This story really doesn't have any meaning… it's just a piece of fluff. Basically, I'm working on a really serious project, and I need a break. Hence, you all get another piece of my fluffy stuff.

            …You know, that sounded a little better in my head…

            Oh, and no, this doesn't fall into any of my other series. Like I said, it has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

            A letter home

            By Michael Treiber

            Haruka waited patiently until the sound of Michiru's breathing against her ear took on the steady rhythm of sleep, before slipping out of the bed the two were sharing and quietly walking toward her study.

            It was probably bad manners to sneak away from a girl the first night you slept with her, but tonight had been a… revelation. In one sudden moment, all the tension between the two of them had evaporated, and they had fallen into each others arms.

            For the first time in Haruka's life she knew. Knew where she belonged, what she wanted. But that opened up a new chore, something she wasn't really looking forward to.

            Once in the study, Haruka gathered pencil and paper and seated herself at her writing desk.

            Dear Father,

            I know that this is rather sudden, but I'm afraid that I will have to turn down your invitation to spend the summer with you. It's not that I don't want to spend any time with you; it's just that I've met someone, and I want to spend time with her before school starts again.

            Yes, her. This is the toughest part of the letter to write, and I can't imagine it being much easier to read.

            I'm a lesbian.

            Three simple little words, but they sure do pack a lot of meaning. Almost as much as 'I love you'. And I do love Michiru! I know that you always wanted me to settle down with some boy, have three kids, and become the perfect role model daughter, but that's not what I want. I'm sure that if you met Michiru, you would love her to. Perhaps the three of us could have dinner in a few weeks.

            Well, I hope that this letter finds you in good health, and that this doesn't change too much between the two of us.



            Lying in the suddenly empty bed, Michiru waited patiently for Haruka to return. After several long minutes, far longer than a trip to the bathroom or a hunt for a glass of water should have taken, Michiru slid out of bed and pulled a soft robe around herself.

            It took only a moment to find the other girl. Michiru waited quietly for the last scratchings of pencil on paper to fade before stepping forward and softly embracing the blonde from behind.

            "Come back to bed Haruka…it's cold, and I'm lonely."

            Haruka allowed the other girl to gently lead her back to bed, while letting her mind wander. Tomorrow she would mail off the letter, and in a few days she would call her father to see how he received the news.

            No matter what the results, though, she would stay with Michiru.

            Because now she knew.

Its short, but I'm busy with "Loves Icy Journey" on, and with "A butterfly story" on Hope you all liked the story.