Warnings/notes : AU, shifting first (Schuldich) and third pov, no pairings yet, Schwarz has died (hence the AU-warning) except for Schuldich, Weiss is still alive

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written at 19th april 2003, by Misura

Note : this chapter was written before the plot had been fully developed, as a kind of introduction. Should it be continued, the plot will be set, probably with some pairings. At this moment sugestions are still welcome, even if I may not follow them.

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Schuldich's mindspeech

-Nagi's mindspeech

--Crawford's mindspeech

---Farfarello's mindspeech

Thanks to Firekat for alerting me to a grammar-mistake ; the update of this chapter consists solely of that correction.



They won't leave me alone.

They are in my head all of the time, bickering and babbling, driving me crazy.

-You're not crazy, Schu. That's Farfie.

---Hee, hee, that's not nice Nagikins!

-No, but it's true, isn't it?

---You just can't understand me. No one does.

-Oh, right. It's not you ; it's the rest of the world.


-Don't be such a child, Farfie. Sulking won't help you anything.

I wish they would shut up sometimes.

I wish that most of the time actually.

It was worse the first few weeks, when we hadn't learned how to do this yet, how to live together in one body with four minds.

Somehow I kept losing control of my limbs, until it reached a point where I was afraid to go out on the street because I knew I might fall down and end up in a hospital or under a car.

I -or maybe I should say 'we'- still haven't figured out quite how it happened.

Crawford thinks that perhaps it had something to do with the network I created to link all of our minds in a telepathic bond.

We have operated with it for quite some time, in spite of Estet's sanctions on such a thing, simply because it was so very useful.

--They may have had their reasons for forbidding maintaining it.

I didn't hear you protesting when I did it.

--I may be the Oracle but that doesn't make me infallible.

Brad Crawford admitting he can make mistakes like any simple soul? I'm astonished!

--I didn't say I made a mistake.

Ah, but you did confess to being able to make one.

--Only a fool wouldn't. I'm human, like all of us.

Didn't they tell you, Brad? Didn't they teach you at Rosenkreuz? We're *not* like other humans. We're special, so special they had to -

--Schuldich! Control yourself!

Why did it have to be me? Why couldn't you be the one to live, or Nagi? He deserved to live, more than the rest of us. Deserved to have a chance for a normal life.

-Maybe I didn't want a normal life.

---What about me? Don't I have any rights?

--You're the Mastermind. There was no other option.

That's *not* a comfort.

--It wasn't meant to be.

-You're such a whiner, Schu. Be grateful for what you have.

And what do I have? Three crazy voices in my head, that's what. Nothing to be thankful for, is it?

-You're alive. Unlike us, you still have a body that's breathing.

---As I said : I'm not crazy.

--No one of us is. Not even Farfarello.

Well, I will be if this keeps going on much longer.

--That's because you have nothing to do.

-You should try the Internet ; it kept me occupied for hours and hours.

---If you hadn't thrown away my knife-collection, you could-

No thanks, both of you.

--There's still Weiss.

What do you mean by that? Am I supposed to go on a crusade to kill them or something?

--Not necessarily. There are other ... options.