, only to be met with one last window.

This window wasn't like the other though, it wasn't from outside. Adora was there, standing in the smoke surrounded by wreckage of a horde platoon, looking on to what, in the moment, was the most painful memory Adora could remember. The world fell quiet, and the only thing that concerned her was the blue and gold eyes disappearing into the smoke.

"Catra.." Try as she may Adora couldn't move. She wanted to reach her, wanted to stop her from turning away, but her limbs were trapped by something unseen.

"No.." A whisper so low she barely heard it herself escaped her lips. "NO.. Im not going to lose you again" Adora gritted her teeth as she pulled herself up. Every step she took felt like a thousand, and every muscled ached with a pain she'd never felt.

She fought for every movement she had until, without warning, all her fight went away, and Adora found herself running into the smoke, only to be thrown up into her bed.

A gasp of breath brought Adora into her room, and struggled breathing followed as she looked around to take in surroundings. "It was just a. nightmare", she began whispering to herself. "It wasn't real, It wasn't real.."

The room was silent, aside from you slowly calming breaths. The moon sat high and its pale light sailed through the curtains, giving a white glow to everything around her. Adora laid her head back and let out a heavy sigh, before looking to the door.

Her eyes narrowed, as she got out of bed. The door was slightly opened, which was strange because Adora knew she always shut it before bed.

Reaching the door, Adora poked her out into the hallway, looking down each corridor trying to see if anyone was there. The corridors were empty as usual for nighttime, the dim light of the moon giving a slight glow to the mosaics on the walls and shadows hugging tightly to the floor, the only noise being the sound of guards on their normal patrols.

Adora sighed before shutting the door, turning away and walking back to her bed. She sat down on its edge and reached across to picked up the book she grabbed from the library after talking with Micah about Catra.

'Catra' Adora thought, 'Why was Catra in my dreams like that…' She'd argued with her thoughts before about Catra, always trying to come to a conclusion that seemed not to exist.

With a frustrated groan Adora fell onto the bed, bringing to book to her face and reading its title again. 'Tethered Hearts'. Opening the cover, Adora found the first page to be a poem.

'Though and string still connects your heart to mine'

'An unbreakable bond, an invisible line'

'I wonder if we follow it, will we be fine'

'But if we find each other, would you be mine'

Adora wasn't quite sure why, but the poem only made her think of Catra again. She thought about all the things she'd done to her, all the pain she'd caused her and her friends, but also, all the times they'd laughed together, all the fun they used to have. Adora sat with a fond smile for moment, thinking about Catra, before letting out a low sigh, and turning her head to the moon, finding it to be lower than before.

'Its nearly morning' She thought, 'I'll just read a bit'

The morning sun was shining through Adora's window, slowly stirring her awake from an ungraceful nap. Her face was planted in her arm, that was pressing an opened book to her chest, after she had fallen asleep reading it the night before.

A knock at her door startled her enough get up and put the book aside and wipe the drool from her mouth.

"Hang on, I'm coming"

The door cracked open and bow poked his head in with an un-easy smile. "Hey Adora, what aah.. what's going on?"

Adora was confused with why bow was so uneasy and responded with a simple, "Uhh.. waking up?"

"Great, because the meeting started 10 minutes ago and where kind of waiting for you"

"WHAT" With a new found alertness Adora was on her feet in seconds and at the door with her hair up and jacket on in even less time. "What do you mean the meetings started?"

"We've been waiting for you in the war room, we thought you were busy and running late" Bow whispered through the door, as if someone walking by would hear them.

Adora opened the door and started slow running to war room with Bow in tow. "I can't believe I slept in, I never sleep in, BOW HOW COULD I SLEEP IN!"

"Adora its ok, if anyone deserves to sleep in its you, no ones mad about it"

Adora slows to walk before opening the doors to the war room, whisper a quick "Thanks Bow"

She fixed her clothes and did what she could to make herself look presentable with Bows help, before opening the doors to start the meeting.




Adora manoeuvred her way to her chair, before sitting down and going through everything in her head.

