A psalm of swilliamsxn:

Anguished my soul seems to cry out in despair
Anger seems to follow me no matter where I go
Because Lord for too long I have held You in silent disdain
Because I lashed out at You to ease my burdens
Contempt seems to spew from my mouth like a geyser
Constantly I judge You for my own mistakes
Despair seems to be my constant and never-ending companion
Depression is wrapped around me like a heavy cloak
Even in times of joy I dismiss and forget You
Eventually I will admit my conflicted opinions aloud
For You seem to be both the source of my happiness and distress
From the depths of my cold heart I yearn to embrace you again
Gone are the days where I tried to lash out at You in anger
Give heed to my remorse and repentance
Hear the cry of my soul yearning to be close to You again
Hear the despair and longing in my voice when I speak
In hindsight my dejection was my own doing
I didn't understand that holding onto hatred taints everything in your life
Joyfully You protected me from harm and continued to bless me
Joyfully You guided me away from the fallout of my actions
Kindly You didn't hold my slander up against me
Kindly You helped build me into the person I am today
Lovingly You guided me without err or rebuke
Lovingly You helped me when I stumbled
Make note of my anguished cry that cuts through the night
Make me into someone who holds your favor
Never leave less I drown in a sea of apathy not caring about my own safety
Nothing maters to me without Your favor
On and on I go slowly toward self-destruction
Only You can save me from myself
Please hear my soul cry out in anguish
Please help me return to your open arms