NOTE: The gas problem series won't be coming back for a while because almost every time I post one, I have to deal with at least one hate comment. When the series returns, there's two things to do to keep me from having to deal with hate comments: If you don't like it, JUST DON'T READ IT, or, keep your hateful comments to yourself. It as simple as that. Thanks for reading this.

You're just a kid who has somehow shrunk to a small size. You're in Lenny Ringtail's house, and he's staring right at you. Due to your size, he's like a giant to you. Ringtail purrs and licks his lips and you can hear his belly rumbling loudly, indicating that he's hungry. Ringtail picks you up, preparing to open his jaws, but, his feline instincts make him want to toy with you before eating you. Ringtail bats at your head and shakes you around, making you dizzy. Finally, he opens his mouth, drool coming off of his teeth, and licks you. "Mmmm… you taste better than you look." Ringtail says, his bad breath blowing in your face. Ringtail opens his mouth once more and places you on his tongue. You're covered with drool and you're trying to avoid getting impaled by his sharp teeth. You slide near the back of Ringtail's throat and hang onto his uvula, but, you eventually accept your fate and let go. Ringtail swallows and you're sent down his esophagus. It's a cramped, long journey. You eventually enter his stomach. Ringtail burps loudly and curls up on the couch, purring softly. Acids tingling at your skin, you're scared to death. You lay back on the walls of Ringtail's stomach. Letting the sounds of digestion send you to sleep, you relax knowing that you'll soon become a part of Ringtail's fluffy chest or attractive jawline.

When you wake up, you're in Ringtail's intestines. You wriggle and squirm, shocked at your new location. You eventually calm down, knowing that you're about to be a part of Lenny Ringtail.