Departure of The Master by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: A lament for Genkai based on the episode where she dies. Yusuke's point of view.

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It was only an instant.....

A flash of light.

The midday sun glints off of Toguro's eye-concealing glasses as he smirks at Genkai's crumpled form.

I'm too late.

He laughs sadistically, and tells me of how he and Genkai used to be parterns. That hypocrite. People like him disgust me. I feel my heart surging with anger borne of sorrow.

Genkai, don't give up on me.

Her pale pink hair hangs in tangled threads about her wizened face. Her face is shadowed with the pain of an inevitable death. Why does she have to die, and at the hands of her old partner?

That is a question that she cannot answer either.

She takes my hand and for an instant we bond, master and pupil. All that matters is not the training nor the knowledge that she has give me, but her life. Genkai dedicated a part of her life for me.

She and Toguro were two of the strongest fighters in the world. Now, he disgusts me. I wonder if Genkai ever loved Toguro. Does she miss the old dreams that they shared, or those bright games from half a century ago.

It doesn't matter now.

The wind blows gently overhead, and the trees crackle and fly in response. Genkai struggles to live. This pain is worse then when I had to absorb the Spirit Orb.

Seeing life fade away before my eyes has never been easy, especially if it's someone I care about. Damn, I never thought that I'd get so emotional now.... Genkai, don't go....

What the hell.... are my eyes actually filling with tears? This can't be happening.... it's all so sudden... C'mon Genkai, don't let me cry. Stand up and hit me, tell me that I shouldn't be crying.

You're my teacher, one of the people who got me here, actually the only one. You turned me from a punk brat into the fighter that I am today.... I owe it all to you, Genkai. You can't float away with the wind now, not when I have to fight that asshole Toguro!

I've nearly killed myself over your training, but somehow I can't complain now. It's all been placed into my memory, as if I could actually learn a lesson. Ha, me learn a lesson? Tell that to Takenaka.

But now, this all doesn't make sense. This is one test that no one should have to take. I didn't kill you back in the beginning of my training because, even if I couldn't sense it, you would change my life.

I can't let go of someone who made such a strong impact on my life... not now.... not to Toguro.

Sure, our team might win the Dark Tournament and finally defeat Toguro, but who will be there to pretend to not be proud of me? Who will call me----

"Dimwit," you whisper.

I'm here, teacher. Master. Genkai.

I'll live my life the way that you would want me to live, not like Toguro. I won't run away from death. You never did, but what are you saying now...?

You can't die, Genkai.


The sky seems distant and I can feel the earth moving. The scattered weeds underfoot blow with the winds of change and time.... and you look at me once more. I can feel you let go of your energy, and then... your hand falls.

Where did you go?....... I still need you.

All is still.



end note: hmmm, a hasty little Yusuke POV. I liked it. Tell me what you thought, if it sounded like Yusuke, and if it captured the emotion in that episode..... I nearly cried when Genkai died and all was still, then when it showed her image fading into white nothingness.

What a powerful show.

Review, Yu Yu fans!