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Begin Prologue: Ultimate Awakening

My memory was fuzzy when I woke up. It's just been a day after me and my friends defeated Zanza. The last thing I remember before blacking out was being attacked by a black and white bear after Shulk went missing. What happened to him anyway? I hope something bad didn't happen. I noticed the gap in where I was.

Am I inside a locker? I thought.

I pushed against the locker door and it opened suddenly. I let out a shout of shock as I fell out of the locker and landed on the grey floor. I managed to get back up onto my feet.

At least I can still remember my name and my talent. My name is Sharla Kuhlauf and my talent is the Ultimate Sharpshooter, but Ultimate Sniper also suits me. I'm the protagonist of this crazy and wild story.

My vibrant turquoise Battle Gem was still in my waistcoat pocket, which I thought was a relief. I looked around to see that I ended up inside a classroom with technology that looked like it came from the High Entia.

"What the hell is going on right now?" I asked myself as I looked around.


Hearing that noise, I turned around to see the locker next to the one I came out of was on the verge of breaking.

Then before I knew it, the entire locker door was ripped off and then something, or rather someone crashed into me and they screamed.



"Oh! Sorry!" I heard a male voice speak. It sounded familiar to me.

"It's fine. My name's Sharla Kuhlauf. My talent is called the Ultimate Sharpshooter, but Ultimate Sniper fits me as well." I responded as I managed to get up.

I got a good look at the very muscular boy. He was 6'6" tall. He had long, wild, dark greenish-brown hair and wore a white dress shirt, a brown coat, a green tie tucked underneath his coat, brown pants, a gold lapel pin, and a green insect cage with a green strap over his left shoulder. For some reason he was barefoot. He looked up at me, giving me a good look at his face. It was very angular, he had blood red eyes and wore round glasses.

My eyes widened. Is he who I think he is?!

"Gentlemen suppose to make intro, right? Um... Gonta's name is Gonta Gokuhara, Gonta's talent is Ultimate Entomologist! Gonta want to become gentleman! Becoming true gentleman Gonta's goal!" The boy, Gonta said with a smile.

Gonta Gokuhara? Why does his name feel so familiar?! Maybe if my memory becomes less fuzzy I'll know why. Might as well keep this conversation going.

"Oh, so you're Gonta. That's a really cute name." I complemented.

"R-Really? Th-Thank you." Gonta said, blushing.

"Awww, you're so nice. You scared me for a bit."

"Oh... Gonta scary-looking, huh?"

"Oh, no... That's not what I..." I was about to reassure him when he cut me off.

"No, is OK. Gonta used to it. Gonta called scary since he was kid." He claimed.

"Since you were a kid, huh?" I repeated with a concerned look.

Gonta looked down to the floor. "Kid Gonta bigger than other kids. Other kids scared of Gonta... So kid Gonta play alone. That how Gonta come to like bugs. But... when Gonta really focus, it easy to lose track... One day, Gonta go to forest to find bugs. End up lost..." He explained.

The name's familiar but this backstory isn't. Gah! Why can't I remember the truth right now?!

Either way, I still felt bad for him. "That sounds awful... Were they able to find you right away?" I asked.

"Yeah... Took ten years, though." Gonta said.

My eyes widened. "Ten years?!" I yelled. I don't remember this at all!

"But Gonta fine. New family took care of Gonta."

"I see... I'm glad they were nice people."

"Oh... not people. Wolves."

That response really took me by surprise. "Wolves?!" I shouted in shock. OK, there's no way this is real! I mean, raised by wolves? For ten years? This isn't how I remember Gonta at all! Once again, he still feels familiar to me! OK, calm down. I can still handle this.

"But they really nice. Cuz of forest family, Gonta learn to speak bug and animal. As thanks, Gonta wanna show forest family what great gentleman Gonta is!" Gonta claimed with pride.

I decided to change the subject. "Isn't this place strange?" I asked as I looked around the classroom.

"Sharla right. This place strange." The entomologist agreed, looking around as well.

"Well, why don't see if anyone else is caught up in this place?" I suggested.

"Gonta think that good idea."

The two of us agreed to split up and find anyone else in this strange place on our own. If I remember Gonta, then do I remember anyone else in this crazy place?!