Her head was hurting from a lack of sleep, and she let her eyes droop closed for a second. A loud, forced cough startled her awake again as she looked to everyone in the room.

"So.. Whats the plan" Frosta spoke up trying to get some talk going.

"Right.. the plan, the plan for Prime, the plan made specifically to deal with Prime, Primes plan…" Adora was struggling to get herself together, but she pushed forward none the less. "The plan is" She sat for a moment to get the plan together, "If we're going to accept Hordes trade, we need to be able to uphold our end of the deal, meaning we need to have the heart"

"Yeah, but like, nobodies knows where it is soo"

"We need to find it. I propose we start sending out search parties and scholars to look at first ones writings, to try and find any mention of where the heart could be" A slow murmur could be heard through the room before Perfuma spoke up.

"But we don't know any first ones scholars other than Entrapta, and she's more focused on first ones tech rather than writings"

Entrapta looked up from the gadget on her lap, flipping open her welding mask "Thats true, first ones technology is a thousand times more advanced than their writings, but if I find anything I'll be sure to tell you"

"Thanks Entrapta, but we do know some first ones scholars" Adora looked over to Bow with hopeful eyes.

"You think my dads might know something about the heart?"

"If anybody knows anything, its them" Adora planted her hands on the table "But in the mean time, we'll make preparations for search parties to go to the neighbouring villages and try to find anything useful"

"And I'll go to my dads tomorrow and ask if they know anything"

"Thank you Bow, lets hope we can get something.. for Glimmers sake"

The rest of the meeting went about as usual. Small logistical decisions about food rations and the neighbouring villages, as-well as trades between the kingdoms. The meeting stretched for what felt like hours to Adora, though that could have been because of her drowsiness. Eventually the meeting ended and Adora was the first to stand, wanting to go work out and wake herself up.

She went to leave for the door but was stopped by Bow grabbing her hand and pulling her aside. Adora looked to him with confusion only to be met with concern.

"Adora, are you alright? You look like your about to pass out"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just had a rough night, is all. A little workout and ill be awake as ever" She tried to make herself look as up and at em as she could, but only succeeded in looking like she was going to fall over.

"Did you have a bad dream or something..?"

Adora's shoulders drooped as she stood dazed at the accuracy of his statement "Uhh, yeah actually, how did you know?"

"I could hear you calling out Catra's name in your sleep.. did you want to talk about it?" Bows voice was low and full of sympathy. He rested his hand on Adora's shoulder, ready to guide her to a chair.

Adora sat for a moment, thinking of what to say, "Uhh, yeah, actually, I.. I do" her voice was barely above a whisper as she went to sit down with Bow.

"So, what was the dream about?" Bows voice was careful, not wanting to push Adora to say anything she didn't want to.

"Catra" Adora answered flatly, as if the word answered all the questions "It was about Catra, and all the things she's done.."

"Oh, well, are you alright?"

"I don't know, I guess. Seeing everything made me feel mad but… I also felt sad. Sad because I missed her, because I— I wish that she hadn't done those things and that we could still just be happy together instead of always fighting!"

Adora breath was becoming rapid, and her throat started to dry.

"Well she's here now isn't she, and she isn't fighting you, so maybe things are getting better." Bow sat for moment, thinking over his next words carefully, "But, Adora… why do you want things to be better with her?"

Adora couldn't think of an answer, all she could think of was Catra, and everything that's happened and why she still misses her. 'UUHG, after everything she's done, why do I still want her to be happy!'

Adora started speaking fast, "I don't know, I guess I just want to see her smile again because that always used to make me smile. I guess I just want her to be happy, because I don't want to see her hurting anymore.." Adora's breathing slowed and her shoulders drooped. "I guess.. I just want her back in my life because ever since she left, its like I've been missing a part of myself, and I miss having her with me"

They sat in silence together for what could have been minutes but felt like hours. Neither daring to break to silence between the two.

"Well.. she's here now, maybe you can get her back in your life" Bow put a reassuring hand on Adora's shoulder and gave her a signature warm Bow smile.

