Sam feels Dean's glare at him before he follows Bobby, it was one of those if I get in trouble because of you I'm going to kick your ass looks and Sam gives him a What about all those times when you got me in trouble looks back. As soon as Sam's feet cross into the room he feels a bit of apprehension fill him. It was never fun being yelled at by Bobby, but his Bobby always held back just a little and would eventually end up understanding. This Bobby didn't know them at all.

Walking into study Sam almost smiles, it was unorganized messy and exactly like the one on their world, the familiar site fills a warmth in Sam's chest because at least something was the same.

"Sit." Bobby orders and both men sit without thinking. He narrows his eyes at the brothers and Sam tenses for the incoming reprimand. Bobby instead just rolls his eyes, "Damn Winchesters and their family loyalty" He hears the old Hunter mutter "Getting soft in my old age," He mutters again before lifting an arm and resting against the wall. "You boys say that I had a hand in raising ya?" Bobby asks and Dean answers.

"Yes Sir" Sam suppresses a smile at that.

"Well if I did, then I should smack myself for teaching ya to talk to women like that," Sam looks down at this, remorse fills him, but he also feels anger swell up at his alt-world twin. He just didn't understand how she could do that, there's nothing Sam wouldn't do to get his brother back. A small thought also made its way through his brain, where were the angels?

"Our Bobby would have smacked us," Dean jokes, and this Bobby let's out a snort but quickly covers it with a cough as if he was trying really hard to stay mad.

"Look I'm sorry," Sam looks up at Bobby to make sure he knows that he really was. "It was uncalled for, I shouldn't have lost my temper, I'm just trying really hard to understand how it happened," The hunter stares at him and lets out a gust of harsh breath.

"Dammit, you and her really are the same," Sam opens his mouth but Bobby cuts him off "always apologizing to the wrong people," He once again stares at the brothers before seemingly coming to a decision and nods. "There's a lot that got left out in our little chat; most isn't important but there's some that is." He stops and looks around, "Damn, wish I had brought the whiskey." He takes a deep breath and starts talking.

"Now, I didn't really get to meet Deanna, only had met them a couple of months before she died," He lets out a laugh that wasn't happy by any means "Knew John though, and never knew he had kids. Apparently, he didn't want his kids associating with an old grump like me, don't really blame him," Bobby runs a hand over his mouth and keeps talking. "I do know that girl upstairs though, and while I didn't have a hand in raising her like I apparently did you boys, she's like family to me, so trust me when I say that if she had known what she would have been losing it would have never gone down the way it did." Sam lets himself digest that, but he still doesn't understand, how could she be like him but pick revenge over family? Bobby continues talking interrupting Sam's internal questions.

"She was in a really dark place, not quite in the right headspace." He stops "She had a guy back in college they were close, gonna wed and everything but that yellow-eyed son of a bitch set him on fire right in front of her," Sam nods and feels Dean shift next to him. Azazel had done the same thing to him, yet he didn't kill his dad. He loved Jessica, it tore him up to lose her, but he still chose not to kill him when he had the chance. Sam decides to voice this out loud.

"You heard my story, I had a girl too, but I didn't" he stops and swallows he had been close to doing it, but he couldn't quite push himself over the edge. What could have pushed his doppelganger over the edge?

"There's more," he stops "I should just show ya," Sam watches as Bobby makes his way over to a closed cabinet, opening it wide for the brothers to view in. There's a couple of trinkets, some pictures that Sam would really like to examine if given the time and three vases two large and one small. Sam doesn't know what he's looking for, but suddenly it hits him those aren't vases, they're urns. There's three, two are probably his dad and Deanna but there's a smaller one with the three and it clicks for Sam and his breath leaves him in a rush.

"Shit," he hears Dean mutter and Sam for once agrees.

"How?" Is what Sam asks, and there's a small part of him that wonders if Jess had been pregnant too.

"Demons," He closes the cabinet with a bit of care, but Sam can't stop staring at it. "That yellow-eyed bastard had sent his kids after Sam when she tried to quit after she found out. She was six months pregnant when they found her and tortured her. Deanna and Adam had eventually found her, but it was too late. Baby didn't make it through all the stress, she had to give birth to a stillborn." All the anger that Sam had felt was gone in an instance, all he felt was remorse. "So now you know why she did what she did." Sam swallows harshly.

"Motherfucker!" Dean yells out and he looks over at his big brother to watch as he runs a hand over his head, anger taking over his features. Sam wishes that they had brought the whiskey now too.

"She lost it after Deanna died. In a span of a year she had lost her man, child, father and sister, plus the Impala was gone to shit after getting hit by that semi. You don't take a hit like that and come out smelling like roses."

"No, you don't," Sam agrees his voice coming out hoarse and rough.

"They came to live with me and Ellen here, brought the Impala here to fix up. Sam was like a walking zombie, only Adam could get her to do anything like shower and eat but the boy was tired and had also just lost his dad and sister. A week after they came, we woke up and Sam was gone took one of my trucks while we slept. Left a note at least but no number or anything about where she'd gone. The stupid girl had convinced herself that she was doing it for everyone's safety. Had wanted Adam to not try to find her and start having a normal life." Bobby shook his head

"She underestimated the Winchesters codependency; Adam had the Impala fixed in a couple of months and took off with Jo to find her." Bobby let out a whistle, a small smile on his face, eyes slightly unfocused. "Never seen my Ellen as pissed as she was that day. Jo did call and give updates but no matter how many times we asked they refused to come home until they found her." He shakes his head "Combined Harvelle and Winchester stubbornness is a hell of a storm front, couldn't get them to listen for shit. They were gone for months, just about had Ellen and me ready to gather up every hunter we knew to go out and get em. One day though we hear that Impala making its way up to the house, just about the sweetest sound we ever heard."

"Damn right," he hears Dean mutter next to him and Bobby clears his throat and focuses back on the brothers'

"We don't know what happened, none of them really talk about it but they arrived all banged up with Andy helping support Adam's weight, Sam passed out from blood loss in the car and Jo holding some kid who was supposed to be the freaking antichrist!" Bobby lets out a strangled laugh, and Sam feels a smile pull at his face. "Jesse's about as harmless as a freaking fly, but he was in danger just being who he was. Sam told me she had gone to the town because of the increased demonic activity, feels like she led the demons straight to the kid and got his adoptive parents killed. We don't know too much about it, like I said they don't talk much but whatever happened Sam refuses to let Adam out hunting anymore, he agreed as long as she does only local hunts, takes back up, and calls with updates." Sam wonders as well what happened but knows that unless he makes amends he will never know.

"Thanks for telling us," he says and Bobby Huff's.

"Yea well we gotta help you two get back to your own world, can't have you constantly be at each other's throats, now can we?"

"No, we can't" Dean agrees.

"So, you believe us?" Sam asks

"Yeah, I believe you. All I had to do was really look at ya to believe you."

"Thanks," Sam breathes out not quite sure he knew how to take that. Bobby had said multiple times that they were alike, but honestly Sam didn't see it. The girl was tiny, and yeah maybe they had the same eyes but everything else was different. A small part of Sam wanted to get to know the woman who had his alternative life.

Bobby moves to a stacked bookshelf and pulls three large books out and places them on the desk in front of Sam, he grabs a notebook and a pen and sits in a chair across from Dean.

"Sam you start reading these, anything of note you tell me," He then turns his attention towards Dean "You tell me every single detail you can about your last hunt, and I mean everything, if you saw a bear shit in the woods you tell me," Dean nods and Sam gets to reading. If Sam pretends hard enough it's almost as if they were back home with Bobby researching for a hunt like old times.