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- - -

Only You

- - -

Why did you promise me so much;

Why did you lie?

Why did you hold my hand

Like we'd never say goodbye

You said you'd take me to

Places I've never been before

Then you'd smile that smile of your's

And make me love you more

I know these things will never happen

You were nothing but a dream,

But when I think of your beautiful eyes

I'm sure you're more than you seem

When you put your arms around me

You enveloped me like a dove,

Now I know it's always been you

And only you that I love.

A/N-well this is my first attempt at poetry and writing anything for FFX, I'm still deciding whether or not I'm gonna extend this into a full fic, but I'm still tossing around ideas. So, please tell me what you think! Flamers will, however, be fed to my pet echidna, so don't bother reviewing if you're just gonna flame. If not, by all means review XD. Thanks a bunch, have a great day!