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Day by Day

Day 1

Everything looked exactly the way she remembered it.

All of her belongings had been left as they were when she had departed for Tokyo several months before. Although she could tell that no one had meddled with her things, everything was clean and taken care of; there wasn't a speck of dust that dwelled on anything. It baffled her mind—the idea that someone had taken the time to make sure everything had remained spotless and in good shape during her absence.

"Tony did that." Stiffening, Silver slowly looked over her shoulder from in front of her bedroom desk, Bruce smiling kindly to her from her entryway. "He doesn't ever admit it, but he made sure to keep everything tidy for you." The blonde began to smile widely, her heart rising and feeling similar to a feather in a breeze; weightless.

"How are you?" Letting her smile relax, the assistant cleared her throat and shrugged, turning back to her desk and flipping through papers and folders she had left unattended.

"I'm feeling much better. This time to recover and rest has really helped a lot." Bruce nodded, remaining in the doorway and maintaining his boundaries; it was easy for him to see that she was feeling a bit out of her element.

"I'm glad to hear that. If you need anything, I'll be on the communal floor. Tony's out signing some paperwork to finalize the terms of the agreement with Fujikawa, so he'll be back in a few hours." Silver nodded, giving the radiation specialist a grateful smile.

"Thanks. I'm really capable of taking care of myself, though." She had hoped to sound assuring, yet she felt as though she sounded desperate. Bruce chuckled and nodded, turning to head back down the hallway.

"I completely believe you. But apparently Tony's become the worrying type." That made Silver sigh.

"You know, I made you CEO so I didn't have to do this." Tony sat with a pen in his hand while he flipped through forms and searched for highlighted lines to hazardously scribble his signature on. Pepper stood beside him and made sure to watch his actions closely in order to keep him from missing anything.

He had made sure Silver was mostly settled by the time he had left to meet Pepper. It had been a last-minute call from his CEO, and so he was quick to try and find someone to keep an eye on the healing woman in his absence. Although Steve was out on a mission for Fury, and Natasha and Clint were gone doing who knew what with who knew who, Tony was lucky enough to find Bruce in his lab; he had been brief and straight to the point with his favor.

"That's the last one. See? Was that so miserable?" Pepper smiled sweetly at Tony before she grabbed the contract from the table and slid it all into a manila folder. The former CEO scoffed before he stood to his feet and brushed off the nonexistent dust from his lap.

"On a scale of 1-to-10 of how much I didn't feel like doing this, I'd mark that as a clean 9." With a chortle, Pepper shook her head while tucking her belongings neatly into her briefcase. She stood up tall and let out a satisfied breath while Tony watched her with pride; he would never regret the decision to make her the leader of his company.

"How's Silver?" Tony immediately stuffed his hands into the pockets of his slacks, heading towards the door to the conference room with Pepper a step behind him.

"She's doing fine." And yet, there was a hint of doubt that tainted his words. Pepper had been surprised by that, especially since she had seen the two of them just a few days prior; her visit had been a cheerful one for everyone.

"What's wrong?" Tony glanced over at Pepper, the pair now walking side-by-side down the hallway. The brunet let his brown eyes wander around the corridor at the abstract pieces of art that hung on the walls and decorated the space. He could feel the worry wafting from his friend's body, but he was unsure of how to proceed with the conversation; the matter at hand had been something that he'd been thinking about for a few days, now.

"...I said that I was fine when I came back from Afghanistan and when I fell out of space." Pepper's gaze softened at the concern that was laced in each word Tony spoke. He tried to seem nonchalant and casual—tried to make himself appear as if everything was great and there was nothing to be worried about. But Virginia had known Tony for far too long and had seen a plethora of sides to the man; this was a big deal for him. "You say you're fine when you initially stand back up from falling, but then when you're back on your feet you start to feel your head spin and your body ache, you realize you're not fine. Not even close to it."

"And you're worried that Silver's not actually fine?" Tony didn't answer. "...Have you tried to talk to her about this?" Again, silence.

