Getting the unfortunate news.

Set after the final episode: Waiting for Superman. Jordi hasn't woken up from his surgery.

After sending one last night together, Charlie had bed sent home and Jordi had been sent into surgery the next morning. The surgery had gone well, but he had yet to wake up. The others were worried. Leo had sent most of the day staring at the empty bed next to his. He was afraid. Afraid that Jordi would end up like Charlie had been for the past few months. Afraid he would have no one how would really understand him in the room to talk to on sleepless nights.

Across the hall emma was worried. Had she missed her chances to be with Jordi?

Nurse Jackson was worried. Seeing these kids send so much time here in the hospital, she couldn't help getting close to them.

Dr. McAndrew felt guilty. That this was somehow his fault. He had tried to contact Eva but she wasn't answering his calls.