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So this takes place somewhere in Season 7 after episode 10. Honestly, I am not too familiar with Supernatural but this has been in my head for a very long time and I thought why the hell not just write it? Hopefully, I have everyone's characterization down well and if not...then okay. Also, I am very bad at titles so this one is just a place holder until I figure something better out.

One minute they were in the middle of a fight, next they were falling.

It's been a while since they had the ability to work on a simple job, but they needed the distraction with all the heavy shit that has been going on in their lives, so they thought why the hell not. So here they were in Minnesota hunting down some witch who had been luring young couples to abandon houses and making them disappear, probably killing them. It really was supposed to be easy, they had found out who the witch was quick enough since he has been pretty sloppy and tracked it back to the abandoned house. They saved the couple who was lured there but they must have gotten sloppy somewhere because the asshole had done some damage. Eventually, they had gotten the upper hand but before they could waste the bastard he had smiled, and they fell through the second story of the decrepit house.

They both landed hard on the floor, Dean gasping for breath while Sam was blinking the spots away from his vision after hitting his head. Both of them groaned before they heard the pump of a shotgun remembering the witch they were hunting, they immediately bolted up.

"Don't move" a female voice commanded stopping their movement. "Hands where I can see them," she ordered. The brothers looked up, eyes spotting a woman around their age holding up a shotgun. She was a short, curvy thing with dark brown hair and eyes. Her pale skin was a sharp contrast with the dark circles under her eyes which meant she had seen better days. Hair pulled back in a tight bun, eyes sharp they knew she meant business despite her obvious lack of sleep. A flannel black and grey shirt covered her frame the sleeves rolled up 3⁄4 up her arms, dark jeans with black riding boots ending the look. Sam knew she probably had a knife in her boot and a pistol at her back.

The brothers held up their hands in a show of peace eyes peering around for the witch but coming up empty. Where the hell did this woman come from? Looking around they noticed they were on the first floor of the house they were hunting the witch, a quick lookup had Sam frowning as he noticed the ceiling above them intact and whole.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" she questioned. Despite the harsh roughness of her voice, her breathing was calm, and her demeanor relaxed. Sam didn't have to look at Dean to know he probably had a charming smile on his face ready to spin the story they have been telling the locals here.

"FBI, Agent Garrison. You see-" but she cut him off.

"Bullshit, try something else." Her eyes narrowed at Dean. Sam and Dean shared a look, Dean glared, while Sam gave a pointed stare. They heard a sharp intake of breath which had them snapping their focus back to the unknown women. There was a quick rush of emotions before her harsh mask was set on her face and she pursed her lips. Sam quickly made up his mind.

"We're hunters." He stated and ignored Dean's harsh whisper of 'Dude!' It seemed his instincts paid off because her face relaxed slightly.

"Hunters? A little late to be hunting dontcha think?" She questioned, this time Dean piped up.

"You and I both know that this is the perfect time to be hunting what we do." She lifted a brow. "We were fighting a man witch, a mean sonofabitch with too much time on his hands. Likes to prey on couples." She blinked and lowered her weapon a fraction.

"I just got the guy." she jerked back to a body that was lying stiffly on the floor. Sam and Dean shared another look. Did they get knocked out? How did they miss that? What the hell happened?

"Good job" Dean smiled his I'm on your side smile and pointed to Sam and himself "I'm Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam." Suddenly the atmosphere turned deadly as the gun was raised back up and the girl went rigid.

"Shut the fuck up!" She shouted. "Tell me who you really are now!" she was breathing heavily, and Sam thought he saw the finger on the trigger tighten.

"He's not lying." Sam tried to explain gently. "That is really-" The gun was pointed in his direction and he froze.

"That is impossible. Now I want you to tell me who you really are right now, or so help me you're going to be having one hell of a very bad day." She grumbled out. The atmosphere was tense, and he suddenly knew Dean was going to do something stupid and what do you know before he can say something Dean lunged forward which got him the butt of the shotgun to the face. Sam decided it was his turn to rush forward and grabbed the gun with both hands and pulled but with the momentum the woman brought her head back and up and smashed it into his nose. Sam saw stars. Quick as a viper, her pistol was out and pointed at him while she aimed the shotgun at Dean.

"Now, I don't want to shoot you, but if I don't hear some answers right now…" She left the threat open.

"We just told you the truth and you freaked the fuck out! You crazy bitch!" Dean yelled.

"Dean!" Sam yelled to quiet him. He did not go through everything he's been through to be shot and killed because Dean couldn't contain his temper.

"My name is Sam Winchester, this is my brother Dean. I swear okay." Holding his hands out he put as much honesty into his face as possible. "We are not lying about that." She looked between the two of them. "Look our dad's name was John Winchester, he was a hunter too!"

"What was your mother's name?" She questioned.

"Mary Winchester" Dean answered.

"Where were you born?" She growled out through clenched teeth. Sam decided to answer this time

"Lawrence, Kansas May 2nd, 1983, Dean was born on -"

"January 24th, 1979" Dean took over.

"That's impossible" She breathed out, looking between the two of them. "You have to be lying." Sam noticed that she seemed to be talking to herself.

"Why?" He questioned, curious as to why this woman refused to believe him.

"Because" She let out "I'm Sam Winchester, Born May 2nd to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence Kansas."