Pepper sighed, already seeing the train-wreck that was going to happen. Silver was independent. She enjoyed doing things on her own and being able to take care of herself and taking care of other people; she had done it for so long, it only came naturally to her. Tony never worried about much, but the things he worried about, he was invested in completely and entirely. He was going to fuss and worry over Silver without expressing why, and that would only lead her to feel suffocated and annoyed; this could end badly for both of them.

"You need to talk to her about this, Tony." Said man shrugged before he slipped his sunglasses back over his eyes and quickened his pace. An agitated expression appeared on the redhead's face as she watched her friend head for the exit, a lazy wave being thrown over his shoulder.

"You worry too much, Pep." That made the woman gap.


"If you need me, leave a message with JARVIS!" And without a single glance back, Tony disappeared through the double doors.

It had taken her two hours to familiarize herself with all of her things and her clothes and her entire life that she had left behind. Bruce had stayed for a half-hour to keep the woman company before he returned to his lab to finish a little project he had been working on; Silver had been left with herself and her thoughts, alone.

It was a lot to take in. Strangely enough, at the time, being gone had felt like years. But now, as she sat on her couch and watched TV, it felt like it had only lasted days. This part—returning to normalcy and returning back home—felt long and dragged out. She was exhausted just from unpacking what little she had and returning to the tower, and it was confusing to her. Two months wasn't long to be gone. Two months on vacation felt like two days. Then again, she hadn't been on any kind of vacation or break; she'd been taken prisoner. She wasn't sure if she should be reacting as strongly as she was to the entire scenario. The Avengers had been through worse. So, then, this shouldn't have been as tiring as it felt to her. And yet, her mind was whirling, and she was tense and unsure of what to do with herself.

None of it made any sense.

"Porcelain?" Hearing the moniker and the familiar voice, Silver was instantly on her feet, looking back and waiting for Tony as he walked out of the elevator and glanced around the woman's floor. He pulled his shades off with utter grace in his every move, a brow raised when he noticed that the woman had left the TV channel on Lifetime. "I'm sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt movie time, Grandma Silvia." A flash of irritation appeared across the woman's face, but it was quickly forgotten once she was standing in front of the man.

"How did things go?"

"I behaved myself, if that's what you're wondering."

"So I won't have to call and check-in with Pepper?" Rolling his eyes, Tony brushed past his assistant and sat where the woman had once been sitting, snatching up the remote and propping his leg up on the ottoman stationed right in front of him.

"You're off the clock, Livingston." Silver laughed before nodding.

Seating herself beside Tony, the blonde kept her eyes glued to the screen while her companion flipped through the channels. Although a comfortable silence formed between the two, Silver found herself fidgeting with her hands in her lap, her green eyes stealing glances to the man beside her.

She wasn't really sure how to proceed with Tony. Everything had happened so quickly, and she had said many things to him. Not to say that she regretted saying what she had said, but she wasn't sure how that was going to impact their life now. Was she going to actually stay his assistant? Were they dating? Were things supposed to suddenly be more intimate between them? And most of all, the thing that scared her the most, would she be able to chip down the wall she had built around herself and let him in?

"...It's ok, you know." Stiffening, Silver kept her eyes on the screen as Tony turned to look at her profile. He gazed intensely at her, his eyes piercing through the side of her face and causing her entire body to feel as though someone were pushing against her; she was terrified of the idea that he could read her mind.

"What's ok?"

"It's ok if you're not ok." That had caught Silver off guard.

Breaking away from the flat-screen mounted on the wall, Silvia gave Tony a perplexed stare while her mind tried to piece together what he was trying to explain to her. Although she wanted to say that she understood what he was attempting to convey, her brain was drawing a blank and the confusion was evident in the way she gazed at the man—as if he were speaking a foreign language to her.

"Wait, what am I not ok with?" With a heavy and subtle sigh, Tony grimaced, having hoped that the conversation would be short and simple; as much as he cared for Silver, talking about feelings and being sentimental was not his strong suit.

"...It's a lot to go through—what you dealt with for those two months couldn't have been easy. Trust me, I would know." Immediately, Silver's heart sank while she gave the brunet a scowl.