"Thanks Bow… it felt nice to say that" Small tears were beginning to form in the corners of Adora's eyes before she pulled Bow in for a hug.

"Im always here for you Adora.. but please, go and get some rest, you need it"

A small laugh came from the two as Adora stood up with a smile and began walking to the door. Opening up into the hallway, Adora found the usual, empty halls aside from a few guards, one standing by her at the door.

She walked back to her room, the day being about half gone anyway, she laid her head down in bed. She looked across to the book, thinking back to that poem, 'an unbreakable bond, an invisible line' Once again her mind travelled back to Catra, but this time it wasn't saddening, but instead, made her smile. Her eyes closed again as the drifting back into a deep sleep, hopefully this time to wake up better rested.

Catra sat in her cell, watching the sun go down outside and seeing the stars begin to shine. 'Adora must love those' She thought to herself. The sound of footsteps made her ears twitch as her snapped to the door.

As per usual, a guard came to stand and stair at her. "What, not gonna say anything until I yell at you again"

"Its dinner time, enjoy" The guard slid a tray through a hatch in the door before leaving the way they had come.

"Oh, I thought that was-"

"Oh please, I play a guard much better than her"

Catra spun around, her fur frizzled up as she yelped. DT was sitting casually on the end of her bed facing her with a smirk, "Ho-how did you get in here without me seeing you"

"Darling, I can go anywhere without being seen by anyone" They made a face as if what they had said had been obvious, "Ooh, looks better than those mangy ration bars. Well go ahead and eat up, don't stop on my account"

Catra picked up the tray of food and made her way over to the bed, sitting down on the side opposite DT. "So.. why are you here?"

"Well can't I pay a visit to my best customer" DT's smirk only grew more wild with each word.

Catra pulled a knee up to her chest and turned her head to the floor with frown.

"I'm just kidding darling, I have some news on Adora" Their mouth turned from a cunning smirk to a playful smile as Catra's head jumped up.

"I.. I don't know why you think that's important to me" Turning away, Catra quickly gave a response as a sputtery jumbled sentence.

"Oh, well I guess i'll just go then, maybe see what that Bow boys up too" DT got up to leave, taking only a step forward.

"Wait.. what did Adora say" Catra tucked her other knee up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. Her eyes looked everywhere but at DT.

"Well, I guess I tell you.. for a price. That apple you have their looks about right"

"Have it, it's yours. I don't like them anyway"

"Thank you darling, but in regards with Adora, you should have seen the way she looked earlier and what she said. She looked like she was going to die on the spot"

Catra eyes shot open as she looked at DT "What, is she sick or something, what's wrong with her!"

"Relax, she was just tired, restless night thinking about.. you" DT gave a knowing smirk as they watched Catra look away again.

"She said she had a dream about you, sounded more like a nightmare to me, something about pulling a lever.."

Catra's shoulders dropped as she remembered the event. 'If Adora's dreaming about that, then she must hate me, they all must. Who could forgive a person who tried to destroy everything that they loved'

"But if what I heard was correct, she did say that ever since she lost you, it's like she's been missing apart of herself, and that she missed you" A kinder smile formed across DT's mouth as they looked at Catra.

She still looked away, but a smile was clear on her face. 'Adora misses me, maybe I can earn her forgiveness. Maybe…' Catra felt something she hadn't felt in a long time, hope. Hope that things could get better, like that spark in her chest finally started to burn a little brighter.

"Thank you Double Trouble, it.. it means a lot"

DT gave a small nod before standing up and giving a sincere, "Anytime darling" before disappearing under the door as a bug again.

Catra laid down on her bed, smiling more than she had since, well, she couldn't remember. Her eyes drifted to the window, and the stars lighting the sky outside. 'Maybe someday me and Adora will be able to look at them together' It was wishful thinking and Catra knew it, but for some reason, a small part of her truly believed it could happen.

Before falling asleep Catra turned to her side closing her eyes, and whispering to herself "Maybe things will be alright"

"I always told you wishful thinking was a sign weakness, Catra"

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