Warnings/notes : AU, shifting first (Schuldich) and third pov, Schwarz has died (hence the AU-warning) except for Schuldich, Weiss is still alive, Schuldich/Yohji, Crawford/Aya, Ken/Omi and Yohji/Aya may show up, Farfarello + Omi seems to have crept in ^^;.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 23rd june 2003, by Misura

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Schuldich's mindspeech

-Nagi's mindspeech

--Crawford's mindspeech

---Farfarello's mindspeech

Chapter note : All references to Farfarello's past experiences at Estet or elsewhere are non-canon based and may even contradict his canon-past (I'm not that well-versed in it)


"Who of you am I talking to now, actually?" Manx inquires. She sounds a little sharp.

Crawford has been instructing me what to say to her, based on his grand vision I assumed.

-- I had that vision days ago. My memory isn't *that* good. Though I'm flattered you seem to think so highly of me, you ought to be more realistic.

You do realize telling me this undermines my respect for you even more, don't you?

- Did you have any to begin with then? You sure hid it well.

"You're talking to them now, aren't you?"

--- Creepy lady. Make her go away!

-- Control yourself, Farfarello! She's only a *normal* woman from Kritiker.

- You can leave off the 'only', Crawford. I read her file too, remember?

"Are you still working as a team?"


-- Schuldich! Can you lend a hand here. I think we need to -

- Lock him out now! Before he spoils this for all of us!

I'll try to -

"I am asking you something." Her voice breaks my concentration.

Perhaps I ...

- Where is he? Don't tell me he's ...

-- I did not foresee this.

... should have ...

- Farfarello! Come back!

... taken the time to ...

-- No good can come of this.

... explain some things a bit better to her.

It's dark when I open my eyes. I try opening them again but it doesn't change what I see.

Two lights float towards me.

- Schuldich .... I was afraid it would be you.

-- The odds that he will voluntarily release control of your body are very slim.

Why can't I see you anymore?

- Our bodies are dead. Why keep their images?

-- It felt more right to visualize like this.

- That's not important right now. We have to do something about Farfarello.

-- We *could* try to push him out all together.

What's the 'but'?

-- It's your body, Schuldich. Do you really want to find out if the three of us might be able to take it over at any time by bundling our strength?


- Schuldich?

I need to think about it.

****[change to third pov/past tense]****


Manx frowned. Something had changed about the german in front of her, something subtle in the way he sat.

Something in the way he looked at her, with one eye narrowed to a slit while the other was wide open. She felt threatened yet at the same time she sensed fear in his one-eyed stare.

She swallowed hard as she realized what that might mean.


He snarled at her and bolted to the door.

She jumped up and followed him, afraid of what might happen if he got his hands on a knife or anything else sharp enough to do harm.


"Would you like some toast, Ken-kun?" Omi offered, nervously fluttering around in the kitchen. He had already chased away Aya and Yohji with his behavior, but Ken felt obliged to stay and prove he was made of sterner stuff.

"Sounds delicious." He only hoped Omi wouldn't burn it again, like his last three attempts.

Omi smiled and nodded happily.

Ken sighed. "Stop being so nervous, love. Manx is a sensible, nice person. I'm sure the talk will go just fine. Geez, by the way you act, I'm almost starting to wonder if I ought to be jealous of Schuldich for having you care so much for him."

Omi giggled. "Don't be silly, Ken-koi."

Before Ken could reply the door opened.

They heard a female voice scream.