"Tony. I already told you that—"

"It's not fine, Silver," the man argued fervently, giving his companion a vexed glance before he stood to his feet and walked a few paces towards the wall-length windows. "What happened to you wasn't fine, and it's fine that you're not fine."

"I understand that, Tony," the blonde insisted, giving him an offended stare. "Do you think I can't handle this?"

"I never said that." Without a doubt, the genius could already see where Silver was steering the conversation. Somehow, the point he had been trying to make had been completely skipped over, and now they were arguing about something else entirely; he wasn't sure what, exactly. "Don't try and make this an argument about that."

"But isn't it?" Silver let out a huff of laughter, disbelief gleaming in her eyes. "You might call me Porcelain, but I'm not actually made of porcelain."

"Wait, wait, wait. You tell me I don't worry enough, and now that I actually have something worth worrying about, you tell me not to worry?" Tony's disbelieving huff irked Silver while frustration was apparent by the stiffness in Tony's body and the way his arms were crossed over his arc reactor. Silver tried not to glare at him, knowing that he was coming from a good place. Yet she couldn't stop herself, turning on her heels and stomping towards her bedroom.

"Just because I'm not an Avenger doesn't mean I don't know how to take care of myself!" she barked bitterly before she paused at the entryway of the hall. "I survived for two months all on my own. And I don't recall you having to hold my hand through that!" She had regretted the blow she had given Tony the moment she had said it, his face immediately morphed and his expression twisted. The air around him completely shifted as his eyes darkened from her striking words. But she was too stubborn to take it back, and she had too much of her pride on the line to back down. So, she opted for hurrying down the hallway and seeking refuge in her room. All the while, fumes rose from Tony like smoke from a chimney as he glared after Silver, his jaw clenched shut and a peculiar sensation of anger bubbling inside of him; it was rare for him to be this angry with the woman.

"Unbelievable." Knowing there was no way he could mend the conversation, the struggling man headed towards the emergency exit and shoved the door open. He didn't look back once as he headed down the steps, needing to walk off the excess anger that was teeming inside of him.

Just has he had imagined, that conversation had not gone as he had planned it.

Hours had passed since her outburst with Tony. Within that time, Silver had paced her room so much she was sure she had stamped her footprints into the floor; it was the only way she could straighten out her thoughts. It helped her refocus and let out pent up energy she had building up inside of her. After she had tired her weary legs out, she took a seat on her mattress and glared at the wall for twenty minutes before her expression softened and the undeniable guilt she was trying to fend off consumed her; the reality of the argument and what she had said slowly started to dawn on her.

Even if she was still upset, herself, about the disagreement they had, her clear mind knew that her jab had been wrong. Tony had suffered more than she could have possibly known during her time away. And although she had suffered too, Tony had been supportive and present the moment he had found her. He shocked her with his attentiveness and his patience. And he had shown her that he was capable of taking care of her. And she had thrown it all in his face with those words she had spewed out so viciously.

"Silver?" Sitting up abruptly, said woman raised a brow at Bruce's hesitant and cautious voice. He peeked his head through her open door and let his eyes roam around the room before they landed on the person he had called out to.

"What's up, Bruce?" Fully striding into the room, the scientist smiled with his arms crossed in front of him and his back hunched. The blonde could easily tell that he was uncomfortable, yet he was forcing himself to check on her—she guessed that he had figured out something had happened between her and Tony; she appreciated his thoughtfulness.

"Have you eaten yet? I was about to make some dinner."

"You learned how to cook while I was gone?" The joke was received well, Bruce letting out a low laugh with a wide smile across his lips.

"Actually, I did learn a few things. But just to be clear, Steve made dinner two nights ago and there are leftovers I was going to heat up." Silver grinned at that, her mouth watering at the memory of the super soldier's meals. A yearning gleam shined in the woman's eyes before she vigorously nodded her head.

"I'm in."

"Alright. I'll go ahead and get plates set up." Turning to walk out of the room, Bruce let his shoulders relax and his arms fall to his side. He paused as he reached the door frame and frowned at a thought which had crossed his mind. Apprehensively, he looked over his shoulder back at Silver as she headed towards the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom.


"Hmm?" She waited a few steps away from her bathroom and watched as a string of emotions unraveled around the Avenger. He let his jaw hang open for just a second, and then he spoke with a sudden wisdom in every word, no longer allowing the awkwardness or the uncertainty to lead him on.

"Tony—he's always admired you. From the very beginning, he's always thought you were pretty special." Silver's expression instantly fell, her eyes wide like saucers and her mouth slightly ajar. "He's never said anything specifically—if you're wondering. I can just tell by the way he looks at you. It's like...He looks at you like you're the best thing that's ever happened to him. And I don't mean to say that it was love at first sight. We both know that would be a lie." He was glad to see a small smile spread on the woman's face.

"Bruce, you don't—"

"What I mean is, even though the two of you started off on the completely wrong foot, I think he pushed you so far and so hard because he knew you could take it. He knew that you could prove him wrong...He knew you were strong." The radiation specialist spoke gently over his companion, giving her a kind and understanding nod. "I just wanted you to know that." Silver was speechless.

"I'll go ahead and get a plate for you." And with that, the man was gone; Silver was left with nothing but the silence and her thoughts.

"Sir, it's been three hours since you last spoke with Ms. Silvia. Shall I—"

"I didn't ask you to be a mediator, JARVIS. I asked you to tell me the time." Tony's tone was anything but amused.

"I just thought you'd like to know." That made the genius grumble to himself.

He couldn't stop thinking about their quarrel. What he had thought had been harmless—and what should have been appreciated—turned out to be messier than he had pictured it to be. And even with working in the lab, his concentration remained on his project for only a few minutes before the woman's words and her offended expression came rushing back from the far ends of his memory. He had assumed that working on his newest suit would suffice and calm him down, but he couldn't seem to fully attend to the task at hand. He continued faltering and misplacing tools—he was adding incorrect parts to incorrect places; he was actually causing himself more trouble than relief.

With a deep breath, the genius pushed himself away from the computer monitor he had been gazing so intently at, letting the wheelie chair drag him aimlessly. His head hung back against the back of his seat, his legs stretched limply out. There was also a temporary scowl etched on to his face, the muscles almost sore from the length of time he had been holding the expression for; he was too immersed in his irritation to care.

"...Is this what it feels like to actually care about someone?" Tony's mutter was answered by JARVIS' thoughtful answer.

"I wouldn't personally know, but judging from your measured heart rate and the rise in temperature of your body, as well as the emotional symptoms of worry, anguish and concern you've displayed, I believe that one could argue that you may—very well—be experiencing the feeling of caring for another person." With an exasperated sigh, Tony sat up and glared at the disembodied voice.

He'd cared for many people. His mother, for one. She'd been, arguably, the person he had cared for the most within his entire life; he just had a funny way of showing it. Then there was the obvious, James, who had been his best friend through thick and thin. Pepper—he'd never stop caring about her, ever. And now he had even more people to care about and love; his team was his family. Hell, Tony had cared about a lot of people—even the ones he shouldn't have cared for. But the way he felt about Silver? It almost hurt—how much he cared about her. He was positive that he'd never felt this way about someone in his entire life, and he was also positive he would never feel this way about anyone else, ever. And it was frustrating and mortifying, because he was Tony Stark, and he never cared this much about anyone. But he had surprised himself, and now he was reaping what he'd sown.

Still, although a part of him wanted to fall back on old habits and hide away in his lab for the rest of the day, there was a bigger part of him that had decided against that. Because it would be selfish. After all the time he spent apart from Silver, all the time he had put into getting her back, just so he could ignore her and avoid her? It was a waste. And in all honesty, he knew that it was wrong. Because, as much as she insisted that she was fine and could take care of herself—which he knew she could—Tony also understood that there was a long and rocky path awaiting the woman. He had traveled down it not long ago after Afghanistan and after Obadiah and even after New York; sometimes, he still thought he was trudging down that dark road. And that was not something that he wanted Silver to overcome alone, because it would hurt her, and the last thing he wanted to see was Silver hurt.

He'd seen enough of that.

For the first time in—what felt like—Tony's entire life, the normally brash and stubborn man stood from his chair with his head held up. He tried not to grimace as a sense of discomfort washed over him while he headed for the elevator. He wasn't accustomed to swallowing his pride and giving in to another person. It rarely ever happened, if it ever happened at all. The man was out of his comfort zone, and even though it was partially terrifying, it was also liberating; this was all new to him, and he was almost excited for the new kind of challenge.

Waiting patiently in the elevator, the Avenger thought deeply about what he wanted to say. He contemplated what words would be best in order to avoid another argument, and he also brain-stormed an escape-plan for when things went south; he was going to be prepared this time.

As the doors to the elevator slid open, the brunet was surprised when he nearly walked into another body. He would have excused himself, but first off—he was Tony Stark, and people watched where they were going, not the other way around. And two, he had been startled when he saw that it was Silver who had nearly charged into him.


"Tony!" Relief swam through said man's veins at the bright and chirpy way she said his name.

A relaxed smile came across the woman's face while she stepped back, allowing her guest room to step out on to her flat. "I was just about to look for you."

"Good timing. I wanted to talk to you about earlier." He could see a hint of shame and discomfort in the way Silver stood and looked at him, but she responded to him with a nod; it seemed they had been on the same page.

With a deep breath and a few seconds of silence, Tony prepared himself to apologize. He stiffened at his companion's sudden out burst, though, the blonde giving him a hesitant gaze while trying to shrug into herself and hide away—like she was a turtle seeking refuge in its shell.

"I'm sorry!" He was taken aback. He'd mentally prepared himself to say the same words Silver had blurted out. It had taken him twenty minutes to muster up the courage and motivation to give in, and yet there this infuriating woman stood, stepping all over his moment and stealing the exact words from his lips. He could tell that it had been spontaneous—the way her eyes shined and her hands seemed to tremble telling him so. And although he was slightly vexed that she had beat him to the punch, he also found himself appreciating the fact that she could just do something as simple as this without having to think so hard on it.

"You're sorry?" Silver gave him a curt nod, the baggage suddenly falling from her shoulders.

"What I said—it was out of line, Tony...I shouldn't have said that. So, I'm sorry." He was quick to take note of the way she had apologized for her choice of words, but not the fact that she—he thought—overreacted about his concern for her.

"Well, turns out great minds do think alike." Tony smirked for just a split second. "I was coming to apologize, too." That made the woman blink.

"For what?"

"For making you feel like you couldn't deal with this on your own." Silver's gaze softened while Tony stared at her before averting his eyes to the world outside of the tower; her heavy look was beginning to pierce through his soul, and it was starting to burn. "I know you can take care of yourself. I'm the last person you have to convince of that. If you couldn't, you wouldn't have made it a day being my assistant—not with the way I was trying to break you. So, I get it. I know just how much gumption you have—I know how much you can take...just didn't want you to have to deal with this on your own." The woman gave her boss a thrown look, unsure of how to reply to his honesty. Moments like that were hard for Silver because they were far and few, and it was rare to see Tony wave a white flag—not to say that it never happened; Tony could, surprisingly, be very humble and modest.

"...This entire time, I've been thinking about how things are supposed to be between us now... I've been wondering about our relationship and whether or not I'm good enough to be with you." Silvia watched Tony's reaction to her words carefully, his eyes meeting hers with a spark of astonishment in them after she spoke. "I feel like an outlier in your life, and I feel like I just don't make sense in the grand scheme that is you...I want to be able to prove to myself that I can be apart of your life. I want to be your equal. But you fussing over me like this and worrying so much—it just makes me feel like I was right from the very beginning."

"You don't have a damn thing to prove to anyone—especially not me." Tony took a bold step forward, closing a generous amount of space that was between himself and Silver. He shook his head firmly, wanting to show her just how sure he was on this matter—how much this conversation meant to him.

"Livingston, do you have any idea how long I've been thinking about this argument for?" Innocently, the blonde shook her head. "Too long. Longer than I normally think about these sort of things. And it has nothing to do with me thinking that you can't help yourself or me thinking you don't know how to take care of yourself. I just care about you. It's surprisingly as simple as that." Tony could feel the hairs on his body stand while he spoke—words that made him sound like an entirely different person spilling so fluidly out of him. Yet, he sounded exactly the way he imagined himself; nothing about the truth seemed off in his mind. "I care about you. So I worry about you. That's it. I'm allowed to do that, you know." That made the 30-year-old laugh.

"...I've never really been good at this—taking care of people and being nurturing. Definitely not a skill-set I can say I've mastered. But it doesn't mean I can't try. And it doesn't mean I won't do it for you." Silver felt a giddy smile begin to expand across her face, the lack of control she had over her own self showing just how much Tony's words seemed to have touched her heart; he gave a great speech when he wanted to.

At the end of the day, Silver knew he was being honest and genuine. He hadn't meant harm by fussing about her; she had merely taken it that way. Perhaps it was just the fact she was still recovering and emotional, or maybe it just came down to her mind allowing her to accept that being with Tony was alright—that she was good enough for him, and he was good enough for her; it didn't have to be as hard as she was making it.

"I'm sorry."

"You said that already," Tony pointed out lightheartedly, a cheeky smile appearing and the ice finally broken away between them. With another step, there was nothing but a hair of space left between the two, Silver gazing up at the brunet with an amused expression while he innocently gazed back down at her. The innocence began to morph, a more wily smile taking over. And as Tony continued to stare down at Silver, the woman's smile softened before she placed her hands gently on his chest. They remained steady against him and then fisted the soft material of his shirt, stretching and wrinkling it; the man didn't care.

"Did I say that I love you?" Tony feigned thoughtfulness, the pensive expression he wore making Silver want to burst into laughter; they both knew he wasn't wondering at all.

"Hmm...can't say for sure. Might wanna say it now, just to be sure." The wink he shot her was all he needed in order to make her grin.

"...I love you, Anthony." Without hesitating, Tony was leaning forward and claiming Silver's lips as his own. He began to devour her—tasting every sweet and bitter part of her mouth. His eyes were securely shut while he memorized the feeling of her skin against his and the way her body seared his as she leaned her hips into his and slid her hands up to the back of his neck. And as he found his tongue exploring her mouth and his mouth eagerly swallowing her moan of satisfaction, the woman's knees began to buckle and her posture started to crumble; her day had been long.

Forcing himself to pull away and ignore the way Silver's lips sought out his, Tony cleared his throat and his eyes fluttered open. He tried not to fall apart as he leered down at the woman's red lips and her glossy eyes. "You eat dinner yet?"

"Is that really what we want to worry about right now?" Letting out a low chuckle, the genius shook his head before he peeled his body away from Silver's. He tried not to groan from the lack of heat that now overwhelmed him, her hand in his making it that much harder for him to remain focused and resolute.

"Yes or no?" Finally, giving in to the fact that she and Tony would not be continuing, Silver answered his question; she tried not to sound as annoyed as she felt.


"Good. Weird to be on the other end of that question." The pair headed towards the couch, Tony plopping down and Silver doing the same beside him. With a single word to JARVIS, the TV screen flashed on and the lights dimmed. The darkening sky assisted with the relaxing ambiance of the room, green eyes suddenly feeling dry and tired while eye lids began to sag and grow heavier by the second.

She was quite content. The memory of Tony's lips against her made her heart flutter and her lazy smile widen. And even though she was staring at the television screen and watching as Steve Harvey walked across a stage and pointed towards two contestant behind a podium, her mind was buzzing with how suddenly happy she was in that moment and just how relieved she was to finally be back where she belonged. And even though there would be downs in her foreseeable future, there would be plenty of ups to even it all out; that, she was sure of. Just as long as she was able to keep her wits about her and to keep Tony's hands clasped in hers, Silver had no doubts that everything would turn out just fine.

She was fast asleep against Tony's shoulder in a matter of seconds.

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